Hope for Little African ‘Witches’..and the TRUTH about Witchcraft

Many of you might be aware that in many countries, especially in Africa, women as well as kids have been branded ‘witches’ and abused or killed due to the misconception that they can curse or harm. This little boy of barely two years old for example was found roaming hungry and naked for eight months! … Continue reading Hope for Little African ‘Witches’..and the TRUTH about Witchcraft

How to Be a Witch and/ or Wiccan

A lot of times I have heard people ask - 'I want to be a witch, can you teach me?', or 'I want to be a Wiccan, can you initiate me?' So allow me to clarify what being a witch and being a Wiccan really are all about and how to be a witch and/ or Wiccan. … Continue reading How to Be a Witch and/ or Wiccan

The Man With the Beard

In India it is almost impossible to not come across a man with a long beard, giving wisdom eloquently to thousands of enchanted people. Swamis, Sadhus, Babas, Sri Sri's, Oshos, Sadgurus,...there is no dearth of men with long beards and saintly robes preaching, teaching and guiding others spiritually. Yes, there are a few who are not … Continue reading The Man With the Beard

Beware, Be Aware!

There is a popular misconception that anyone with any psychic power is highly divine, spiritual or positive. Psychic powers belong to 6th chakra or third eye. Spirituality to 7th chakra or crown. Not all psychics are spiritually exalted. So just because someone is precognitive, magical or powerful kindly do not touch their feet or worship … Continue reading Beware, Be Aware!

Yes, You Are a Witch

You can live your life without a lie You can change your world with the blink of an eye You can cast a spell and get your wish You have the power, yes - you are a witch You can travel to lands that were yet unknown You can talk to trees, and birds, and … Continue reading Yes, You Are a Witch

Your Magickal Body, Mind and Spirit…

Is our body a prison for our soul who craves for freedom and liberation?Is the mind a hindrance to spirituality of ‘no-mind’ consciousness?Should we let go of our physical selves to attain spiritual growth?Is our physical existence on the planet a burden for the earth to bear?Is sexuality something we should reject to attain spiritual … Continue reading Your Magickal Body, Mind and Spirit…