My Tips for Healthy Living…final part 3

21. Go outside. Staying cooped up indoors all the time can block our energy channels. Getting some fresh air in a healthy surrounding is as important as eating fresh food. 22. Be natural. Pretending to be something we are not just to impress can often create energy blocks. Flashing designer labels, acting important or name … Continue reading My Tips for Healthy Living…final part 3


What are you Absorbing today?

Did sorrow cross your path again? Have you seen more crime of the same kind happening around as the ones in newspapers recently? Always attracting the same energy pattern so far? We are always in a constant energy exchange with the rest of the universe. Everything is energy. Its not just your deliberate thoughts that … Continue reading What are you Absorbing today?

Transform all Tensions into Intentions.

DAILY PRACTICE FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS   Daily meditation is a great way to clear the mind and also to get positive energy flowing inside us.   "Just for today - do not worry." This is the first Reiki Principle (Reiki is a simple system of energy work that can be learnt by any beginner).    … Continue reading Transform all Tensions into Intentions.