God is a Fool

I've got the feeling there's nothing to feel All I know for real is that nothing is real I woke up again to find myself asleep The world was a hollow-gram in a void deep I was dreaming the dream that they called universe Both seen and unseen, the heard and unheard The people, and … Continue reading God is a Fool

Twelve Positive Symptoms of Spiritual Growth and Ascension

Spirituality is all about discovering our inner self, the part of us which is beyond the physical, mortal or limited existence. While there are many of us who discover our spiritual truth through regular meditation and spiritual training, some of us experience an awakening all of a sudden, whether through dreams or near death experience. … Continue reading Twelve Positive Symptoms of Spiritual Growth and Ascension

God, Goddess and We

Who is God... Who is Goddess... Who am I ... Who are We... In this world full of religions we need to respect all beliefs, whether monotheistic or polytheistic, atheistic or any other. In monotheism we find one supreme God who claims that we should not worship anyone else but 'HIM' who is perfect in … Continue reading God, Goddess and We

Christ-na is Born

The moon is full, the night is deep God is born as Goddess sleeps In her dream awakens He Her own creation that is We The Goddess is eternal soul The energy that makes us all God is her awareness Our inner Christ-na consciousness Reawakening  inside In this silent, holy night The world is just a lucid … Continue reading Christ-na is Born

This World Is A Dream

This world is just a dream of mine And if I want everything will be just fine I've just got to Love myself a little more Heal myself a little more Be myself a little more Be with myself a little more Treat myself a little nicer Everyday be a little wiser Give a lot … Continue reading This World Is A Dream

Dreaming and Waking

Anything experienced within you is likely to manifest outside too. Have you ever had dreams that felt very real...dreams in which you were so engrossed that you had no idea that you were dreaming? Dreams are the proof that we can see with our eyes shut. And not only can we see in our dreams … Continue reading Dreaming and Waking