The Real Alchemist!

Here is a story that could inspire you today…

Once there was a beggar who had no home, no car, not even sufficient food or education. He lived on whatever people could toss his way out of pity. He was tired of this struggle. He dreamed of being really rich, of having many millions one day..he spent a lot of time imagining himself to be rich and wealthy…And so with all the money he made begging, he also bought the lottery once a week to try his luck. And….one day he actually won the jackpot. He could not believe his luck, yes – he was a millionaire! It was all he had dreamed and imagined all the time… coming true finally. He bought a large house with a large car, the best designer clothes, went flying off to trips around the world, spent his days eating five star food and nights in drinking and partying in high profile clubs, living the high life..And then, within a few months he was back to having nothing. Yet he needed more…and more…to keep up his enormous appetite for all kinds of pleasures. He sold his house, went on rent again, until he had no money for even that, finally returning to where he began, homeless and poor, asking for money, benefits, charity…from others.


Once again, he had no house, no car, not even sufficient food or education. He lived on whatever people could toss his way out of pity. He was tired of this struggle. Then, one day, he decided to meditate. He just sat there wherever he was and closed his eyes, breathing, till he felt calm and peaceful, till his thoughts had all gone. Meditation was free, required no conditions at all….it could be done anytime, anyplace, by anyone, in any situation….So he did it. First for a few minutes…then for half an hour a day, then for an hour…Slowly he did it for longer periods of time and more often, almost everyday…. Wow!  This was better than any food he had eaten….It was better than sex, better than drugs, better than drinking, gambling…infact this felt better than anything ever. He slowly conquered his hunger, his discomfort, his fears, his insecurities…he slowly conquered his pain and sorrow, his needs and wants…. He was light, free, blissful, peaceful…..and he did not even realize how many days had gone by…he did not even realize how many people had gathered around him. Some of the wealthiest people in the world came by just to be in his presence, just to take his inspiration, to learn and meditate with him. They were ready to offer him all their wealth in return of the secret of his infinite peace. Yet, all he did was meditate, without being distracted. And that is why he was richer than the richest person on earth! He had more to give than anyone ever, and needed nothing….he had everything! Others followed his example and found their own inner peace…slowly, bit by bit, the world began to heal.


Normally people think charity is all about giving money, food and basic necessities to others. We imagine the world’s problems will be solved if money was distributed amongst all those who are poor. But would this really work? Would those who are poor become rich after receiving money? Or would they be poor again after a few days of spending the money up? In contrast, spirituality is something that TRULY makes us rich, really really rich! Because true wealth is not measured by how much money and property you own, or by how much financial charity you give to the world. True wealth is deep within you. Its a fountain of endless treasure that money can never buy. Material charity is at best a temporary relief until the person discovers this fountain of endless wealth within.

You might think that learning to make money, learning to work and earn, to invest wisely, to attract success, to build more and more wealth is an alternate answer to the problem of poverty. Sure it is…Yet, what would happen if the economy crashes, if markets fall, if there is famine, war or any other calamity? And…is learning how to make or attract money sufficient? Will it bring peace and happiness to all? More importantly, why are we here in this existence? Are we merely here in the world to learn how to survive and be materially successful? Perhaps not. We are all here in this world, not just to learn how to be  materially successful, but to learn how to find pure inner joy, which is infact our ONLY true and natural state. A person who finds this inner gold, or inner diamond is richer than the richest person in the entire universe!

It could be you!

Hope you enjoyed this story and felt inspired to be on the path that is true.



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8 Solid Tips for Banishing Negativity this Shani Weekend

The cycles of time and celestial tides are here to guide us again, this time to banish or end all things you consider negative in your life! While on 3rd of June Saturn is fully illuminated, 4th of June is a Saturday named after Saturn, and an amavasya or no-moon night that is usually believed to be great for ending of anything unwanted, 5th of June is the annual Shani Jayanti dedicated to the planetary lord Saturn – the god of limitations and endings. Here is how you can align yourself with the natural cycles of the universe in mind, body and spirit this weekend:

  1. DIG IT OUT: Introspect after meditating, let your deeper thoughts surface upwards, know your fears and you will be able to erase them soon. Being positive is not a cover-up job of hiding negativity or glossing over it. Being positive is a real inner transformation which you can do only with great strength and self-confidence. Delve into your unconscious and try to really face all those things you considered negative. These could be fears you have regarding your life, fears concerning your future, guilts about your past, regrets and sorrows, old pain and hurt, anger or anything else that should not be around any more. For those of you who think about the rest of the universe too – all those things about the world that made you sad, angry, fearful or worried. Write them down with BLACK ink on white paper. This way you are symbolically bringing out all those deeply buried negative emotions that were unwantedly controlling your life. Now you are in-fact gaining power over them with this simple act of writing them down. The colour black is connected to Saturn and symbolises
  2. ASSERT YOUR POWER: At this point of time you are no longer someone who fears. You are aware that you and only you are in-charge of your life as an enlightened being. As With-In So With-Out! This is a truth of the universe that there is nothing that can happen outside which is not inside your mind already, especially your unconscious. Those people who merely think positive are often unable to achieve their goals because they have not done the deeper work of releasing the negative emotional blocks and negative beliefs they carried inside them all their life and possibly several lifetimes. Now with the awareness of what you feared and enlisting them all out, you have taken a major step towards really being powerful. Know that you are the single most powerful person in your YOUniverse who can NOW change everything for the better. As you are your own universe in the process of remaking, you know that Saturn is part of you – the power you have to end what you must so that something better can replace it. Affirm ‘I am the MOST powerful person in my universe and I choose to change these things right now’ person-1177312_960_720
  3. CONNECT WITH YOUR INNER SATURN: Within you lies the great and glorious master who can both transform the negative and manifest the positive. Your transformational power is symbolised by Saturn. Those rings around the planet remind you of the power you have to keep everything in careful control. You can limit whatever is in excess, whether it be a habit or addiction, a pattern that was negative or anything that was self-limiting. The planet is just a sign or symbol in divination that brings you back to your inner self. Its power is your inner power. The yantra below will help you connect with your inner Saturn. Focus upon it for a few minutes while repeating ‘Om Shanicharaye Namaha!’ and know Saturn to be a part of you.Saturn-Yantra
  4. SAY NO TO THE UNWANTED: The powers within you are at their peak and it is impossible for any negative energy to remain in your life from now onwards. You are consciously choosing to let go of all the unwanted. Firmly assert this by crossing out the negative things you wrote earlier in your list with black ink to mark their logical end. This means that they are no longer having any energy or power in your life. They have been cancelled out and released for good.crossout
  5. LET IT GO: As a sign that you have released the unwanted out of your system, you can now safely burn to ashes and flush away the crossed out sheet as if a heavy load has been taken away from you right now. Do this with conviction without any shred of doubt. Be eco-friendly in disposal and know that everything is being transformed by nature to something more useful in the process.Burning_4.jpg
  6. CLEANSE AND CLEAR: Letting go is complete only if you feel it from within. Your inner mind and soul will feel and know the difference. To make it real try smudging using incense, herbs such as sage or aromas that feel refreshing and cleansing to you. Diffuse this around you and on your body. Clean up your home, office,garden and every corner that felt clogged or blocked. Fix up or throw away gadgets and things that were unuseful. Clear up your desk and papers. You will know the value of this exercise in the form of increased prosperity, better health and peace of mind very soon.incense-stick-405899_960_720.jpg
  7. TRANSFORMATION: For each of the negative thing you have released and removed from your life, think of what you must now replace them with. Allow for a few days to feel the refreshing changes coming into your life as you have just released the negativity. In those days make a new list this time with red ink on white paper, thinking positive thoughts only and focusing on those worthy goals that make you truly happy with no doubt that they bring you only good. Red is the colour of life and vitality. Keep this positive list somewhere where safe where you can return later to refer to them and note your progress in the coming days, weeks or months. Know that each of your positive goals will manifest as and when the time is right. positive-455580_960_720.jpg
  8. GIVE THANKS: All things whether negative or positive were here in your life as a reminder of those deeply buried and repressed ideas or beliefs in your unconscious mind. You were here to heal and transform yourself and everything you saw and encountered in your journey in each lifetime was here to help you remember and heal. This Shani Jayanti is a good time to thank the universe for all these experiences that have helped you discover and rediscover yourself. You can give thanks to Saturn by offering sweets made of black til, donating black clothing or blankets, feeding black animals such as crows or black dogs and offering poojas or rituals to Saturn in temples dedicated to this planet as a symbolic thanks to this specific power. Doing these rituals mechanically is often unuseful but with awareness and self-realization their power is truly felt. Blessed Be!shanidev.jpg                swatiprakashSwati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed

