The Real Alchemist!

Here is a story that could inspire you today…

Once there was a beggar who had no home, no car, not even sufficient food or education. He lived on whatever people could toss his way out of pity. He was tired of this struggle. He dreamed of being really rich, of having many millions one day..he spent a lot of time imagining himself to be rich and wealthy…And so with all the money he made begging, he also bought the lottery once a week to try his luck. And….one day he actually won the jackpot. He could not believe his luck, yes – he was a millionaire! It was all he had dreamed and imagined all the time… coming true finally. He bought a large house with a large car, the best designer clothes, went flying off to trips around the world, spent his days eating five star food and nights in drinking and partying in high profile clubs, living the high life..And then, within a few months he was back to having nothing. Yet he needed more…and more…to keep up his enormous appetite for all kinds of pleasures. He sold his house, went on rent again, until he had no money for even that, finally returning to where he began, homeless and poor, asking for money, benefits, charity…from others.


Once again, he had no house, no car, not even sufficient food or education. He lived on whatever people could toss his way out of pity. He was tired of this struggle. Then, one day, he decided to meditate. He just sat there wherever he was and closed his eyes, breathing, till he felt calm and peaceful, till his thoughts had all gone. Meditation was free, required no conditions at all….it could be done anytime, anyplace, by anyone, in any situation….So he did it. First for a few minutes…then for half an hour a day, then for an hour…Slowly he did it for longer periods of time and more often, almost everyday…. Wow!  This was better than any food he had eaten….It was better than sex, better than drugs, better than drinking, gambling…infact this felt better than anything ever. He slowly conquered his hunger, his discomfort, his fears, his insecurities…he slowly conquered his pain and sorrow, his needs and wants…. He was light, free, blissful, peaceful…..and he did not even realize how many days had gone by…he did not even realize how many people had gathered around him. Some of the wealthiest people in the world came by just to be in his presence, just to take his inspiration, to learn and meditate with him. They were ready to offer him all their wealth in return of the secret of his infinite peace. Yet, all he did was meditate, without being distracted. And that is why he was richer than the richest person on earth! He had more to give than anyone ever, and needed nothing….he had everything! Others followed his example and found their own inner peace…slowly, bit by bit, the world began to heal.


Normally people think charity is all about giving money, food and basic necessities to others. We imagine the world’s problems will be solved if money was distributed amongst all those who are poor. But would this really work? Would those who are poor become rich after receiving money? Or would they be poor again after a few days of spending the money up? In contrast, spirituality is something that TRULY makes us rich, really really rich! Because true wealth is not measured by how much money and property you own, or by how much financial charity you give to the world. True wealth is deep within you. Its a fountain of endless treasure that money can never buy. Material charity is at best a temporary relief until the person discovers this fountain of endless wealth within.

You might think that learning to make money, learning to work and earn, to invest wisely, to attract success, to build more and more wealth is an alternate answer to the problem of poverty. Sure it is…Yet, what would happen if the economy crashes, if markets fall, if there is famine, war or any other calamity? And…is learning how to make or attract money sufficient? Will it bring peace and happiness to all? More importantly, why are we here in this existence? Are we merely here in the world to learn how to survive and be materially successful? Perhaps not. We are all here in this world, not just to learn how to be  materially successful, but to learn how to find pure inner joy, which is infact our ONLY true and natural state. A person who finds this inner gold, or inner diamond is richer than the richest person in the entire universe!

It could be you!

Hope you enjoyed this story and felt inspired to be on the path that is true.



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Meditation: The Way to our True Self


A lot of people ask me what type of meditation to practice…which technique to follow.

  • Somehow various ‘techniques’ of meditation have been branded all around by various meditation gurus. Those are merely induction techniques for trance. Not meditation itself.
  • Some people would say ‘meditate on this’ this and confuse meditation with contemplation or focus techniques. If you are meditating ‘upon’ something, whether something from a scripture or a word or mantra, that’s not meditation.
  • Some books and authors have confused meditation with visualizations. A lot of groups and individuals have practiced what they called ‘guided meditation’. Well that is not meditation either.
  • Some people thought meditation is breathing techniques. That s part of yoga but not meditation itself.
  • Others confuse meditation with yogic postures or various types of yogas. Some think kundalini and chakra work is meditation. All these techniques are wonderful for wellness and healing but are not meditation itself.
  • Chanting, singing, praying are all nice but they are not meditation either.


