The Only Power

When anyone or anything hurts you, just remember who you are. Detach from Maya, rise above, that is indeed the only power Let go, leave it to good old karma You don't have to think at all Rise within your inner conscience Do not let your goodness fall Bless the world and be at peace … Continue reading The Only Power

Nothing But the Truth

Life is no longer a mystery Everything is the way it is meant to be It is such a beauty That gifts of your duty The choices you make are your destiny Its karma that helps you find what you seek You sow and you nourish and then you reap Your intentions are seeds They … Continue reading Nothing But the Truth

The Meaning of Perfect

We usually hear about how noone is perfect. Is perfection a myth? Is it impossible for us to attain perfection? Complete, whole, total, unconditional, unlimited, doubtless, absolute, infinite....Perfect in every way is totally possible. Infact it is our deepest inner truth. In the Wiccan Rede we have the word Perfect in a most wonderful context. … Continue reading The Meaning of Perfect