Step inside the nameless temple of formless truth Step inside the wall less church of wordless prayer Step inside the timeless mosque of endless love Step inside your inner self, and be there....just BE

As Above So Below

She is above, She is below too Ever-evolving, ever new He fulfills her every want Her every wish is His command He pierces her veil of illusion From fear to love, its transformation Divided they cannot remain Truth is they are both one and same

Only You

You listened to my every thought You made all wishes true I called it Magick But it was only You You showed me your face You laughed and you smiled You peeled off your skin You opened my eyes I feared you and hesitated Thought of what I should do The only thing I ever … Continue reading Only You

The Self

God met me as a father God met me as the son God met me as friend, As each and everyone God met me as a stranger The stranger on the bus Without any pretences A slob like one of us He met me as an angel Or devil in disguise He showed me forms … Continue reading The Self


Light is in the darkness and the darkness in the light The Goddess once dreaming alone in her night She had the Word, and the Word was God She dreamed of the light that emerges from naught Her dream is He, In Her, He is ever awake Transforming her darkness, this world to remake Fulfilling … Continue reading Play