Full Moon Names and Significances for Each Month

Astrology is not a tool to make fixed prediction but a tool with which we understand the messages from the higher self through the language of symbols called Divination. The Moon in astrology signifies the play of light and dark as it waxes (Shukla Paksha) and wanes (Krishna Paksha) in its approximately 29.5 day period from one full moon to another. For this reason moon is connected with our mind, the conscious and the unconscious as we play out our hopes, fears, emotions and thoughts relaying into the world around us. Full moons or Purnimas indicate full consciousness while partially illuminated moon signifies the subconscious andamavasya or ‘no moon’ signifies the unconscious. This makes the Full Moon a positive symbol of self-awareness.full-moon-595653_960_720

In the ancient times people kept track of time and seasons through the full moons as they heralded the passing of one lunar month. Here are some of the popular names of each full moon across both eastern and western cultures in the northern hemisphere.

MARCH-APRIL: Phalgun Purnima/ Little Spring Moon – Symbolises new beginnings

Also called Worm Moon (as worms appear to fertilize earth) and Lenten Moon (meaning spring), the festivals Holi is connected with this moon falling near Eostra or spring equinox to celebrate new colourful beginnings in the northern hemisphere.

APRIL-MAY: Chaitra Purnima/ Big Spring Moon – Symbolises fertility and action

Also called Egg Moon, Waking Moon and Pink Moon to symbolizes renewed fertility of earth, this moon marks the start of our annual karmic cycle and thus connected with Chitra Gupta or the recordkeeper of our deeds, as well as Hanumana Jayanti as he symbolises positive action.

MAY-JUNE: Vaishakha Purnima/ Summer Moon – Symbolises abundance or fullness

Also called Flower Moon, Mulberry Moon and Milk Moon as it signifies abundance of the fertile earth and the festival of Beltane or light. It is also celebrated as Buddha Purnima as it is the day of enlightenment or full consciousness of Gautama Buddha.

JUNE-JULY: Jyestha Purnima/ Midsummer Moon – Symbolises fun and outdoor activity

Also called Rose Moon, Hot Moon or Strawberry Moon as it relates with the season of summer at its peak. It is celebrated as Jagannatha Purnima as outdoor processions in the name of deities are held as well as Vat Purnima or tree worship.

JULY-AUG: Ashadha Purnima/ Pre-harvest Moon – Symbolises patience and wisdom

Also called Thunder Moon, Berry Moon or Hay Moon as it brings ripening as well as thunder before rain or harvest it is celebrated as Guru Purnima to indicate wisdom and learning or the birthday of Vyasa who authored vedas.

AUGUST-SEP: Shravan Purnima/ Little Harvest Moon – Symbolises receptivity

Also called Cutters Moon, Grain Moon or Lightning Moon as it is time for harvest as well as rainfall in many regions of the northern hemisphere being the time for Lammas or Loaf-mass. It is celebrated as Narali Purnima and Raksha Bandhan for compassion and brother/ sisterhood.

SEPTEMBER-OCT: Bhadra Purnima/ Harvest Moon – Symbolises gratitude

Also called Corn Moon, Barley Moon or Harvest Moon it is the harvest season in full swing also called Mabon or Thanksgiving moon. It is celebrated as Dattatreya Jayanti and Madhu Purnima to celebrate giving or generosity.

OCTOBER-NOV: Ashwin Purnima/ Hallows Moon – Symbolises celebration

Also called Fall Moon, Dying Moon and Blood Moon it is the time for Samhain or Hallows tide when summer ends and the dark winter takes over. Ancestors are worshipped around this time of Ashwin. The full moon of this month is celebrated as Kojagiri Purnima when one prays for prosperity to prepare for the coming winter months.

NOVEMBER-DEC: Kartik Purnima/ Hunter’s Moon – Symbolises victory

Called Frost Moon, White Moon and Beaver’s Moon it heralds the time for cold to set in and animals to hibernate away. It is also celebrated as Kartik Purnima to indicate defeat of demons in the darker times ahead.

