The Nine Forms of The Formless One

It is the season of the Goddess – the Goddess that creates all seasons. The Goddess who is energy or Shakti – the force that is everywhere and in everything. The Navratris or nine nights of the Goddess are celebrated to remember the various forms of our energy which is primordially formless, yet takes infinite forms to create all there is. The nine forms sequentially represent three of the maiden forms, three of the mother and three of crone aspects of the Goddess.


THE FIRST FORCE: Adi-Shakti is the name given to the formless one who is the source of all there is. She is unconscious and conscious at the same time. He consciousness is Shiva, the God who is also a way of understanding her. It is said that Shiva being consciousness created the world out of Shakti who of course is his true and formless self. This Shakti first presented herself in the form of his left side of the body, similar or the story of Adam and Eve where Eve emerges from his left rib. The left side represents the feminine or Ida naadi that is our lunar or intuitive self.  This is worshiped on the first night as Siddhidatri or the giver of Siddhis (psychic powers) and the force that creates all of the universe.


THE FIRST CREATION: The second night of the Goddess honors the second form of the Goddess called Kushmananda. Kush refers to particle or manifest reality and Ananda refers to joy or bliss of being. Through the energy of the formless, the form and shape of the universe is created starting for this infinitely tiny ‘God particle’ of infinite bliss which is in-fact a form of the Goddess incarnated. The manifest universe is a vibration of love and is created out simply for the joy of creation. All reality is light which appears at matter to our senses, energy condensed into formation.


THE FIRST INTELLIGENCE: On the third night we remember and reconnect with Brahmacharini whose name means Virgin or the wise teacher (acharya) or the universal self (Brahma). She is the virgin teacher similar to Saraswati and mother Mary. Asexual reproduction is the primordial source of multiplicity of the forms of early life. It is nature that is self-propagating and infinitely multiplies of its own accord through its own pure cosmic intelligence unfolding through itself in every fractal form that we see all around us, progressing through the Fibonacci golden spiral forms.


THE NOURISHING FORCE: The fourth night of the Goddess sees her in the form of Shailputri, the daughter of the mountains. In this form she gains power and matures into her feminine ‘mother’ form of earth. As an earth goddess she creates all of manifest nature, the elements of nature – water, fire, air and earth that flow out of her sacred womb. She is the spirit of nature much like Laxmi, who creates abundance and generates life out of life in the form of our abundant earth. The rivers flow out of mountains and create life on earth. In this way her ‘mother’ or fertile aspect becomes more pronounced.


THE BALANCING FORCE: The fifth night celebrates the Goddess as Mahagauri or the great bright goddess. She is visibly beautiful and kind in every way. Her soft or light aspect is her ability to care, give and nourish all life unconditionally. She is the ‘fair’ or compassionate one who ensures that all is in balance through the laws of Karma. There is learning and growth for all beings from life after life through her blessings as all spirits learn valuable lessons of love and light.  She keeps the universe in perfect and divine order.


THE EXPANSIVE FORCE: The sixth night is sacred to Chandraghanta or the bell of the moon. In this form the Goddess is the mother who is adorned with the moon at her wedding as she unites with Shiva in her manifest form. This union is part of the cosmic dance of the solar and lunar tides of earth. Astronauts who have landed on the moon have mentioned that they could hear the moon ringing like a bell. The cosmic sounds or music of the spheres is part of the expanding universe that is infinite like the womb of the mother Goddess that is constantly creating through vibration of her energy.


THE WARRIOR: The seventh night is dedicated Skandamata, one of the more mature forms of the Goddess now transforming into the crone as the mother of Skanda (Kartikeya or the God of war). Skanda means division. The forces of multiplicity, challenge, strife, division, struggle and victory are necessary parts of human evolution and growth. In this way the crone helps us gain more awareness about righteousness and justice so that we may learn to be more positive and peaceful eventually through our own experiences of our divided forms.


THE LIBERATOR: The eighth night brings to our awareness the form of the Goddess known as Katyayini or the one that cuts. She is a warrior goddess linked with destruction of negativity. She presents herself when evil gains power, in order to transform it into love once again. When we were divided by war we were hurt and caused each other pain just to protect our egos. The Goddess cuts off the cords that bind us to ego and frees us from ignorance. The demon Mahishasura represents this evil of ignorance which is slayed off by the great crone eventually to enlighten us to our inner oneness.