Meditation is our inner natural state. It is when we are simply observing our inner silence. Meditation literally means going within. If you are focused on anything external it is not meditation. Thoughts are not us. We are something even deeper within.

Think of an onion and you are peeling the layers of an onion. Beyond body, beyond emotions, beyond your wishes and dreams, beyond your thoughts playing in the mind, beyond the mind…Going to the deepest part of you. That is our real self and meditation is the way to our real self.

You have to let go of those chanting, affirmations, visualizations, and all those techniques and simply be in inner silence.


Really go off the GRID of all those mental projections which we believe to be ‘reality’. If your thoughts are playing in your mind keep practicing …half and hour to one hour a day…until you are able to quieten your mind. You will be. It does not depend on what you wear, what music you play outside, which incense you light, what crystals you decorate yourself with. Those things can create the mood, but meditation has only to do with finding time for yourself. Dedicate time…its called ‘sadhna‘. Find time off those facebook and twitter feeds and those numerous chores and tasks of daily life. Really dedicate time for YOURSELF and be with yourself. That’s the only ‘technique’.

Your practice will start to give results when your thoughts reduce significantly. You will be less mind-full and more ‘mindful‘. This is ‘dhyana‘.

Once you achieve the state of ‘dhyana‘ you will slowly find the space between your thoughts getting longer. Stillness. You will be quiet for the first time. Not just on the outside but inside. Free of thoughts. That’s the ‘no-mind‘ awareness. Coming to the point of nothingness or ‘shunyata‘. That’s where the true self is found. It is who we are without all those ideas of who we are. Without our egos and self-identities. It is the real self common to us all. This is where we are all connected as one. So take off all those masks of imagined perceptions and ‘know thyself‘.


To be with our real self is so blissful, you would not want anything else. There is great peace and real happiness. Not just momentary pleasure but real inner joy. This is the most positive state ever. For the first time you are in touch with yourself. Our true self is divine. Self realization is God-realization. That is the real Goddess energy and the real Christ consciousness. No religion, no prayer, no ritual can give it to us. It is our common spiritual reality where everything and everyone converges. There is no describing how positive and peaceful it can be, you have to experience it yourself.

Don’t give up if you don’t get this instant ‘nirvana’. It is not the false high you get through a drink or a drug. Its not like typing into google and finding what you are looking for. No-one out there can give you the answer to who you are. You cannot pay someone to find you YOUR inner bliss and inner contentment. No healer or guru can do it for you. No witch can cast a spell and send you real happiness. Find yourself. Do not wait for someone to come and open the ‘crown chakra’ for you. That door opens only with your inner key.


Once you do find your inner self, be with yourself and stay with yourself, you will love being with yourself. No longer are you dependent on friends, society, community. No longer are you looking for a soulmate or trying to find love or acceptance. No longer do you need anything or anyone to complete you. Stop wandering around looking for something to do, someone to talk to…and meditate.

Your inner self is peace, bliss and truth. Give yourself time. Be with your inner self more often. You will slowly get established in your inner self.  That’s ‘samadhi‘. Even in the outer world you can be in touch with your inner self, constantly. With time you begin to integrate with your real self it in non-dual awareness. Self-aware and awakened, not divided anymore but one complete whole.

If you are looking for ‘benefits’ in meditation then let me tell you, there is nothing else but meditation that truly sets us free. You can cast spells and do all those new age magick that you love and enjoy everyday. But meditation is the way to find the truth. Its not just something you use for gaining power, getting richer, getting success, getting love or fame…PLEASE do not meditate for those reasons. Its time not to be stuck at those worldly desires. You are on the right path if and only if you are interested in being one with the TRUTH. That’s called being spiritual.


If there is one thing and one thing alone that can really heal the world it is meditation. If there are problems in our life, in our society, in the world, it is only because of lack of meditation. There is no dis-ease, no worry, no struggle, no fight or strife any more once you are well integrated with the inner truth. If we could all meditate a bit more and a bit more…and a bit more…we will automatically find everything that is necessary for the world today.