DECEMBER-JAN: Margshira Purnima/ Winter Moon – Symbolises charity

Also called Long Nights Moon, Bitter Moon and Cold Moon the season of winter is at its peak and nights are longest. This is also the Yule Moon or Evergreen Moon it is the time only evergreen trees have leaves. It is also celebrated as Battisi Purnima when charity is considered good to help each other in the dark season.

JANUARY-FEB: Pausha Purnima/ Hunger Moon – Symbolises survival

Also called Wolf Moon, Ice Moon and Indoor Moon it’s time to stay protected and safe in the dreary season while being celebrated as Shakambhari Purnima named after the goddess of food who is prayed to at this time of less supply.

FEBRUARY-MARCH: Magha Purnima/ Budding Moon – Symbolises hope

Also called Snow Moon, Dry Moon and Bony Moon it is the time when winter is reaching its end and the season of Imbolc or budding of new life again in the dry branches within the snow. It is also the time for Kumbh Mela or spiritual renewal and awakening.

NOTE: In the southern hemisphere the seasons are reversed therefore the diagonally opposite celebrations and observations are held, for example the summer moon would be in December and winter moon in May in the southern continents bringing a reversal in the seasonal festivities.


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Triple Your Success with Blue Moon, Red Mars and Mercury Direct

This is an exciting weekend for three heavenly reasons:

  1. We have an extra full moon for this astronomical season called the Seasonal Blue moon on 21st May (different from the other more popular kind of blue moons when two full moons are observed in the same calendrical month). The blue moons are not usually blue in colour, they only represent rarity connected to the phrase ‘once in a blue moon’.
  2. The moon is near an unusually red Mars (as it is in full opposition to Sun) as well as near to Saturn both being retrograde in the same sign of Scorpio along with the full moon on 21 May.
  3. Finally on 22nd May we have Mercury going direct after its notorious retrograde phase. This is sure to beat away all those ‘Blues’. blue moon

So what does this mean to most of us:

  • Stay Calm and Meditate: The seasonal Blue moon being a rare occurrence (once in approximately three years) indicates a rare opportunity to meditate and create more peace within. As we know full moons or Poornimas are always believed to be auspicious and this one is also Buddha Purnima connected with Gautama Buddha’s enlightenment. Full moons represent the fullness of our emotions and intuition. This full seasonal blue moon occurs in the sign of Scorpio (we follow sidereal or Vedic astrology which gives a much more accurate picture in line with astronomical positions). Moon in stinging Scorpio is debilitated and it brings a range of emotions that can hurt sometimes especially in relationships. However you are always in-charge of your inner state. The more you meditate the better you will be able to cope with the high energy of this rare seasonal Blue moon. Try to expect less from others and be more self content by spending time with yourself and nourishing your own needs. Make strong intentions for your well being and betterment.amazing-736884_960_720.jpg
  • Take the Right Action: A retrograde Mars in Scorpio receives full energy from its great friend the Sun to be really bright red and this heralds strong initiatives, being more assertive, more confident, independent and determined even when past energies seem blocking. Mars is also with its friend Saturn and Moon in the same house indicating that decisions will be based on what is right and fair, especially based on past experience.  Try not to display anger especially with the way things have been in the past. Being grounded in the present moment and taking the right action are the key to your success.growth-453479_960_720
  • Focus Better: Mercury coming out of its retrograde phase and going on a straight course brings you more opportunities to plan for journeys. You can also take this opportunity to reach out to more friends around and communicate. Mercury direct also helps you focus better on your finances and making clear choices. Misunderstanding will be cleared up. Your own mental state will be much sharper.crosshair-252871_960_720.jpg

Stay Positive!


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Jupiter Rising: Effects on Your Life as Jupiter Straightens Course

One of the most important planets from the astrological point of view is Jupiter. This large planet is symbolic of expansion. If its course in the skies is favorable it can be an indicator of both worldly and spiritual growth. Jupiter now goes direct in the celestial sky after a period of retrograde motion.


