What Witches Do (and don’t)

Who are witches and what do they do? Any person with spiritual wisdom was in ancient times called a witch or wiz in the ancient western world, and a variety of other names elsewhere - healer, shaman, pundit, priestess, guru...all different names of magickal or spiritual folk or witches across the world In the medieval … Continue reading What Witches Do (and don’t)

Beware, Be Aware!

There is a popular misconception that anyone with any psychic power is highly divine, spiritual or positive. Psychic powers belong to 6th chakra or third eye. Spirituality to 7th chakra or crown. Not all psychics are spiritually exalted. So just because someone is precognitive, magical or powerful kindly do not touch their feet or worship … Continue reading Beware, Be Aware!

Magick: From Darkness to Light

Ever since I launched Magick - India's first Magickal and Wiccan store in the heart of Mumbai (Bandra West), I have seen many reactions from all kinds of people. Followers have lined up for remedies, help and solutions. Students have enrolled for a multitude of courses in spells, healing, divination and tarot. Dedicated disciples have … Continue reading Magick: From Darkness to Light