My soul is free It belongs to none, not even me My soul is unbound There is nowhere it cannot be found Higher, further than another I return to find myself, no other Out there and everywhere There was nothing else for prayer Who do i invoke aloud For within this maddening crowd Only gods … Continue reading Beyond

What Is Magick

What is Magick Everything In Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring What is Magick If not We Stars and Creatures, Stones and Trees What is Magick Art and Science Words and Numbers Waves and Lines What is Magick Day and Dream Both the Seen And the Unseen What is Magick Dis-illusion From the Problem To Solution What … Continue reading What Is Magick

A Faery Tale

This life is only as enchanted As you ever truly wanted Beauty, wisdom, happiness With gifts of nature we are blessed Intuition and our inner power Grows within from bud to flower Soon with time we all do grow Until we all this mysteŕy know It will reveal itself for sure When you open up … Continue reading A Faery Tale

Being Spiritual

So many people speak of being spiritual these days. Many like being called spiritual, not religious...(as if religion were a four letter word that has done no good...but Gawd, wasn't this is the way it was experienced until the new age of Wicca, a spiritual scientific religion...but that's besides the point) The point is...what is … Continue reading Being Spiritual

Your Magickal Body, Mind and Spirit…

Is our body a prison for our soul who craves for freedom and liberation?Is the mind a hindrance to spirituality of ‘no-mind’ consciousness?Should we let go of our physical selves to attain spiritual growth?Is our physical existence on the planet a burden for the earth to bear?Is sexuality something we should reject to attain spiritual … Continue reading Your Magickal Body, Mind and Spirit…