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Not many people know that I handled my late father’s communications agency for six years starting in 2002 when I was 22 years of age as the MD and dealing directly with top corporate heads far older and experienced, training and leading employees older than me …. even teaching as guest faculty at a management institute. Spiritual service always felt much better. Eight years ago I started Magick store. Before that I had already started Tarot India Network and trained many people in meditation, tarot and healing. I juggled the two sides of my life for years…but to start a spiritual store and Wiccan temple in Mumbai meant I had to dedicate time and be there for people personally and full time in the spiritual world. At the peak of my corporate career, I suddenly decided to let go in 2008. I literally left the old me behind and started all over again, financially, mentally and spiritually creating something out of nothing.

Letting go is easy when you are spiritual, whatever be the temptation, whatever be the attachment to the past you, its a spiritual calling that takes over. Its true that I took almost nothing with me except myself when I began Magick because I wanted to begin totally afresh…and it worked out within a month returning to me much more than what I expected. It added much to my career, whether it was fame or prosperity, the universe just handed over everything to me as usual, and I am grateful as ever. Whether it was my own radio show or TV show, numerous features in leading newspapers or profiling in top magazines, the response of India to this tiny store was amazingly positive and divine.

Within year of Magick I had made so many new friends and had served so many new people that starting Global Wicca Tradition and teaching its courses was just natural. People simply demanded that I initiate them into my own spiritual tradition. Global Wicca is founded on Wiccan values, even though it is not just any other Wiccan tradition. The values of this spiritual tradition are the inner Self and not just outer nature, self-realization and not just religious rituals, enlightenment and not just the craft. Its a fusion of global spirituality and not just western paganism or eastern spirituality.

Evolving continually as usual, I am now in London…beginning a new phase and focusing on the next stage of my life, one of motherhood and meditation, writing and passing on my experiences and knowledge to the new generation through Global Wicca which is now shifting base to London. Writing books is perhaps the best way to allow the sacred knowledge to reach out to all those who deserve it. My focus has shifted and so has my location.

What I am most grateful for is that Magick in Mumbai was the first but not the only Wiccan spiritual store in India…many more were inspired to start new stores and begin temples. The rituals and healing energy sent to earth from Magick was felt and experienced by many more people than I can think of. People learnt and began new stores and temples all around me. Magick was revolutionary and it started a new era of Wiccan awareness in India.

I do understand that a store like Magick at 16th road Bandra west, Mumbai, which still miraculously runs amazingly well with me far away in London for the last over three years, would at this point need someone local to own it and manage it with full dedication. Someone who has the knowledge, the wisdom, the sincerity and love for Magick. Everything is smooth and easy for the right person. Its an opportunity for me to pass on the baton to someone who can do even better and achieve even more. We now also have an storefront of Magick. Serving people is a blessing and if spirituality is your calling you need to put both your feet into it…not worry about how you will run it…how you will manifest the money or success without the safety and security of corporate income…you know someone did it before you and so can you!

The advise I will give to to my successors is:

  1. You deserve to be happy, healthy, secure and well off. Spirituality is not about sacrifice. Spirituality means there is always enough for you and everyone else.
  2. No-one loses and everyone wins. There is no room for competition, negativity, jealousy, envy, hatred, superiority, anger or malice in spirituality.
  3. Harm none and do as you will. Spiritual power = spiritual responsibility. Anyone who attempts using power harmfully loses power instantly.
  4. Do not be in fear …regarding how will you make money in the spiritual field…regarding how you will find balance between family and spirituality. Everything is possible and you have it in you.
  5. Do not be ashamed to be in a spiritual business. The world needs more spiritual people who are successful…those who can show that it is possible to have peace, love, health, wealth, fame and power…all while remaining loving, compassionate, positive and honest.
  6. Do not be afraid of your inner power. The world needs powerful people who know that real power is within.
  7. Money is not everything. If money was the goal then starting a fast food store would be a better idea in the world of consumerism….yet people like us choose to focus on spiritual work because self-realization is the most important objective.
  8. Do not hide. We need to unite our material and spiritual world as one, without hiding or obscuring our spiritual truth any further. We need to show how to use everything in a spiritual way, whether it is the energy of your home or workplace, fashion or romance, everything can be infused with spiritual awareness. Magick means that spiritual peace can be felt in everything and everyone right now.
  9. Spiritual work is the best way to heal and improve everything and to bring the world together into a new light of self-realization. Love what you do!

Blessed Be!