The truth makes us free. That is the only path to REAL-ization. While thoughts and ideas are illusions, truth is only found in silence. That’s the only time we are COMPLETELY with our pure and natural self. I hope you enjoy meditating and being with the truth within.

Happy Earth Day and Full Moon.

Blessed Be!


Swati Prakash


What Came First?

Chicken or egg..

Birth or death..

God or goddess..

Who came first?

Perhaps together!

Could both be ONE?

Could the one be zero, none?

When and how did we start?

Past, present, future

Karma, rebirth

Life and afterlife

Maybe NOW is all we ever had….

Maybe there was no beginning

And there will be no end

Time, space, matter…

What is real?

What is unreal?

What do you feel?

Maybe NOTHING is happening at all..

In this world of illusion

Are we in delusion

Complex and convoluted

When truth is simple

Are we thinking too much?

Growing in numbers

When all we must do is just



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Blessed Easter/Ostara

Swati Prakash




Twelve Positive Symptoms of Spiritual Growth and Ascension


Spirituality is all about discovering our inner self, the part of us which is beyond the physical, mortal or limited existence. While there are many of us who discover our spiritual truth through regular meditation and spiritual training, some of us experience an awakening all of a sudden, whether through dreams or near death experience. With proper practice and wise guidance we can gracefully handle all the new awareness being opened up throughout our journey.

Here are a few pointers to help us understand the inner changes we experience as the real symptoms of spiritual growth. If we are experiencing these changes in our life to some or the other extent, it is a sign that we are following the right spiritual path and practice. If yet to experience them, especially if stuck in negative symptoms or experiences …then it is merely a matter of time we will move on to the next level, provided we keep meditating and learning constantly from the right sources:

  1. From Outer to Inner Awareness: Spiritual growth is accompanied with psychic, emotional, physical and mental changes as our inner senses are opened up. We become more perceptive and sensitive to the hidden nature of reality. Before spiritual awakening people saw the world with only their limited five senses, dismissing any spiritual information given by others as ‘unscientific’. After spiritual awakening we can more easily experience the astral or subtle dimension, see more meaning in dreams and receive messages in meditative state.  The unconscious is made conscious helping us in healing unknown blocks as they are revealed to us.
  2. From Negativity to Positive Transformation: As hidden blockages and negativity are brought up into our conscious awareness it can be uncomfortable to some people at first. Through the right spiritual training and inner work we learn how to release our fears. Slowly psychic disturbances reduce, whether insomnia, nightmares or disturbing visions, physical pain or discomfort as blocks are being healed, or emotional highs or lows as we shift from material to spiritual awareness. We accept new and positive changes in our hobbies, career, relationships, beliefs and attitudes as our inner vibrations transform for the better. We attract more positive people, situations and energies.
  3. From Stress to Peace: Before spiritual awakening people usually saw the world as a fixed reality that they had limited power over. Day to day life was stressful and fearsome for many of us then. Through the right spiritual study and meditation we gain inner stillness and peace of mind. We begin to see how peace is always within us and can be found anywhere and at anytime regardless of situations. Slowly our inner peace starts radiating all around us to create waves of peace everywhere we go. At times people can automatically feel and sense the calm and healing waves of peaceful energy flowing in and around us too.
  4. From Anger to Understanding: Before spiritual awakening we would have felt upset at others, whether family, teachers, colleagues, society, politics, god or deity….blaming them for all problems and difficulties. As our spiritual awareness rises we begin to realize how we create our own life experiences at a deep inner level. We understand that everyone is going through their own cycles of learning just like we are. We can empathize and understand the reasons for their issues, their fears or worries while remaining detached at the same time; allowing them to learn and focusing on what we must learn. We begin to also detach from our own expectations from them thereby putting ourselves in a place of real power.
  5. From Victim to Magickal Being: Spiritual awakening helps us see how we are manifesting our own life experiences from moment to moment. We are no longer victims of fate or destiny, helpless and incapable of influencing our own life situations. Instead of blaming stars and planets for the patterns of our life we begin to realize how celestial bodies and everything in nature merely guides us through intuition and symbolism, toward our own inner psyche. We start applying this wisdom to transform our own inner energy, our beliefs and our vibrations with the result that our own life improves and transforms from inside out.
  6. From Pity to Respect: With enhanced spiritual awareness we are less likely to feel sad or unhappy about the state of the world. Instead, we start feeling more positive about the potential and capacity of the world to change. There is a sense of respect for everyone as a divine being who has their own positive energy or power hidden within them. Instead of seeing people as under-privileged, lesser-fortunate or vulnerable, we recognize their potential for complete and total transformation. We serve them best by helping them realize their own power instead of merely handing them some spare change.
  7. From Guilt to Self-transformation: Being spiritually aware also helps us gain power over our own hidden blockages, addictions or fears. Instead of feeling guilty or regretful about something we did or did not do, we focus on the present moment from where we can create transformation. When we see our problems and mistakes as lessons and learn what we should from them, they stop bothering us repeatedly. Our own inner patterns are reset through this learning. We replace our own self-limiting ways of thinking, feeling or behaving with those that serve our highest good.
  8. From Disease to Wellness: Spiritual work and meditation enhance and improve the energy flowing through us. When we know that it is energy that is manifesting as our physical life, we begin to master our own inner state. This leads to a better well-being and deeper healing that unites our mind, body and spirit as one. Through proper and dedicated practice we learn how to be less affected by the outer world and how to maintain inner balance. Dependence on medication and drugs reduces automatically with the right meditative practice.
  9. From Hunger to Contentment: Those who lived solely in the material dimension and seldom tried meditation were likely to be engrossed in the endless search for pleasure, entertainment, fame, wealth and status, life after life. On the other hand by enhancing our spiritual awareness we discover a deeper part of us which is forever happy, peaceful and content in itself. Instead of seeking constant stimulation through food, sex, internet, socializing or shopping we start feeling more and more satisfied from within. This way we discover the true meaning of abundance consciousness.
  10. From Ego to Humility: Most conflicts, enmities and power struggles were caused due to a feeling of separation between ‘me’ and ‘the rest of the world’. Our ego was hurt easily when we were spiritually unaware of who we are. Spiritual practice helps us learn that the world and our personal self are deeply interwoven; that everyone is somewhere connected to us, and we to them. We see a great divine being in every person and thing uniting us as one greater Self. This way there is no scope for pride, egotism, inferiority or superiority – just a recognition that everything and everyone is simply here to teach us the higher truth.
  11. From Selfishness to Love: Spiritual ignorance has been the root cause of all evil, having manifested as hate, attacks, corruption, lack of ethics or anything that was harmful in nature. Through spiritual awareness we all are now realizing the real meaning of love. We have truly begun to grow as spiritual beings when we discover unconditional love and compassion. Instead of trying to serve our lower, limited, physical selves at the expense of others, we begin to realize the value of being harmless, kind, forgiving and positive towards every being regardless of how they are.
  12. From Illusion to Truth: Spiritual realization and awakening are the real ways to be truly liberated and freed from the illusions of ups and downs, suffering and pleasure, happiness and sorrow. Deep within us is pure peace and bliss. This true happiness does not depend on whether or not we have something or someone in our life. We realize that outer life is merely an illusion manifesting through a play of our desires and wants, fears and hopes, conscious and unconscious thoughts. We discover our innermost truth which is infinitely more satisfying than anything can ever be. This sets us free!


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Meditation: The Most Important Thing For Us All

What is meditation?

Meditation means going within (from the latin word medi that means middle or center). We all are something beyond our physical bodies, beyond our feelings, our desires, our thoughts…there is something deeper within us. Meditation is about being with this deeper part of us.

Why should we meditate?

In our day to day life we go through many ups and downs, seeing and experiencing both negative and positive things in the world, in our lives…and getting affected by them all. This is a state of duality or illusion…where we fall out of balance, fearful and unaware of who we are. Negative energy, fears or blockages are a result of this imbalance or ignorance…manifesting as diseases, problems, harmful thoughts, negative attachments, destructive beliefs, disturbed behavior or unhappiness of various kinds. Through meditation we awaken to our inner truth and discover inner happiness. We know that there is nothing to fear at all. This brings peace and joy to all of us and puts us all back in a balanced and wholesome state making everything better.

