How to Move Upwards In the Spiritual Food Pyramid

As our awareness levels rise all over the globe, we see that people are regaining interest in healthy and spiritually positive lifestyle, especially food and diet. Not all foods are at the same spiritual level. We need to incorporate in our lifestyle more spiritually positive foods in order to have a healthy and positive life. … Continue reading How to Move Upwards In the Spiritual Food Pyramid

The Truth about Spirituality

Some people discovered what they thought was meditation...being quiet, passive, closed, sleepy or dull They spent hours, days and years in this depressing state ...imagining it to be the real thing Escaping from the daily challenges of life, from life itself...wanting to be free Some others found spirituality to be an excuse for careless, irresponsible … Continue reading The Truth about Spirituality

The Meaning of Postive

Good and Bad, Positive and Negative are not just imaginary terms but refer to real energies that help or hinder our divine purpose.

Your Magickal Body, Mind and Spirit…

Is our body a prison for our soul who craves for freedom and liberation?Is the mind a hindrance to spirituality of ‘no-mind’ consciousness?Should we let go of our physical selves to attain spiritual growth?Is our physical existence on the planet a burden for the earth to bear?Is sexuality something we should reject to attain spiritual … Continue reading Your Magickal Body, Mind and Spirit…