Midsummer Night’s Dream

When the sun is so high and the moon is so full

When you feel the strong veil of a mystery’s pull

Dance to the rhythm and sing to the tune

This midsummer night’s dream is about to end soon

For ages and aeons you wandered aside

Searching for signs in the dark of midnight

You spoke to the faerie and talked to the gods

You built walls of magick against all the odds

As you cast every spell and you brewed every potion

With cards and your runes faced the glimpse of intuition

You made up your life and its every adventure

Its crests and its falls in your fountain of splendour

Reveling in moments with joy and delight

You danced in the shadows and took astral flight

You marveled and praised the creations of mind

While the truth everywhere and threadbare you could find

To know and to will and to dare are the keys

But you won’t find the door till you just silent be


Swati Prakash




Full Moon Names and Significances for Each Month

Astrology is not a tool to make fixed prediction but a tool with which we understand the messages from the higher self through the language of symbols called Divination. The Moon in astrology signifies the play of light and dark as it waxes (Shukla Paksha) and wanes (Krishna Paksha) in its approximately 29.5 day period from one full moon to another. For this reason moon is connected with our mind, the conscious and the unconscious as we play out our hopes, fears, emotions and thoughts relaying into the world around us. Full moons or Purnimas indicate full consciousness while partially illuminated moon signifies the subconscious andamavasya or ‘no moon’ signifies the unconscious. This makes the Full Moon a positive symbol of self-awareness.full-moon-595653_960_720

In the ancient times people kept track of time and seasons through the full moons as they heralded the passing of one lunar month. Here are some of the popular names of each full moon across both eastern and western cultures in the northern hemisphere.

MARCH-APRIL: Phalgun Purnima/ Little Spring Moon – Symbolises new beginnings

Also called Worm Moon (as worms appear to fertilize earth) and Lenten Moon (meaning spring), the festivals Holi is connected with this moon falling near Eostra or spring equinox to celebrate new colourful beginnings in the northern hemisphere.

APRIL-MAY: Chaitra Purnima/ Big Spring Moon – Symbolises fertility and action

Also called Egg Moon, Waking Moon and Pink Moon to symbolizes renewed fertility of earth, this moon marks the start of our annual karmic cycle and thus connected with Chitra Gupta or the recordkeeper of our deeds, as well as Hanumana Jayanti as he symbolises positive action.

MAY-JUNE: Vaishakha Purnima/ Summer Moon – Symbolises abundance or fullness

Also called Flower Moon, Mulberry Moon and Milk Moon as it signifies abundance of the fertile earth and the festival of Beltane or light. It is also celebrated as Buddha Purnima as it is the day of enlightenment or full consciousness of Gautama Buddha.

JUNE-JULY: Jyestha Purnima/ Midsummer Moon – Symbolises fun and outdoor activity

Also called Rose Moon, Hot Moon or Strawberry Moon as it relates with the season of summer at its peak. It is celebrated as Jagannatha Purnima as outdoor processions in the name of deities are held as well as Vat Purnima or tree worship.

JULY-AUG: Ashadha Purnima/ Pre-harvest Moon – Symbolises patience and wisdom

Also called Thunder Moon, Berry Moon or Hay Moon as it brings ripening as well as thunder before rain or harvest it is celebrated as Guru Purnima to indicate wisdom and learning or the birthday of Vyasa who authored vedas.

AUGUST-SEP: Shravan Purnima/ Little Harvest Moon – Symbolises receptivity

Also called Cutters Moon, Grain Moon or Lightning Moon as it is time for harvest as well as rainfall in many regions of the northern hemisphere being the time for Lammas or Loaf-mass. It is celebrated as Narali Purnima and Raksha Bandhan for compassion and brother/ sisterhood.

SEPTEMBER-OCT: Bhadra Purnima/ Harvest Moon – Symbolises gratitude

Also called Corn Moon, Barley Moon or Harvest Moon it is the harvest season in full swing also called Mabon or Thanksgiving moon. It is celebrated as Dattatreya Jayanti and Madhu Purnima to celebrate giving or generosity.

OCTOBER-NOV: Ashwin Purnima/ Hallows Moon – Symbolises celebration

Also called Fall Moon, Dying Moon and Blood Moon it is the time for Samhain or Hallows tide when summer ends and the dark winter takes over. Ancestors are worshipped around this time of Ashwin. The full moon of this month is celebrated as Kojagiri Purnima when one prays for prosperity to prepare for the coming winter months.