Who can meditate?

Anyone can, there are no restrictions of gender and even children can meditate whenever they are ready for it.


When should we meditate?

Meditation is an inner state and not restricted by time. Whether it is morning or night, before food or after, is not so important, although keeping a light stomach helps some people in focusing better, and it helps to be not too sleepy when you are trying to meditate. Women in their periods, or people who are not feeling well can meditate as well. In-fact meditation could help in healing you during uncomfortable times. With practice meditation will become easier and effortlessly possible at any time.

What should be worn?

There is no need to wear any special type of outfit. As long as you are comfortable you can meditate whether at work or home in your day to day clothes.

Are there any specific methods of meditation?

It does not matter what technique you use to draw focus from outer world to the inner self….some people begin by closing their eyes and sitting still, some prefer listening to soothing music to relax their mind, some focus on chanting or mantras, some focus on their breath, all these are just aids or induction techniques to gradually achieve stillness. Yet these are not meditation itself. Meditation is when we go beyond all this and be without any thoughts to discover the innermost self.

What are the steps to follow?

Step 1. Relaxed awareness: In day to day life sometimes we get absorbed in the experiences without remembering our innermost self. The first step in meditation is to draw our senses inwards. You can try this by closing your eyes gently and sitting in a comfortable posture, neither slouching not stiff.

Step 2: Observation: Instead of getting attached to any feelings, thoughts or mind-chatter, just observe them and watch them quieten. Observing something gives you power over it. Observe your breath and your mind… and watch the space between your thoughts.

Step 3: Witnessing: When you find the space between your thoughts …when there is inner silence, then you can observe your true self. This is who you really are. Be with yourself as a witness to the self. This takes you beyond the illusion of the world process and in alignment with your inner truth which is pure peace and bliss.


For how long should we meditate?

You can meditate for as long as you want. You might take some time in the beginning to even reach a meditative state and the idea is that once you get there you must stay in it for as long as possible. You can begin with practicing for 30 minutes a day and slowly increase it to one hour a day. As you practice each day after a period of dedicated practice, you will find that the meditative state will come naturally to you and in every part of the day and even at night while sleeping you will be in a deep inner state. Still it will be good to dedicate at least one hour a day for specially being just with yourself and meditating.

What will happen once you reach a meditative state?

For each person their own individual and unique experiences are important. You can note and observe our own experiences. For example: Being one with nature, Being one with the universe, Feeling light, Just being, Pure peace and bliss…these are some of the common experiences of people who meditate. After you achieve this ‘enlightened’ state you will not feel superior in any way but will be more compassionate and humble, recognizing that all is one.


Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and founder of Global Wicca tradition of spirituality. You can read more on

meditation is

The Importance of Meditation for those into Witchcraft and Magick

If there was just ONE thing that I would suggest someone who wishes to be magickally powerful and spiritually enlightened…it would be meditation.

Its free…you can do it yourself, alone, without any rigorous training.

Its simple…just relax and observe yourself, your breath, your thoughts, the silence in between thoughts, keep it up… and sooner or later…all thoughts will slowly dissapear and you will be in a state of phenomenal peace and bliss. Whether it takes, days, months or years a daily practice goes a long way to find lasting inner silence.

You can meditate anytime…anyplace…wearing whatever is comfortable….there are simply no strict rules. In the beginning you can close your eyes and meditate for a few minutes in a silent place. Increase the duration slowly to at least an hour a day…and you will enjoy it so much that you will try and spend maximum time in this state.

It will be your second nature after a few years of daily practice…so much so that you will be in a meditative state of self-realization and enlightenment permanently. You will be in a state of constant awareness, whether you are doing something or not, whether with others or alone, whether in a quiet place or in a noisy crowd.

Now how is all this linked to magick and witchcraft?

Aren’t magick and witchcraft about wearing fancy robes and headgears and playing with all those crafty tools such as wands and athames …brooms and cauldrons.

Basically isn’t witchcraft a bit more fun?

Well…if I think about it very deeply the answer is no.

Witchcraft and magick are NOT about playing dress up to entertain yourself and others through fantastic ceremonies and rituals. And meditative work is so much fun, you would much rather do it all the time….You can combine meditation with almost all spells and rituals for best results.

