Are We Playing The Game of Life?

(The World Card - Legacy of Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti) Today I landed on a small 'super-mario' style video my son was watching for a minute and I observed how similar our life in this World is to this kind of play. In many of these gaming videos we get to begin our journey … Continue reading Are We Playing The Game of Life?

The Meaning of Postive

Good and Bad, Positive and Negative are not just imaginary terms but refer to real energies that help or hinder our divine purpose.

Wealth and Spirituality

Is material life the enemy of spirituality?Are you being tempted by the Devil if you choose wealth as a goal?Shall we all abandon all wealth and monetary goals to simply focus on meditation, healing ¬†and inner-work?Should all spiritual work be charitable in nature?Will the practice of spirituality interfere with your worldly success or career path?Can … Continue reading Wealth and Spirituality