The Nine Forms of The Formless One

It is the season of the Goddess - the Goddess that creates all seasons. The Goddess who is energy or Shakti - the force that is everywhere and in everything. The Navratris or nine nights of the Goddess are celebrated to remember the various forms of our energy which is primordially formless, yet takes infinite … Continue reading The Nine Forms of The Formless One


The Alchemy of ‘Black’ Magic and the ‘Left Hand’ Path

For ages people have wrongly associated the color 'black' with evil and the 'left hand' with negative or harmful paths. But is 'black' necessarily bad and is left necessarily 'not right'? The energy of nature has several colors or frequencies and not all of these are visible to the human eye. In-fact our eyes can … Continue reading The Alchemy of ‘Black’ Magic and the ‘Left Hand’ Path


The Key

Somewhere not too far away Is everything for which you pray Someday you will realize All the dreams that filled your eyes Someone whom you love and need Will be with you at Godspeed Somewhere is HERE Someday is NOW Someone is YOU Accept, Allow Within you is the world contained Forever it has so … Continue reading The Key

toi bombaywitch

Everything Is Magick

Not many people know that I handled my late father's communications agency for six years starting in 2002 when I was 22 years of age as the MD and dealing directly with top corporate heads far older and experienced, training and leading employees older than me .... even teaching as guest faculty at a management institute. … Continue reading Everything Is Magick


She Has No End

She is the spider, She is the web She is the weaving of the thread She is the God and Universe She is creation, Om-niverse She is the dreamer and the dream She is each ripple and the stream She is the dancer and the dance Dancing in her endless trance   She is the beginning in each ending … Continue reading She Has No End

crystal bowl

Crystal Magick: The Power to Energize, Protect and Heal

Who does not remember the crystal cave of Superman, his fortress of solitude where he learnt who he is, spoke to his otherworldly parents and received his amazing powers. Such a cave was discovered a thousand feet below earth in south Mexico with giant  crystals in the year 2000. We all have used quartz clocks … Continue reading Crystal Magick: The Power to Energize, Protect and Heal


How to Move Upwards In the Spiritual Food Pyramid

As our awareness levels rise all over the globe, we see that people are regaining interest in healthy and spiritually positive lifestyle, especially food and diet. Not all foods are at the same spiritual level. We need to incorporate in our lifestyle more spiritually positive foods in order to have a healthy and positive life. … Continue reading How to Move Upwards In the Spiritual Food Pyramid