She Has No End

She is the spider, She is the web She is the weaving of the thread She is the God and Universe She is creation, Om-niverse She is the dreamer and the dream She is each ripple and the stream She is the dancer and the dance Dancing in her endless trance   She is the beginning in each ending … Continue reading She Has No End

God is a Fool

I've got the feeling there's nothing to feel All I know for real is that nothing is real I woke up again to find myself asleep The world was a hollow-gram in a void deep I was dreaming the dream that they called universe Both seen and unseen, the heard and unheard The people, and … Continue reading God is a Fool

God, Goddess and We

Who is God... Who is Goddess... Who am I ... Who are We... In this world full of religions we need to respect all beliefs, whether monotheistic or polytheistic, atheistic or any other. In monotheism we find one supreme God who claims that we should not worship anyone else but 'HIM' who is perfect in … Continue reading God, Goddess and We

Christ-na is Born

The moon is full, the night is deep God is born as Goddess sleeps In her dream awakens He Her own creation that is We The Goddess is eternal soul The energy that makes us all God is her awareness Our inner Christ-na consciousness Reawakening  inside In this silent, holy night The world is just a lucid … Continue reading Christ-na is Born

All Hallows Tide

There is no death in this eternal moment There is no ending of time or of life Except for the death of your own illusion Everything changes yet stays all alive And what is your sorrow except a delusion While all you are made of is pure love and light There is no darkness except the … Continue reading All Hallows Tide

Real Spirituality – Beyond Godmen and Godwomen

Recently in India there was a major controversy around 'Radhe Guru Maa' who seems to be in the news for wearing a little red dress among other reasons including charges of promoting dowry demands in a family. Earlier there were controversies around rape on gurus such as Asaram Bapu and so called 'tantriks or aghoris' … Continue reading Real Spirituality – Beyond Godmen and Godwomen

What If We Were Natural People?

While I was in the kitchen today I had this thought - have we humans not gone a little too far from our original natural self. Look at our food for instance. How much of what we eat is pure and natural, and how much is 'spoiled' by boiling, frying, grilling, fermenting, baking, roasting and … Continue reading What If We Were Natural People?