Everything Is Magick

Not many people know that I handled my late father's communications agency for six years starting in 2002 when I was 22 years of age as the MD and dealing directly with top corporate heads far older and experienced, training and leading employees older than me .... even teaching as guest faculty at a management institute. … Continue reading Everything Is Magick


Midsummer Night’s Dream

When the sun is so high and the moon is so full When you feel the strong veil of a mystery's pull Dance to the rhythm and sing to the tune This midsummer night's dream is about to end soon For ages and aeons you wandered aside Searching for signs in the dark of midnight … Continue reading Midsummer Night’s Dream

Full Moon Names and Significances for Each Month

Astrology is not a tool to make fixed prediction but a tool with which we understand the messages from the higher self through the language of symbols called Divination. The Moon in astrology signifies the play of light and dark as it waxes (Shukla Paksha) and wanes (Krishna Paksha) in its approximately 29.5 day period from … Continue reading Full Moon Names and Significances for Each Month

The East and West of Magick

This lifetime I chose to be born in the ancient land of Vedic wisdom, India...the place where timeless spiritual truths still live on in the form of tradition and culture. Yet, I was born with witchcraft (and Wicca too) in my soul. It was 1989 when I conducted my first ritual at ten years of age, … Continue reading The East and West of Magick

Season’s Greetings!

Here's wishing everyone all a blessed Imbolc in the northern hemisphere and Happy Lammas in the southern hemisphere. Imbolc or Candlemas represents the quickening of earth and the early sowing of seeds in preparation for spring ahead, while Lammas or Lughnasad celebrates the harvest of the first grains. May the seeds sown by our deeds … Continue reading Season’s Greetings!

Spiritual, Religious, Magickal, Witch, Pagan, Wiccan…. What’s the Difference

In recent days there has been a trend of people stating they are ‘spiritual and not religious’, wrongly assuming that ‘spirituality’ and ‘religion’ are necessarily opposite terms. It is also observed that the words ‘magick’ and ‘witchcraft’ are being commonly used to refer to what people call ‘occult practices’ with the word occult meaning obscure or … Continue reading Spiritual, Religious, Magickal, Witch, Pagan, Wiccan…. What’s the Difference

There is Winter!

In every ending, there is new beginning Each moment renews every thing, every being In life there is death and in death there is life, For here comes old winter of red, green and white Young springtime and summer could never be whole All colours exist in this rainbow of soul All darkness is light made … Continue reading There is Winter!