THE END OF TIME: The ninth night is to unite with the great crone in the form of Kalaratri or the great dark night that represents ending of the cycle of time. She sheds her outer visible skin to reveal her invisible inner form. In this she destroys the demons called Shumbha (ego glorification – me) and Nishumbha  (negativity glorification or attachment to possessions – mine). No longer can we justify our personal attachments to our own self-created negative patterns. Our limited personal ego bows down to our supreme cosmic soul within and accepts defeat.


The tenth night that follows is Dussera – a celebration of this cosmic story in which the Goddess has defeated the demons of ignorance and brought us into the divine light of self-awareness.



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Triple Your Success with Blue Moon, Red Mars and Mercury Direct

This is an exciting weekend for three heavenly reasons:

  1. We have an extra full moon for this astronomical season called the Seasonal Blue moon on 21st May (different from the other more popular kind of blue moons when two full moons are observed in the same calendrical month). The blue moons are not usually blue in colour, they only represent rarity connected to the phrase ‘once in a blue moon’.
  2. The moon is near an unusually red Mars (as it is in full opposition to Sun) as well as near to Saturn both being retrograde in the same sign of Scorpio along with the full moon on 21 May.
  3. Finally on 22nd May we have Mercury going direct after its notorious retrograde phase. This is sure to beat away all those ‘Blues’. blue moon

So what does this mean to most of us:

  • Stay Calm and Meditate: The seasonal Blue moon being a rare occurrence (once in approximately three years) indicates a rare opportunity to meditate and create more peace within. As we know full moons or Poornimas are always believed to be auspicious and this one is also Buddha Purnima connected with Gautama Buddha’s enlightenment. Full moons represent the fullness of our emotions and intuition. This full seasonal blue moon occurs in the sign of Scorpio (we follow sidereal or Vedic astrology which gives a much more accurate picture in line with astronomical positions). Moon in stinging Scorpio is debilitated and it brings a range of emotions that can hurt sometimes especially in relationships. However you are always in-charge of your inner state. The more you meditate the better you will be able to cope with the high energy of this rare seasonal Blue moon. Try to expect less from others and be more self content by spending time with yourself and nourishing your own needs. Make strong intentions for your well being and betterment.amazing-736884_960_720.jpg
  • Take the Right Action: A retrograde Mars in Scorpio receives full energy from its great friend the Sun to be really bright red and this heralds strong initiatives, being more assertive, more confident, independent and determined even when past energies seem blocking. Mars is also with its friend Saturn and Moon in the same house indicating that decisions will be based on what is right and fair, especially based on past experience.  Try not to display anger especially with the way things have been in the past. Being grounded in the present moment and taking the right action are the key to your success.growth-453479_960_720
  • Focus Better: Mercury coming out of its retrograde phase and going on a straight course brings you more opportunities to plan for journeys. You can also take this opportunity to reach out to more friends around and communicate. Mercury direct also helps you focus better on your finances and making clear choices. Misunderstanding will be cleared up. Your own mental state will be much sharper.crosshair-252871_960_720.jpg

Stay Positive!


Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on www.amazon.com/author/swatiprakash


At The Altar of Truth: Tackling the Problem of ‘Witch’-hunting in India

Every once in a while we hear about the terrible ‘witch’-hunts happening in rural areas of India, especially the north-eastern parts.

The media also regularly reports of ‘witch’-hunting in Africa with countless women and kids being regularly killed or tortured because they were believed to be possessed by evil and to cause harm to the community. The lives of numerous little innocent kids has been threatened due to these terrible misconceptions. The real reason for many of these ‘witch’-hunts is primarily the wrong notions spread through Christian pastors in these countries regarding the word ‘witch’.

It is necessary to note the the word Witch stems from the word WIT or wisdom. It refers to a person who can advise or help others with day to day problems using practical wisdom, whether by prescribing herbs, stones or spells to bring peace, health and prosperity.It has nothing to do with evil in the literal sense.

Innocent women wrongly called ‘witches’ have been accused of causing plagues, catastrophes and all manners of evil in the western world too with history as witness. It is a well known fact that the Christian Bible has been laced with ideas regarding killing witches, strongly confusing the word ‘witch’ with harmful sorcery or negative magic. Witch – the once respected icon of feminine wisdom was reduced to an image of ridicule and condemnation burnt at stake for just being.


