Eeeek …Witches! Really?

'Miss. Miss. Miss...can I tell you something?' an excited three year old girl at my son's nursery ran to me and started off. 'There was a woman. She wanted to eat up all the pet animals. She was so scary. She was a witch. She was so evil....' she went on breathlessly... and then quickly … Continue reading Eeeek …Witches! Really?

We Are Witches

We are witches, we cast spells For everything to be all well While others gather arms and guns We believe in Harming None Those who try to kill and burn Will soon begin to lessons learn Its natures law, do as you will You cannot ever spirit kill Soon reborn from ash and dust Is … Continue reading We Are Witches

What Witches Do (and don’t)

Who are witches and what do they do? Any person with spiritual wisdom was in ancient times called a witch or wiz in the ancient western world, and a variety of other names elsewhere - healer, shaman, pundit, priestess, guru...all different names of magickal or spiritual folk or witches across the world In the medieval … Continue reading What Witches Do (and don’t)

The Calling

Day and night until today For their own needs all people prayed Their little worlds of woes and fears Their little ones, all near and dear Each one worried for their own For their own things their love was shown Mundane are lives so full of care Victims of their own despair And all along … Continue reading The Calling

Full Moon Night

Lady, mother, priestess high Illuminates the earthy sky Brightly shines the nightly queen To everyone she can be seen Lifting waters at midnight Mystery, magick, power, might Tonight the moon is full and round Do you hear the silence.. its her sound Close your eyes and gaze inside Or mount your brooms, begin the ride … Continue reading Full Moon Night

Welcome the Witches New Year and Diwali with Magick!

Greetings of the Season as we bid adieus to summer and say hello to winter in the northern hemisphere! Samhain or summer's end (also called Halloween or Hallows Eve) on 31st October 2013 is the prefect time to go within. The outer work now done all summer, we must go within and embrace the goddess or the … Continue reading Welcome the Witches New Year and Diwali with Magick!