Everything Is Magick

Not many people know that I handled my late father's communications agency for six years starting in 2002 when I was 22 years of age as the MD and dealing directly with top corporate heads far older and experienced, training and leading employees older than me .... even teaching as guest faculty at a management institute. … Continue reading Everything Is Magick

Midsummer Night’s Dream

When the sun is so high and the moon is so full When you feel the strong veil of a mystery's pull Dance to the rhythm and sing to the tune This midsummer night's dream is about to end soon For ages and aeons you wandered aside Searching for signs in the dark of midnight … Continue reading Midsummer Night’s Dream

8 Solid Tips for Banishing Negativity this Shani Weekend

The cycles of time and celestial tides are here to guide us again, this time to banish or end all things you consider negative in your life! While on 3rd of June Saturn is fully illuminated, 4th of June is a Saturday named after Saturn, and an amavasya or no-moon night that is usually believed … Continue reading 8 Solid Tips for Banishing Negativity this Shani Weekend

Litha (Midsummer) Blessings and a Warm Welcome to HP Rev Angel Serrao and the new team at MAGICK, Mumbai

Its Litha or Midsummer, my favorite time of the year, when the faeries dance with the Goddess and all of us to celebrate Love and Light. Today I take great pleasure in welcoming Rev. Angel Serrao (Pendragon) as the High Priest of the Earth Healing Temple at Mumbai. He is joined by Rev. Poojan Solanki, … Continue reading Litha (Midsummer) Blessings and a Warm Welcome to HP Rev Angel Serrao and the new team at MAGICK, Mumbai

The Calling

Day and night until today For their own needs all people prayed Their little worlds of woes and fears Their little ones, all near and dear Each one worried for their own For their own things their love was shown Mundane are lives so full of care Victims of their own despair And all along … Continue reading The Calling

The Truth about Spirituality

Some people discovered what they thought was meditation...being quiet, passive, closed, sleepy or dull They spent hours, days and years in this depressing state ...imagining it to be the real thing Escaping from the daily challenges of life, from life itself...wanting to be free Some others found spirituality to be an excuse for careless, irresponsible … Continue reading The Truth about Spirituality

Being Spiritual

So many people speak of being spiritual these days. Many like being called spiritual, not religious...(as if religion were a four letter word that has done no good...but Gawd, wasn't this is the way it was experienced until the new age of Wicca, a spiritual scientific religion...but that's besides the point) The point is...what is … Continue reading Being Spiritual