Yes, that’s what it really boils down to – confusion, misunderstanding and wrong usage of a word, fueled by the wrong notion that something outside needs to be blamed for everything wrong in our life. ‘The Devil’ must have been a very convenient image used to project all the evil in the world onto. In the western world the word ‘Witch’ has been wrongly connected with evil and this fictitious ‘Devil’ for far too long.

In India the practice of branding women as ‘witches’ is more of a problem of erroneous translation by English media. There is no word such as ‘witch’ in India. What the media is trying to report is the practice of women being branded as ‘daayans’ (women possessed by so called evil spirits or ‘chudaails’). These ‘chudails’ and ‘dayans’ are not really anything compared to modern witches in any case. One such shocking superstitious idea regarding ‘witch’ being an evil spirit called ‘chetkin’ has been wrongly propagated by a so-called ‘spiritual science foundation’ in India. They could not be further from the truth about what the word ‘Witch’ actually means. Erroneous notions spread through centuries have thankfully been shunned and exposed in many parts of the developed world today where Witchcraft is making a comeback in a big way in a much more positive light.


In the west modern witches light incense, candles, pray for prosperity, love or health, smudge their house with aromas and sage, believe in the Goddess just like they believe in God, keep idols of gods and goddesses on their home altars, wear crystals and gemstones for healing, make a wish in their mind as they look at the moon and stars, add healing herbs to food for curing common ailments…. That’s what they call witchcraft today. By those parameters ALL Hindus will be witches automatically. In India there is hardly a household where people do not do all of these things daily. So much for ‘witch’-hunting in India!


Those poor women and kids in India and Africa being accused of ‘witchcraft’ probably don’t even know what the word ‘witch’ actually means in its true and literal sense.

While it is important to stop ‘witch’-hunts across the world through legal means and social activism, it is most important to end the misconception and wrong usage of the word ‘witch’ to mean anything evil. The focus should be on creating awareness about the real meaning of the word ‘witch’ and witchcraft as merely a spiritual practice similar to any meditative or religious rite or ritual. No matter what your spiritual beliefs or practices, everyone indulges in making a prayer or a wish, a blessing or a intention from time to time. Everyone does magic everyday. There is nothing evil or sinister about it.

witchcraft today.jpg

The most important thing that people (including those who practice modern witchcraft) need to understand is that EVERYONE in this universe has their own magical power. We ALL have the power to craft our life. There is not a single person in this world who is not really a witch deep within. Being a witch is neither something special or super-natural. Magic is our own natural power present in every being of nature.

The second thing that everyone (including those who practice modern witchcraft) need to understand is that NO-ONE can truly harm or hurt anyone using any evil power or curse or a negative magic spell. Each person in the world creates their own life, their own destiny. We attract and manifest whatever we think of, resonate with or believe in at a deep level. Those who believe that evil has caused them harm are simply those who have strongly and subconsciously programmed themselves to believe that evil causes them harm. That’s the real reason they ever get harmed. The only person who has any power over your life is YOU – that is the truth, no matter how much you believe in the power of evil magic (erroneously called black magic sometimes). Believe in yourself, in the power of your own inner self – that is the real God or Goddess within you!

Let us Awaken NOW! Let us end all these superstitions and inspire the world to be more positive and spiritually enlightened. So Mote it Be!


Swati Prakash is the author of Yes, You Are A Witch, The Goddess Speaks and The Global Wicca Revolution.



Tarot Message for this Week

Wildwood Tarot The Forest LoversThe Lovers Card from the Wildwood Tarot

This week the northern hemisphere of earth celebrates Beltane, a nature festival of the start of summer. The fires of love are now burning and increasing the passion and desire in us. The Lovers card from The Wildwood Tarot above helps us integrate the Yin and Yang within us. We all contain a masculine side, and we all contain a feminine side as well. Sometimes we reject one of these and then face a blockage either in our worldly success or spiritual growth. Both are important. While the feminine or lunar side of us helps us in quiet introspection and inner awakening, the masculine or solar side helps us achieve and attain our goals in the physical world. The Lovers card is all about overcoming the tension or blockages that we face while trying to keep these two energies separate. Let them merge and unite. The God and Goddess within us long to melt and merge in their divine embrace. Let our physical and spiritual life both be enriched beautifully as a result of this sacred union.



