Only You

You listened to my every thought You made all wishes true I called it Magick But it was only You You showed me your face You laughed and you smiled You peeled off your skin You opened my eyes I feared you and hesitated Thought of what I should do The only thing I ever … Continue reading Only You

With You

It is the end of the world, as I know it For I am with You, up there This shadow left behind as me, Will one day disappear Every night and every day, There is a sacred space In everybody in the world We exist through time and place

The Guru Principle

Who is Guru? A pundit who makes predictions and performs poojas? A teacher who gives knowledge to disciples? A planet called jupiter? A guru is the true teacher, the higher self. Its that part of us which is timeless wisdom.  When we are ready and willing for spiritual illumination, the guru appears in a form … Continue reading The Guru Principle