NOVEMBER-DEC: Kartik Purnima/ Hunter’s Moon – Symbolises victory

Called Frost Moon, White Moon and Beaver’s Moon it heralds the time for cold to set in and animals to hibernate away. It is also celebrated as Kartik Purnima to indicate defeat of demons in the darker times ahead.

DECEMBER-JAN: Margshira Purnima/ Winter Moon – Symbolises charity

Also called Long Nights Moon, Bitter Moon and Cold Moon the season of winter is at its peak and nights are longest. This is also the Yule Moon or Evergreen Moon it is the time only evergreen trees have leaves. It is also celebrated as Battisi Purnima when charity is considered good to help each other in the dark season.

JANUARY-FEB: Pausha Purnima/ Hunger Moon – Symbolises survival

Also called Wolf Moon, Ice Moon and Indoor Moon it’s time to stay protected and safe in the dreary season while being celebrated as Shakambhari Purnima named after the goddess of food who is prayed to at this time of less supply.

FEBRUARY-MARCH: Magha Purnima/ Budding Moon – Symbolises hope

Also called Snow Moon, Dry Moon and Bony Moon it is the time when winter is reaching its end and the season of Imbolc or budding of new life again in the dry branches within the snow. It is also the time for Kumbh Mela or spiritual renewal and awakening.

NOTE: In the southern hemisphere the seasons are reversed therefore the diagonally opposite celebrations and observations are held, for example the summer moon would be in December and winter moon in May in the southern continents bringing a reversal in the seasonal festivities.


swatiprakashSwati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed

The East and West of Magick

This lifetime I chose to be born in the ancient land of Vedic wisdom, India…the place where timeless spiritual truths still live on in the form of tradition and culture. Yet, I was born with witchcraft (and Wicca too) in my soul. It was 1989 when I conducted my first ritual at ten years of age, feeling the powers rise within me, casting a circle, calling the quarters, raising energy of the elements and conjuring a spell. At the turn of the millennium after I was formally initiated into Wicca and remembered my past lives, I started conducting Wiccan rituals for large and small groups in Mumbai while teaching tarot and then I began Magick, a small store at 16th road, Bandra west, Mumbai in 2008 that still continues there now being used as a temple of Global Wicca.

.old magick


The best part about being a Wiccan in India was that India already is rich in ancient wisdom. Wicca found easy acceptance in the diverse cultural and religious medley of India because of the spiritual openness and pagan heritage of India. In-fact there are so many parallelisms between western pagan traditions and Indian paganism that India seemed to be the perfect place for me to have launched Global Wicca, a spiritual tradition that unites the western magickal concepts with eastern mysticism.