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What Are You Manifesting This Week?

Did you know that you create each and every aspect of your life, all by yourself! Your tarot cards only indicate the direction in which you are steering your own life. And with the help of the cards I want you to now be able to manifest only your very best. This is why I would only give you empowering messages by showing you how you can use the message of the card in the right way.

Four cards were drawn at random for your reading today to help you in having a successful and happy week ahead.

FIRST choose any one of the cards below and read the interpretations AFTERWARDS




Choose one of them, either A, B, C or D

Follow your intuition or inner voice to select ONE card

You can also close your eyes and see what comes to you, either A, B, C or D…

Take your time…..


Whatever you feel drawn to at first instinct is relevant to you

Do not second guess yourself…you were right the first time!






scroll down for your message….





Now, I am turning your cards over so that you can see what you got




Here we go:

A8 wands

The Eight of Wands in reverse from the Gilded Tarot is a sign that you have been going too fast and trying to handle too many things all at once. Try to slow down this week and feel the energy of the retrograding planets calming your down and helping you be more patient. There is  a need to pay more attention to things that require more attention instead of running from one thing to another all the time. The more you focus on your most important activities the more you will enhance the quality of work. Similarly at home you might need to stop and give some more love and affection to yourself, your loved ones and to your personal life instead of hurrying about your daily chores. This may not be the best time to take up new projects but a great time to be more aware of your most important inner goals. Remember that we must not confuse mere activity with real progress, and you are now about to achieve more and more progress in those things that matter by simply cutting down on what does not matter at the moment!




The Cat People Tarot shows the 9 of Cups as a bubbling, exciting and joyful time. You are about to do incredibly well in so many ways that there will be a need to raise a toast to yourself. Do not let your own positive energy go unnoticed especially by yourself. You deserve applause and encouragement right now and there is no need to wait for someone to give these to you. Waste no time in any worry or care right now. You are better off simply being totally satisfied in each and every way. Feel really thankful to your own inner self, for everything is totally self-created and you know there is nothing but yourself to be thankful to. More and more blessings will be coming into your life just by this exercise of gratitude and gladness. Your higher self is always at your service, let it bring you more of what is good for you. Enjoy!

C6 wands

The Six of Wands from the Golden Tarot has appeared in front of you right now, bringing you sheer success. Its time to shine and lead in your victory march. You must have worked hard or really smart for you are now coming to this point. People do look at you with great admiration and see you as a source of strength and guidance. You are a leader who is paving the path ahead for others to follow. Everything you do can potentially inspire many others right now so do be careful as you are in the limelight. As all eyes are upon you there is no need to be frightened or shy. Strut your stuff with confidence. Take this opportunity to be kind and appreciative of others to do what leaders do. Build others up and bring out the very best in everyone you meet. More laurels will follow, stay positive!


The Temperance is a major card and this one from the Renaissance Tarot is a beautiful representation of your inner spiritual power. Your healing skills are about to become more and more powerful. You shall feel tremendous peace and positive energy will flow through you. Your inner yin and yang forces are harmonizing to keep your conscious and subconscious mind in balance. Your chakras will function optimally and return to balance as a result. An increase in inner well-being as well as better physical health are on the cards. You will be feeling much more spiritual than before and taking time to perform holistic and complimentary healing. All aspects of your life shall improve as a result. Continue to meditate!


Hope you enjoyed this week’s reading. More next week…..Stay tuned towww.thepositivemedia.com

Blessed Be



Swati Prakash can be reached on www.swatiprakash.com

retro april2016

Retrograde Alert: Past Life Healing with Mars, Pluto and Mercury


Planetary Retrogrades have been much feared in the past due to lack of awareness. The truth is that only we are in-charge of our life and the way it manifests. Retrograde motions of planets just like everything else in astrology is just a guidance for our own healing to be undertaken by us at our own will. Retrogrades are specially useful times for undertaking past issue healing including past life therapy. By focusing our attention on the unresolved issues of the past and sending positive energy to ourselves we are able to free ourselves of repeating patterns and stubborn blocks that have continued from the past till now. The present moment is our great liberator and the healing we undertake now will have quantum effects on the timeline through which our life is flowing.

