With You

It is the end of the world, as I know it For I am with You, up there This shadow left behind as me, Will one day disappear Every night and every day, There is a sacred space In everybody in the world We exist through time and place

Are You Still Looking for a Soulmate?

Facebook is our new world, social media replaces railway and telecom networks as our new lifelines..everyone seems to be saying everything over twitter all the time. The lines between friends, followers and public are blurred. But as we try posting our thoughts and updates to the world, who are we talking to? Others or our-self? What if there … Continue reading Are You Still Looking for a Soulmate?


What is the meaning of love? Can there be different kinds of love? How do you tell if its indeed love? Is the path of love difficult or easy? What does it really mean to 'love yourself' Let's take some time to reflect upon these essential questions. Love is definitely a kind of energy or … Continue reading Love