  • Talk about the five elements of nature and you find the ‘panch-tawwas’ of Vayu-air, Agni-fire, Apas-water, Prithvi-earth and Akasha-spirit are all honored in every ritual or yagya/ yajna since Vedic India.
  • Talk about the goddess and god equality and India will teach you how the Goddess is the all powerful Shakti or energy, the ultimate creator who is worshiped in her numerous forms through so many festivals and rites.
  • Talk about the Wiccan Rede, ‘An Ye Harm None Do As Ye Will’ and Indians would say yes to Ahimsa, a virtue of non-violence that was promoted not only by Gandhi but also by several traditions including but not limited to the Jain saints of India.
  • Talk about the Law of Three and you will learn of Karma, the law of cause and effect as your energy comes back your way not only in this lifetime but through rebirths to help you learn and grow through experience.
  • Talk about the multiplicity of deity and you will get no better place than India to see gods and goddesses of all shapes, genders and forms in each street.
  • Talk about spells and magick and you will learn about mantras (spoken spells), yantras (tools and talismans) and tantras (the craft and yogas) to weave the enchantment together), crafting intentions with focused energy – witchcraft in other words.
  • Talk about crystals, herbs and gems and you will learn all about their planets, chakras and various correspondences from ancient Indian spirituality. Some of the best crystals, stones, herbs and incenses are sourced from India the world over.
  • Talk about astrology, divination, healing and you will learn this in every street and corner of India where its been practiced in so many ways as a well established profession whether as ancient Vedic astrology or other intuitive arts.
  • Tarot cards with the five suits of Europe may have originated in Italy in 15th century but Indian spiritual cards have been around since the 7th century in the form of Dasavtara taash depicting the ten suits of Vishnus ten reincarnations.
  • Animals and trees have been regarded as divine too, with each deity connected with their own animal familiar and trees as well as herbs being worshiped for their magickal and healing powers in each corner of India.
  • Speak of the power of lunar cycles and you will find that each lunar day from Amavasya (new moon) and each day or tithi of the waxing moon to Purnima (full moon) has been celebrated and observed as special and magickal in its own way.
  • Talk about celebrating the major and minor Sabbats and cycles of earth – and you will learn how they correspond closely with the ‘rutus’ (seasons) in the Indian calendar and the annual celebrations that mark each season
    • Just like Imbolc celebrates the goddess Bridget the maiden who brings in warmth after winter, Vasant panchmi celebrates Saraswati, the maiden who brings the light of awareness as spring begins to dawn.
    • Vernal or spring celebrations of Holi, Gudi padwa, Ugadi correspond with the Ostara spring equinox celebrations where color returns to earth after winter
    • Just as Beltane is the start of summer, Vaishakh celebrates agriculture and fertility with the festivals Vishu, Bihu and Akshaya Tritiya celebrating the solar power.
    • Midsummer solstice and Litha celebrate the peak of summer and faery frolic the outdoor processions of Rath yatra celebrates the procession of celestial deities and Nag Panchami celebrates the reptilian underworld.
    • As Lughnasad is the first harvest or loaf-mass/ lammas, Shravan celebrates the monsoon and the harvest festivals of Green Teej and Krishna Janmashmi or the birth of the dark half of the year when the wheel turns towards autumn.
    • The autumn equinox and Mabon time are the harvest festivities much like Onam and Ganesh Chaturthi when grain and harvest are celebrated.
    • As the summer ends and winter draws closer, the last harvest of Samhain corresponds with the festivals of Navratri, Diwali and Kaali Puja that celebrate the great goddess energy in the dark new year.
    • Winter celebrations such as Yule and mid-winter solstice or Christmas see parallels in Lohri, Pongal and Makar Sankranti when the rebirth of the sun is celebrated.

So what is the difference between ancient Indian customs and that of the western Wiccan witches? If we observe the parallelisms we will find that we are more similar than different and that our differences are superficial while our similarities are deep rooted.

Core philosophical beliefs and nature based celebration rituals of harvest and cultivation deeply unite both western and eastern pagan practices. Myths and mythologies involving various culture specific deities came much later, initially the ancient natural forces were honored and propitiated through all rites, rituals and festivals all over earth.

All over earth our rites, rituals, customs all have evolved to reflect the cultural shades of our land.Our unique herbs, trees and folklore in each country has led to a unique magickal heritage of each country . Communities within each land have their own customs and traditions. Yet the base of all magickal traditions – both in the east and the west is One. It is nature that has shaped our magickal beliefs and traditions all over earth and the oldest spirituality in each part of the world is simply – nature.

The western propaganda against the word ‘witch’, ‘withcraft’ and ‘paganism’ had spread even to the east over the last few centuries. It is only in the west that ancient and timeless wisdom, natural celebrations, herbal and stone magick, meditation, goddess worship, paganism, idol worship and mantras/ spells were all connected with evil thanks to the fears spread to promote religious conversions from pagan to non-pagan beliefs. In the eastern world ancient magick is a living continuing tradition since thousands of years, having survived the conversion attempts of western religions. Yet we have seen instances of witch-hunting and prosecution of women and children ‘blamed’ or ‘accused’ of witchcraft even in Asia and Africa…even in the ancient magickal land of India, all thanks to the misunderstandings seeping in from all around.

What people of India and the rest of the world have to understand is that magick is an integral power in every being of nature including humans and that it is nothing to be feared of. Calling it superstitious, irrational or evil is akin to dishonoring our deep rooted magickal heritage and the spiritual work of our thousands of gurus since ancient times. No matter what the dictionaries, bibles and wikipedias of the world might say regarding witchcraft, Wicca and magick, let us remember that these are not to be seen with the tainted shades of religious discrimination.

If we focus on the ancient teaching from both the east and the west we will find ample guidance in favor of learning and practical magick and spirituality in everyday life. I may have been a western western witch in my past life but in this life being born Indian, I have learn to expand my consciousness greatly and to see paganism, witchcraft as well as Wicca in a new global light that unites the east and the west. There is no point arguing about whether eastern or western paganism is superior. We know that we are all one and what we all must strive towards is to let go of all our misunderstandings and accept the magick in everyone and everything.


