My soul is free It belongs to none, not even me My soul is unbound There is nowhere it cannot be found Higher, further than another I return to find myself, no other Out there and everywhere There was nothing else for prayer Who do i invoke aloud For within this maddening crowd Only gods … Continue reading Beyond

The Eternal Now

So how are you and everything What do you feel tomorrow brings How was your day, or previous life And are you happy to survive There's much to hear and much to say About today and yesterdays The woes and dreams are many, yet What we create is all we get Blessed are the souls … Continue reading The Eternal Now

Another World

Deep inside, another world Where there is only You Far away, your darkness hides The brightness of the truth Go beyond the rainbow light Way further from the stars Deep inside, another world So near and yet so far Sail right through the stormy seas Of anger, pain, despair Find the treasure island where All … Continue reading Another World