From 7th January this year Jupiter had been going retrograde in the sign of Leo (Vedic or sidereal astrology). Retrograde motion is when a planet appears to be moving backwards as opposed to its regular straight course as observed from earth. Remember that these retrograde planets don’t really move backwards, its just that our planet earth moves faster between them and the sun as we see that planet from a distance. When planets go retrograde the attributes that they represent seem to be slowing down or backtracking in several areas of life. In the case of Jupiter being retrograde from 7 Jan 2016 most of us might have experienced a general slowing in our spiritual activities as well as our business and career plans. Well the good news isthe 9 of May 2016, Jupiter is coming back on its regular celestial course in all our astrological charts. This is what it can mean for all of us in general:

  • Better business growth
  • Financial luck improves
  • Career progress is back on track
  • Spiritual work enhances
  • Overall healing and inner peace amplifies

Specifically this is what you could observe as per your zodiac sign (based on your Vedic ascendant – not your western or tropical sunsign related). You can find your true Vedic rising easily by keying in your date, time and place of birth/ timezone in any appropriate Vedic astrology software,or use this link to find your Vedic rising sign:

Aries rising: Your romantic life will be getting sorted. Those who wanted to expand the family might have some good news soon. Foreign travel or relocation plans will be on especially from next month on as Mercury too straightens course by end of month. Your personal ideas, initiatives and goals will get a fillip.

Taurus rising: A better time for property dealings is now arriving. Many issues at home might be getting sorted as well. You will have protection against unseen enemies or occult forces. You will be drawn to spiritually inspiring and uplifting teachers and might learn many things to improve your overall life.

Gemini rising: You will be able to reach out and expand your social networks. Those in spiritual writing or media will benefit. Marriage plans might now be working out at a last for many of you. You might see a new growth in your personal income or business turnover.

Cancer rising: A significant boost in your wealth status is indicated. There may even be inheritance for some of you. Higher education prospects look greater than before. Those struggling with health issues will begin to heal. Those looking for a career change will have more luck.

Leo rising: Your own dreams and goals come first and you will pay more attention to them now. Stuck up projects get a new start. This could be a more fertile period for those wanting a child. Overall luck will certainly improve starting now.

Virgo rising: Many of you will have spiritual insights and help from various guides including your own past life awareness that will help you deal with the present in a better way. Your family will be more understanding and cooperative than before.

Libra rising: You will develop better ways of connecting with others and of letting your views be known to the world. Those looking forward to relationships and marriage will attract better prospects. Inflow of money could improve for most of you.

Scorpio rising: Enjoy better career prospects in the coming period of time. Your wealth situation could also improve drastically soon. You will be able to fight against most diseases and attract the right healthcare and wellness experts your way.

Sagittarius rising: You will be able to travel and expand your awareness of the world. Your luck in shares and stock market will improve soon. A more fun period for most of you, this could also be a good time for those with kids or those planning kids.

Capricorn rising: A spiritually energizing time is on the way bringing more hope and inspiration. This could be a great period to sort our disagreements with loved ones of you for some. Also a particularly good time to delve into the unknown and learn things you did not know before.

Aquarius rising: This could be one of the best times to get hitched for those of you seeking committed relationships. Friends and siblings will be more amicable than ever and you will be able to get your money graph going higher too very soon.

Pisces rising: Your health situation is improving remarkably starting now. You also get many blessings of wealth and prosperity soon. Higher education will be a possibility for many of you and your career will also benefit as a result.

Hope you all make the best of this spiritually uplifting period that has been initiated now.


swatiprakashSwati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed


At The Altar of Truth: Tackling the Problem of ‘Witch’-hunting in India

Every once in a while we hear about the terrible ‘witch’-hunts happening in rural areas of India, especially the north-eastern parts.

The media also regularly reports of ‘witch’-hunting in Africa with countless women and kids being regularly killed or tortured because they were believed to be possessed by evil and to cause harm to the community. The lives of numerous little innocent kids has been threatened due to these terrible misconceptions. The real reason for many of these ‘witch’-hunts is primarily the wrong notions spread through Christian pastors in these countries regarding the word ‘witch’.

It is necessary to note the the word Witch stems from the word WIT or wisdom. It refers to a person who can advise or help others with day to day problems using practical wisdom, whether by prescribing herbs, stones or spells to bring peace, health and prosperity.It has nothing to do with evil in the literal sense.

Innocent women wrongly called ‘witches’ have been accused of causing plagues, catastrophes and all manners of evil in the western world too with history as witness. It is a well known fact that the Christian Bible has been laced with ideas regarding killing witches, strongly confusing the word ‘witch’ with harmful sorcery or negative magic. Witch – the once respected icon of feminine wisdom was reduced to an image of ridicule and condemnation burnt at stake for just being.


