The Key

Somewhere not too far away

Is everything for which you pray

Someday you will realize

All the dreams that filled your eyes

Someone whom you love and need

Will be with you at Godspeed

Somewhere is HERE

Someday is NOW

Someone is YOU

Accept, Allow

Within you is the world contained

Forever it has so remained

An endless fountain made of joy

Why cannot everyone enjoy?

What is the possibility?

Can’t everyone this treasure see?

Why does it hide there deep inside?

If there’s a lock, where is the key?

You look within your heart and mind

Yet you seek, but do not find

Look within!

Not your body, not your brain

Deeper still,

Let no thoughts your vastness fill

Be the light

Let no darkness hide from sight

To find the key

Lose that little thing called ‘me’

Look beyond that little you

To get the real self in view

All the stories that you told

Was not who you were at all

You are not your past,

That was the moment you saw last

You were not born on a date of birth

That is not when you came to earth

Know your inner truth sublime

You have been here since the dawn of time

You are the One

You are All

You are who this world is for

You are the soul of the universe

You are key, the note, the verse

You are the music, the dance, the life

You give, create and energize

Because of you is everything

You are the song creation sings

You are the love that planets turn

See yourself as everyone

Seek no more and nothing need,

You are truth, Be… Just Be!




She Has No End

She is the spider, She is the web

She is the weaving of the thread

She is the God and Universe

She is creation, Om-niverse

She is the dreamer and the dream

She is each ripple and the stream

She is the dancer and the dance

Dancing in her endless trance


She is the beginning in each ending

Light forever flowing bending

She is the matrix you cannot escape

She is your Self beyond each shape

She was not born, she will not die

For she is the mother of ‘you’ and ‘i’

The tree of life and the life of tree

She is the Only energy

The is the space, she is the sound

She is the lost, the seeking, the found

She is the part and the sum and the whole

She is the actor, the play and each role

She is the story you cannot tell

She is the treasure you cannot sell

The nothing hiding in everything

The silent song we always sing

She is the truth in every lie

The laughter in every tear and cry

The sun shining through the stormy rains

The happiness within the pain

The love that masquerades as hate

She is your Will revealed as fate

She is freedom in each cage

The peace and calm within each rage

She is the Self you realize

Once you see through your Real Eyes

She has no end, yet is complete

In everything you always meet

You walk with Her in every step

She is the spider and the web




Midsummer Night’s Dream

When the sun is so high and the moon is so full

When you feel the strong veil of a mystery’s pull

Dance to the rhythm and sing to the tune

This midsummer night’s dream is about to end soon

For ages and aeons you wandered aside

Searching for signs in the dark of midnight

You spoke to the faerie and talked to the gods

You built walls of magick against all the odds

As you cast every spell and you brewed every potion

With cards and your runes faced the glimpse of intuition

You made up your life and its every adventure

Its crests and its falls in your fountain of splendour

Reveling in moments with joy and delight

You danced in the shadows and took astral flight

You marveled and praised the creations of mind

While the truth everywhere and threadbare you could find

To know and to will and to dare are the keys

But you won’t find the door till you just silent be


Swati Prakash




God is a Fool

I’ve got the feeling there’s nothing to feel

All I know for real is that nothing is real

I woke up again to find myself asleep

The world was a hollow-gram in a void deep

I was dreaming the dream that they called universe

Both seen and unseen, the heard and unheard

The people, and places, all creatures and things

Subconscious and conscious, my mind’s own off-springs

All mere characters in this dream that I see

Yes, all of you people, including this me

All playing their roles in this great pantomime

Not knowing the meaning of life, space or time

Searching for reasons and great explanations

Through science and religion, both myths of creation

For the end of knowledge and the point of beginning

The right ways of dying, the right ways of living

Yet just the same being in each incarnation

In every person, each planet, each nation

Was dreaming these dreams in each dream of one night

Still waiting and sleeping until morning light

As I try to wake up from this grand illusion

This Fool is no longer in love with delusion

The hero was zero and always will be


Twisting and dancing as loop infinity

Awake and asleep at the very same time

A Fool merely dreaming that she is Divine!



Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on www.amazon.com/author/swatiprakash




The Matrix

I am darkness

I am light

Hidden yet infinite

I am the voice

Without a sound

Unheard yet all around

I am the truth

In every word

Unwritten yet revered

I am the fire

And the rain

The wind and the terrain

I am your birth

I am death

The rising and the set

I am the sun

And the moon

Day, night, and noon

I am summer

Winter too

Dancing, circling you

I am real

I am illusion

Spirit-matter fusion

I am your doubt

Yet I enlighten

To awareness heighten

I am your shadow

Showing your way

To the shining ray

I am your friend

And enemy

Whatever you imagine me

I am formless

Yet I become

With every beat of drum

With every breath of air

With every thought you care

A brand new form I wear

I am the zero

And the one

The code that ever runs

The yin and yang

The left and right

The matrix of dark and light

I am belief

And disbelief

With every lie that you deceive

I am love

I am fear

I appear and disappear


In all possibility

Everything that can ever be

I am the nothing

That exists


The emptiness you missed

I am the beginning

And the end

I am the circle bend

I am someone

In everyone you knew

Everyone including you

I am a mirror

Can you see?

I am you and you are me!


Wish you a Blessed Beltane/ Samhain!

~ Swati Prakash









What Came First?

Chicken or egg..

Birth or death..

God or goddess..

Who came first?

Perhaps together!

Could both be ONE?

Could the one be zero, none?

When and how did we start?

Past, present, future

Karma, rebirth

Life and afterlife

Maybe NOW is all we ever had….

Maybe there was no beginning

And there will be no end

Time, space, matter…

What is real?

What is unreal?

What do you feel?

Maybe NOTHING is happening at all..

In this world of illusion

Are we in delusion

Complex and convoluted

When truth is simple

Are we thinking too much?

Growing in numbers

When all we must do is just



swatiprakas small13)

Blessed Easter/Ostara

Swati Prakash



goddess god

Christ-na is Born

The moon is full, the night is deep

God is born as Goddess sleeps

In her dream awakens He

Her own creation that is We

The Goddess is eternal soul

The energy that makes us all

God is her awareness

Our inner Christ-na consciousness

Reawakening  inside

In this silent, holy night

The world is just a lucid dream

As the Goddess sleeps unseen

While celebrating God, our life

A dream awakens deep inside

While the dreamer sleeps eternally

By the Goddess Blessed Be!


Swati Prakash