Swati Prakash is the founder of Global Wicca and the author of The Global Wicca Revolution which is now amazon fulfilled all over India.

global wicca revolution cover front




Season’s Greetings!

imbolc lammas.jpg

Here’s wishing everyone all a blessed Imbolc in the northern hemisphere and Happy Lammas in the southern hemisphere.

Imbolc or Candlemas represents the quickening of earth and the early sowing of seeds in preparation for spring ahead, while Lammas or Lughnasad celebrates the harvest of the first grains.

May the seeds sown by our deeds grow to fruition and may we harvest our rewards joyfully when the time is ripe… Season’s Greetings!

Spiritual, Religious, Magickal, Witch, Pagan, Wiccan…. What’s the Difference

wiccan spirituality.jpg

In recent days there has been a trend of people stating they are ‘spiritual and not religious’, wrongly assuming that ‘spirituality’ and ‘religion’ are necessarily opposite terms.

It is also observed that the words ‘magick’ and ‘witchcraft’ are being commonly used to refer to what people call ‘occult practices’ with the word occult meaning obscure or hidden, even though these are in reality spiritual practices and are no longer secretive in today’s world.

It is also quite often that I have heard people speak of Wicca and witchcraft interchangeably while the fact is that there is a difference between the two.

To add to the confusion, in the western world the word ‘paganism’ is often used by many people, especially witches, as their religion, while in truth paganism is a broad group of several spiritual traditions or religions and not any one specific religion.

This is a detailed article explaining my views on each of these things.

Let me begin with the word ‘spirituality’. This is a word we all use commonly but few know how to actually define.

Spirituality is the belief that subtle energy called ‘spirit’ is found in the world governing everything and everyone. If you are a ‘spiritual’ person, this means that you believe there is an unseen ‘force’ or energy that underlies all physical or material things and beings in the universe.

Atheists would be people who do not believe in spirituality or any spiritual power. Most atheists are materialists who believe only in the visible or physical world as a mechanical construct with no spirit or invisible energy in it. They regard themselves as ‘rationalists’ and according to them believing in spiritual energy is superstition or unscientific belief. According to them science is strictly limited to what is observable only through the limited five senses of human beings.

Religion on the other hand is groups of people believing in some sort of divine power or spiritual power (theism), some call it The God (monotheism), some believe in many gods and goddesses (polytheism) and therefore you can say that religion is a term used for many diverse spiritual beliefs. Any spiritual belief can be termed as religion if there are many people who share that belief.

Those people who are put-off by the word ‘religion’ after seeing examples of fundamentalism and religious politics, and therefore jump to the conclusion that spirituality is something ‘better’ than religion must remember one thing…. Religion is not a term that is exclusively used for conversion based faiths, for narrow minded beliefs, for rigid rites and rituals, or for divisive beliefs that ask you to belong to either one faith or the other but not both. There are many religions in the world that are open-minded, spiritually liberating and flexible, and you can believe and choose one or many religious faiths or beliefs accordingly. So when you use the word religion kindly do not restrict your imagination to just Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and other popular faiths. Just about any spiritual beliefs that gain popularity can become religion and these can be countless and variable. As masses awaken to the spiritual truth, even spirituality becomes more or less a religion.

Magick is a term that simply means spiritual power. To be spiritual is therefore to believe that there is magick in everything. While spirituality is the belief in magick, magick is the power which spirituality is based on. The letter ‘k’ distinguishes the word ‘magick’ from the word ‘magic’ which is sometimes used to refer to staged tricks or illusions. Magick is most often used to refer to the conscious application of magickal power such as spells. However magickal power is constantly flowing all around us, unknown or known to us.

And before you say – ‘I don’t believe in all these things’….let me remind you that almost everyone in the world, including anyone who is an ‘atheist’, not only believes in but also practices magick. And that too almost every single day! When we wish each other ‘good-morning’, ‘good-luck’ or ‘bless you’ for example….when you cut your birthday cake…or when you ‘‘touch wood’. Rings a bell?

If you make a wish, pray for something, believe that you can make something happen with the power of your mind or through a mysterious force… then you are indulging in an act of magick. All spiritual beliefs and religions are therefore based on magick, not just witchcraft, paganism or Wicca (described below).

Witchcraft is a practice based on applying spiritual energy or in other words magickal power with wisdom. The words ‘wit’ referring to mind-power and the word ‘wiz’ referring to wisdom are linked with the words witch and wizard respectively (practitioners of the ‘craft’). Therefore witchcraft means ‘crafting your life with wisdom’. You can also call this ‘spiritual healing’ as it is a positive application of spiritual power or magick. Today most witches or wizards use the word ‘spiritual healer’ instead, because the word witchcraft has been tarnished due to centuries of negative prejudice spread throughout the world. Remove the false stigma and you will find the true meaning of witchcraft. Today many healers are proud to say that they are witches.

