Magickal Energy Healing

Energy Healing is the key to living a life that is balanced in all respects. Learn to cleanse, ground and shield yourself. Learn about the seven major and 77 minor chakras and techniques to cleanse, heal, energize and balance them. Learn about the astral body and light-working to cut off unwanted cords and attachments and … Continue reading Magickal Energy Healing


The Present Un-tensed

Who says the past cannot be changed. It has already changed - into the Present! Discover how exactly you can utilize the power of the present moment by allowing yourself to let go of everything that held you back. By being aware of your thoughts you can cancel our the negative and manifest the positive. … Continue reading The Present Un-tensed


The Only Power

When anyone or anything hurts you, just remember who you are. Detach from Maya, rise above, that is indeed the only power Let go, leave it to good old karma You don't have to think at all Rise within your inner conscience Do not let your goodness fall Bless the world and be at peace … Continue reading The Only Power


Judgement Day

Rise and shine, rise and shine Consciousness, rise and shine Angels blow the trumpet loud Know truth within, without a doubt Rise and shine, rise and shine Consciousness, rise and shine Everyday is judgement day In this divine power play Creating worlds through your own mind Witness yourself, leave thoughts behind Rise and shine, rise … Continue reading Judgement Day