This month three planets are about to go retrograde – Mars on 17th April in Scorpio, Pluto on 18th April in Sagittarius and Mercury on 28 April in Aries. Note that western astrology is likely to give you different zodiacs because their calculations being not based on sidereal astrology are quite off the mark so its best to not be confused with those interpretations and follow the more accurate sidereal system of Vedic astrology.

Here is what the retrogrades this month are pointing us to heal.

MARS: Going retrograde on 17 April in Scorpio, Mars indicates a need to go deeper into our psyche and resolve the anger we carried within us for so long. If any past anger is being released in the coming two months its possible to heal the same from the source. Our past experiences have the key to our past conditioning and our old patterns of thinking and feeling require transformation right now if we wish to get rid of past conditioning. Check which house is Scorpio in your Vedic birth chart and apply this healing to that area of your life which that house represents. Also check the houses ruled by Aquarius, Taurus and Gemini as Mars would aspect them now thereby impacting the energy of those areas of your life as well. All our future is created by our mental patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving which need no longer be tied up to our past conditioning. Forgiveness is one of the biggest healers when it comes to Mars retrograde. Scorpio is the sign where Mars goes retrograde now and its a zodiac that just like the scorpion can be stingy and revengeful. Going by that logic healing past hurts and forgiving yourself or others can seem like quite a task with Mars so strong in Scorpio all the way till 17 June when goes retrograde in Libra for a short while till 29 June. But if you can break this jinx with the power of your will, amazing good fortune awaits. Therefore, keep trying. The keyword is PEACE. Affirm ‘I am now at peace with my past. All is forgiven.’peace-1183282_960_720.png

PLUTO: Going retrograde on 18 April close on the heels of Mars this is a planet of great transformation affecting much of the world at one go. Its retrograde motion in Sagittarius brings back hidden messages and occult insights from the past. Our history and its mystery will be much more fascinating than ever. Visits to museums and places of historic interest could lead to buried treasure in the form of wisdom and knowledge that expands our awareness. Check which house is represented by Sagittarius in your Vedic birth-chart and the house opposite it ruled by Gemini, to know exactly what areas of your life are impacted by this move from now till 26 September and enjoy this transformational self-discovery being facilitated now by the celestial self. The key word is REDISCOVER. Affirm, ‘I now expand my consciousness to rediscover my inner mysteries’ rediscover.jpg

MERCURY: The most over-hyped retrograde among all planetary retrogrades, Mercury retrograde occurs ever so frequently and with Mercury being the planet associated with short journeys, day to day communication, and money fluctuations, its retrograde can be somewhat irritating to some of us at a mundane level. Mercury  retrograde is occurring in Aries this 28th of April, a headstrong sign that like its animal symbol of ram, does not always prefer being held back. Once again the areas of your life to be impacted by this retrograde motion will be represented by the house ruled by Aries and its opposing house of Libra. This could be a battle between your will to go forward, and your inner guidance to be patient. But try to remember that Mercury is also a planet connected with our mind and our mind is our tool. We are its master. Meditation and being connected with our soul gives us power over our mind and all our thoughts thereby manifesting our life as per our own conscious choices in each moment. So until 22 May when Mercury goes direct again, try not to be flustered, and simply meditate a little more everyday to be in a mindful state of higher awareness. The keyword is PATIENCE. Affirm, ‘I am patient with myself as I heal my past, present and future, deeply and completely.’


Hope you make the most of this retrograde period through self-reflection and inner work. Blessed Be!


swatiprakash tinySwati Prakash is a spiritual author. More on www.swatiprakash.com

2016 New Year card or background with monkey.
Happy New Year. Merry Christmas.
Year of the monkey!

Chinese New Year of the Red Monkey: I-Ching Oracle for each Chinese Zodiac

We all know that the Chinese New Year has just begun. The year of the red fiery monkey is a promising year for fun, adventure and business for most of us.

This year I decided to do something different and take a I-Ching reading for all of you for this year of the red monkey.


