The East and West of Magick

This lifetime I chose to be born in the ancient land of Vedic wisdom, India...the place where timeless spiritual truths still live on in the form of tradition and culture. Yet, I was born with witchcraft (and Wicca too) in my soul. It was 1989 when I conducted my first ritual at ten years of age, … Continue reading The East and West of Magick

The Man With the Beard

In India it is almost impossible to not come across a man with a long beard, giving wisdom eloquently to thousands of enchanted people. Swamis, Sadhus, Babas, Sri Sri's, Oshos, Sadgurus,...there is no dearth of men with long beards and saintly robes preaching, teaching and guiding others spiritually. Yes, there are a few who are not … Continue reading The Man With the Beard

The Global Wicca Revolution

Just a quick announcement that my new book - The Global Wicca Revolution is now out on paperback and kindle. You can read the preview and buy here: I would love to have you read and review my work Love and blessings Swati Prakash

Ban or Banish…How should we handle negative things

Defining negative as something that is clearly harmful for self or others.. Is a banning beef justified? Is banning BBC from airing interviews of rapists justified? Are such bans helpful, effective or sufficient? Or do they make people feel powerless, as if their rights are taken away? What I have observed is that more and … Continue reading Ban or Banish…How should we handle negative things

My Tips for Healthy Living…final part 3

21. Go outside. Staying cooped up indoors all the time can block our energy channels. Getting some fresh air in a healthy surrounding is as important as eating fresh food. 22. Be natural. Pretending to be something we are not just to impress can often create energy blocks. Flashing designer labels, acting important or name … Continue reading My Tips for Healthy Living…final part 3

My Tips for Healthy Living

1. Eat light. Its amazing how little we really require to live. Most of the time we eat for emotional comfort, taste, social obligation, entertainment...all the wrong reasons. When we are in a meditative state we literally eat light, or spiritual energy. Most of my students who have come over to attend my full day … Continue reading My Tips for Healthy Living

Isis Peace Spell

Spells are not only for healing of self but also for healing our shared reality. In this world we are all interconnected at the deepest level. Through each other we are healing the self. We all are capable of sending positive energy to the globe for the purpose of Earth Healing. It is also very … Continue reading Isis Peace Spell