Yes, that’s what it really boils down to – confusion, misunderstanding and wrong usage of a word, fueled by the wrong notion that something outside needs to be blamed for everything wrong in our life. ‘The Devil’ must have been a very convenient image used to project all the evil in the world onto. In the western world the word ‘Witch’ has been wrongly connected with evil and this fictitious ‘Devil’ for far too long.

In India the practice of branding women as ‘witches’ is more of a problem of erroneous translation by English media. There is no word such as ‘witch’ in India. What the media is trying to report is the practice of women being branded as ‘daayans’ (women possessed by so called evil spirits or ‘chudaails’). These ‘chudails’ and ‘dayans’ are not really anything compared to modern witches in any case. One such shocking superstitious idea regarding ‘witch’ being an evil spirit called ‘chetkin’ has been wrongly propagated by a so-called ‘spiritual science foundation’ in India. They could not be further from the truth about what the word ‘Witch’ actually means. Erroneous notions spread through centuries have thankfully been shunned and exposed in many parts of the developed world today where Witchcraft is making a comeback in a big way in a much more positive light.


In the west modern witches light incense, candles, pray for prosperity, love or health, smudge their house with aromas and sage, believe in the Goddess just like they believe in God, keep idols of gods and goddesses on their home altars, wear crystals and gemstones for healing, make a wish in their mind as they look at the moon and stars, add healing herbs to food for curing common ailments…. That’s what they call witchcraft today. By those parameters ALL Hindus will be witches automatically. In India there is hardly a household where people do not do all of these things daily. So much for ‘witch’-hunting in India!


Those poor women and kids in India and Africa being accused of ‘witchcraft’ probably don’t even know what the word ‘witch’ actually means in its true and literal sense.

While it is important to stop ‘witch’-hunts across the world through legal means and social activism, it is most important to end the misconception and wrong usage of the word ‘witch’ to mean anything evil. The focus should be on creating awareness about the real meaning of the word ‘witch’ and witchcraft as merely a spiritual practice similar to any meditative or religious rite or ritual. No matter what your spiritual beliefs or practices, everyone indulges in making a prayer or a wish, a blessing or a intention from time to time. Everyone does magic everyday. There is nothing evil or sinister about it.

witchcraft today.jpg

The most important thing that people (including those who practice modern witchcraft) need to understand is that EVERYONE in this universe has their own magical power. We ALL have the power to craft our life. There is not a single person in this world who is not really a witch deep within. Being a witch is neither something special or super-natural. Magic is our own natural power present in every being of nature.

The second thing that everyone (including those who practice modern witchcraft) need to understand is that NO-ONE can truly harm or hurt anyone using any evil power or curse or a negative magic spell. Each person in the world creates their own life, their own destiny. We attract and manifest whatever we think of, resonate with or believe in at a deep level. Those who believe that evil has caused them harm are simply those who have strongly and subconsciously programmed themselves to believe that evil causes them harm. That’s the real reason they ever get harmed. The only person who has any power over your life is YOU – that is the truth, no matter how much you believe in the power of evil magic (erroneously called black magic sometimes). Believe in yourself, in the power of your own inner self – that is the real God or Goddess within you!

Let us Awaken NOW! Let us end all these superstitions and inspire the world to be more positive and spiritually enlightened. So Mote it Be!


Swati Prakash is the author of Yes, You Are A Witch, The Goddess Speaks and The Global Wicca Revolution.



Tarot Message for this Week

Wildwood Tarot The Forest LoversThe Lovers Card from the Wildwood Tarot

This week the northern hemisphere of earth celebrates Beltane, a nature festival of the start of summer. The fires of love are now burning and increasing the passion and desire in us. The Lovers card from The Wildwood Tarot above helps us integrate the Yin and Yang within us. We all contain a masculine side, and we all contain a feminine side as well. Sometimes we reject one of these and then face a blockage either in our worldly success or spiritual growth. Both are important. While the feminine or lunar side of us helps us in quiet introspection and inner awakening, the masculine or solar side helps us achieve and attain our goals in the physical world. The Lovers card is all about overcoming the tension or blockages that we face while trying to keep these two energies separate. Let them merge and unite. The God and Goddess within us long to melt and merge in their divine embrace. Let our physical and spiritual life both be enriched beautifully as a result of this sacred union.



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