What Is Magick

What is Magick Everything In Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring What is Magick If not We Stars and Creatures, Stones and Trees What is Magick Art and Science Words and Numbers Waves and Lines What is Magick Day and Dream Both the Seen And the Unseen What is Magick Dis-illusion From the Problem To Solution What … Continue reading What Is Magick

A Faery Tale

This life is only as enchanted As you ever truly wanted Beauty, wisdom, happiness With gifts of nature we are blessed Intuition and our inner power Grows within from bud to flower Soon with time we all do grow Until we all this mysteŕy know It will reveal itself for sure When you open up … Continue reading A Faery Tale

The One Divine

This song was playing in my dream early this morning (along with lovely music - can you hear it?)   I am the wind in the whispers I am the breath of the silent leaves Everyone has begun to see the signs I am alive, at this time    I am the fire in the sunlight … Continue reading The One Divine

Nothing But the Truth

Life is no longer a mystery Everything is the way it is meant to be It is such a beauty That gifts of your duty The choices you make are your destiny Its karma that helps you find what you seek You sow and you nourish and then you reap Your intentions are seeds They … Continue reading Nothing But the Truth

The battle of good vs evil

What is good and what is evil? Is it necessary for evil to be there in order to maintain cosmic balance? In the battle of good and evil who wins? Will the world cease to exist if this battle is over? Let me throw some light on these questions. Good is when all our karma … Continue reading The battle of good vs evil