The Key

Somewhere not too far away Is everything for which you pray Someday you will realize All the dreams that filled your eyes Someone whom you love and need Will be with you at Godspeed Somewhere is HERE Someday is NOW Someone is YOU Accept, Allow Within you is the world contained Forever it has so … Continue reading The Key


She Has No End

She is the spider, She is the web She is the weaving of the thread She is the God and Universe She is creation, Om-niverse She is the dreamer and the dream She is each ripple and the stream She is the dancer and the dance Dancing in her endless trance   She is the beginning in each ending … Continue reading She Has No End


Midsummer Night’s Dream

When the sun is so high and the moon is so full When you feel the strong veil of a mystery's pull Dance to the rhythm and sing to the tune This midsummer night's dream is about to end soon For ages and aeons you wandered aside Searching for signs in the dark of midnight … Continue reading Midsummer Night’s Dream


What Came First?

Chicken or egg.. Birth or death.. God or goddess.. Who came first? Perhaps together! Could both be ONE? Could the one be zero, none? When and how did we start? Past, present, future Karma, rebirth Life and afterlife Maybe NOW is all we ever had.... Maybe there was no beginning And there will be no end Time, … Continue reading What Came First?

goddess god

Christ-na is Born

The moon is full, the night is deep God is born as Goddess sleeps In her dream awakens He Her own creation that is We The Goddess is eternal soul The energy that makes us all God is her awareness Our inner Christ-na consciousness Reawakening  inside In this silent, holy night The world is just a lucid … Continue reading Christ-na is Born