Witchcraft is a multicultural or global practice. Wise men and women of pagan or native cultures all over the ancient world were witches, also called shamans, medicine men or women, or spiritual healers in various languages.

Paganism is a word for ancient spirituality and is used to refer to several ancient or native spiritual beliefs and practices such as natural folk-medicine or belief in divinity of nature, or the elements of nature in various cultures all over the world. These include ancient religions such as the Native Chinese, Native African, Native American, Aboriginal, ancient Hindu or Vedic faith, Celtic Druidry, Nordic Asatru or Heathenry, Egyptian Kemitism and so on.

These pagan belief systems developed naturally in each area of earth, and are NOT usually based on conversion, or on following any central organisation or personality or adherence to the words of any specific book.

There are some continuing pagan traditions such as the Vedic or Hindu faith of India which is deeply spiritual as well as religious and have been there for thousands of years from before the dawn of conversion based religions. Many of these ancient beliefs, especially in the western world, have been replaced by conversion based religions that came much later – religions such as Christianity or Islam for instance.

As an increasing number of people today are ‘reverting’ to the old or ancient spiritual beliefs, especially global paganism based on nature worship and pan-theism (belief in divinity in everything) today most of the pagan faiths are being reborn or reconstructed as neo-paganism.

Wicca is one such new spirituality that unites its believers under a common guideline called the Wiccan Rede that states, ‘An Ye Harm None Do As Ye Will’. In simple terms this means ‘exercising our will power as long as it harms none’. Wicca is not another name for general occult practices or a wide range of ritualistic or pagan ceremonies. It is an ethically conscious spiritual belief system that guides us to be kind to nature and ourselves.

The difference between Wicca and witchcraft is that while witchcraft is a practice, Wicca is a belief system centred on the Wiccan Rede. Many witches choose to believe in Wicca as a faith to integrate their practices into, yet not all witches call themselves Wiccan.

Just like other religions that have elaborate rituals and ceremonies such as wedding rites, funerals and worship, Wicca too has plenty of rituals. The difference is that Wiccans believe that the deity or higher power being invoked is not an outer God that rules over nature, but nature or the universe itself in its many forms and can be referred to by any name of any god or goddess of the globe. Wicca therefore appeals to the modern spiritualist who prefers to be open-minded and nature loving in their practices.

There is no central governing body or authority figure in Wicca as it is modelled around paganism. Similarly there is no conversion to become Wiccan – you can simply choose your faith through inner belief. Some Wiccans also study and get initiated to be professional witches or healers by learning through a specific Wiccan tradition or teacher. Initiation as a witch or priest/ess in Wicca is not mandatory or a pre-requisite of being Wiccan, but is all about learning spiritual skills and gaining mastery. It is often done ceremonially, just like being initiated into the spiritual healing system or priesthood of any other pagan or native belief.

Wicca is primarily scientific as well as spiritual in its worship as Wiccans believe in celebrating our earth’s seasonal changes and cycles through rituals. Wiccans believe in an inner natural guidance or intuition taking nature as the teacher, instead of following any one personality or pre-set beliefs. In short Wicca is a spirituality that believes in being harmless, loving earth and celebrating the divine in all of nature while keeping an open mind. It unites us all as children of nature…. beings of one earth.

For more detailed information read The Global Wicca Revolution available internationally in paperback as well as kindle edition through amazon.

Swati Prakash

@witchyswati on Twitter and


There is Winter!

In every ending, there is new beginning

Each moment renews every thing, every being

In life there is death and in death there is life,

For here comes old winter of red, green and white

Young springtime and summer could never be whole

All colours exist in this rainbow of soul

All darkness is light made of hidden vibration

The secret of joy is our own inspiration

For nothing exists that is not from within

The song of creation is our own to sing

Sadness or gladness are only our choice

The voice of divine is our own inner voice

As under the mistletoe’s poisonous fruit

Sweet kisses are stolen without a dispute

There is something quite good in each thing if we see

Let hope spring eternal like evergreen trees

May our hearts never shrink in the season of cold

May every soul find inner treasures of gold

In deep snow and ice there is warmth, love and cheer

To give and receive every year after year

Life is a gift made of endless delight

When darkness discovers the blessing of light


Swati Prakash