Witchcraft has always been since ancient times a healing craft. The purpose is spiritual healing. I know that since the 20th century witchcraft has become much more popular as a kind of ceremonial magic rooted in the west, yet throughtout ancient times, wise men and women across the world who healed and gave guidance to people were always deeply aware of the spirit and highly powerful through their soul. There were ceremonies and rituals, yes, but that was to induce a trance state to make the healing deeper and more sensory, more tangible – for the crowds who required healing and the new initiates who were being trained.

These rituals and ceremonies if done without the presence of an aware and enlightened master are just not as useful. The person conducting the healing has to have a deeply awakened soul. Then only will the right positive energy be transferred from the master to the seekers.

It is only through a crystal clear consciousness that we can be a true channel of divine spirit. That is the only real power. Without this magick would be dark, ignorant, negative or weak in power, with hardly any benefit to anyone. Infact ignorant magical practices such as curses or hate spells could do more harm than good both to the practitioner and the recepient. Powerful magick is rooted in the awareness that ‘As Within So Without’ – that we all are creators of our reality and all our inner energy manifests outside in numerous aspects of our life. The more positive our inner energy the more it is of benefit to ourselves and the world.

Also we have to remember that in the past,  many tribes and native cultures were developing spiritually. Shamans and seers, healers and witches were born with their powers simply because they had done some spiritual work and meditation in their past lives. Still, there was training in meditative trance, dream-working, understanding the symbolisms of the inner mind…past life healing and energy work to some extent. This formed the base of shamanic and native folk magic in many societies. In addition there was a knowledge of local herbs, stones and animal totems which helped the healer give something more tangible to help the receipient accept the healing through a solid object or special rituals.

The world has just reawakened in the later half of the 20th century or so…thanks to a fusion of eastern and western spirituality. People are much more self-realized than before and magick is becoming increasingly simple and unbelievably so.

Today we have meditators who can create magic with simple intentions or affirmations faster than you would take to fetch your wand. Let’s face it, the more spiritually evolved a society becomes, the less occult and less complex its magickal power. Also the more our civilisation evolves, the brighter and more positive its magick becomes. No longer are people interested in cursing and harming each other and not longer are they attached to lowly desires of acquiring a person of their choice. Enlightenment is far too common now as compared to before.

More and more people find peace, happiness, prosperity, inner-joy, love and wellbeing through enlightened magick which is the hallmark of today’s awakened world.

Science and spirit unite today and magick is no longer just ‘occult mumbo-jumbo’. Everyone talks of quantum science and vibrational energy… everyone speaks of mind-matter connection and the matrix theory of simulated universe. It won’t be very long…till we have all the answers.

Today witches, wizards and magickal folk of the past are reborn as the modern spiritual scientists and healers of contemporary times.

Whether or not we call ourselves witches or magicians, every one of us has an immense magickal power within that can be further awakened through inner work and meditation. If we want to be effective as magickal healers or witches, it will do us well to meditate and sharpen our inner power than to merely tinker around with outer objects in our magickal work.

If this inspires you to learn more about a deeper kind of healing magick, you can find in-depth information, instructions and spiritual exercises in The Global Wicca Revolution available globally through amazon.

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Blessed Be


Swati Prakash

All Hallows Tide

There is no death in this eternal moment

There is no ending of time or of life

Except for the death of your own illusion

Everything changes yet stays all alive

And what is your sorrow except a delusion

While all you are made of is pure love and light

There is no darkness except the ignorance

Of things that you really know well, deep inside

There is no destruction, its all transformation

In truth all you lose is the shadow of lie

There is simply nothing to fear all around us

For everything here is just our own disguise

The veil is not thinning, it is non-existent

For nothing divides us, we are unified

So bring on the death of this grandiose illusion

And wake up again to your own sweet surprise

Blessed be all of our souls, ever healing

Rejoining together in all hallows tide

Together we are only one great truth vibration

A silence of mind ever conscious and bright

So close your two eyes and remain ever open

For all that you know to just perish and die

To witness the glory of life everlasting

Unite with the Goddess who is now inside


Swati Prakash

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