The Timeless Truth

Who are we and why are we here? This little book is intended to raise awareness through messages from the higher Self, the unlimited part of us which is beyond the restrictions of time and space. Let the sacred voice of the inner self unite all of us into the One being.  

The Global Spiritual Revolution What is it that the world needs the most today and always? Is spiritual awareness not the one thing that can change everything for the better? Explore these ideas about a new global spirituality that is taking over the world today. Learn about the five sacred elements of nature that have been honored in … Continue reading The Global Spiritual Revolution

The Present Un-tensed

Who says the past cannot be changed. It has already changed - into the Present! Discover how exactly you can utilize the power of the present moment by allowing yourself to let go of everything that held you back. By being aware of your thoughts you can cancel our the negative and manifest the positive. … Continue reading The Present Un-tensed