The I-Ching (Yi-Jing) is an ancient Chinese oracle based on Yin and Yang lines that combine to make eight trigrams based on nature – namely Earth, Heaven, Mountain, Thunder, Lake, Water, Wind, and Flame.

iching trigrams

These paired in various permutations and combinations make 64 hexagrams to denote various possibilities of life. Here are your I-Ching predictions for the year with a positive advise for each Chinese Zodiac sign on how to handle the energy of the year.

First find your Chinese zodiac sign based on the following wheel, then read your i-Ching oracle below it.

chinese zodiac wheel

The Monkey Year for Monkeys: Hexagram 31 Lake over Mountain31Keyword: Influence

This is your year of course and you are likely to attract people and things similar to yourself this year. The monkey power amplified gives a lot of restless and dynamic energy as well. Your hexagram number 31 is Lake over Mountain representing the power of ‘influence’. You have a lot of power this year and are meant to put it to good use. Your thoughts and emotions will be amplified and returned your way. If you are positive there will be plenty of success this year.

The Monkey Year for Roosters: Hexagram 37 Wind over Flame 37Keyword: Family

Monkey and rooster can be an odd combination but interesting as well. This year your hexagram 37 or Wind over Flame represents ‘family’ and reminds you to stick close to those who care for you. Bask in the support of loved ones and give them your unconditional love too. Despite ups and downs, you will be able to fulfill most of your goals and will do exceedingly well in most areas of your life by learning and staying humble.

The Monkey Year for Dogs: Hexagram 33 Heaven over Mountain33 Keyword: Retreat

The enthusiasm of the monkey year can be far too much to bear for the dog sign and therefore the hexagram 33 of heaven over mountain that stands for ‘retreat’ is perfect for you this year. Take time to slow down every once in a while. Plan a break or a vacation soon. Give yourself time to ruminate over important decisions. Be patient and you will be in balance this year. You will learn how to enjoy your own company and withdraw into the sacred sanctuary of yourself.

The Monkey Year for Pigs: Hexagram 27 Mountain over Thunder27 Keyword: Providing

Self indulgence can be the buzzword for most pigs this year and the hexagram 27 of mountain over thunder rightly guides you to nourish,protect and provide not only for yourself but also for others. You will find that when your capacity to give increases then the amount of blessings that come your way increases too. Take the time out for some kindness, charity and hospitality whether for someone known or unknown to you. Of course this begins at home…but don’t let it end there.

The Monkey Year for Rats: Hexagram 10 Heaven over Lake 10 Keyword: Treading

The clever rats usually love the crazy energy of the monkey year and this year the hexagram 10 for heaven over lake stands for ‘treading’ asks you to take good care and leaping only after you look. You will reach for the stars this year and you should, yet it will be better to look through the telescope and aim for the right one first. Good planning and strategy will be useful in ensuring great success in all endeavors in what could be a fabulous year.

The Monkey Year for the Ox: Hexagram 30 Flame over Flame 30Keyword: Control

The sturdy ox can be sometimes find the energy of the monkey year to be quite unexpected and the hexagram 30 of flame over flame advises ‘clinging’ or holding on. You will do well to remain in control of your own life instead of getting unsettled in all the commotion. Stay grounded and stick to whatever your intuition feels comfortable with. Be open to change but let it be guided by the kind of wisdom you can trust.

The Monkey Year for Tigers: Hexagram 12 Heaven over Earth 12 Keyword: Stillness

As expected tigers would never cease to grab the opportunity any new year brings, yet when it comes to a monkey year even they can be outwitted at times. The hexagram 12 of heaven over earth advises ‘stillness’. If something is not coming your way too soon its best to be patient and hold on. Meditation will make the blocks disappear sooner or later, and bring you success in the long run. Remember that all you seek is ultimately within you.

The Monkey Year for Rabbits: Hexagram 45 Lake over Earth45 Keyword: Deliverance

Playful rabbits will seek new opportunities this monkey year but at the same time be more sensitive to this years fiery energies. The hexagram 45 of lake over earth promises ‘deliverance’ or a removal of obstacles making life smoother as the year goes by. This year cultivate calmness to bring in balance and be kind to yourself. Stay close to positive people and be in a positive inner state yourself to ensure you will not attract negativity.

The Monkey Year for Dragons: Hexagram 22 Mountain over Flame22 Keyword: Grace

The fiery dragons are expected to be up for the fiesta that the red monkey brings this year. The hexagram 22 of mountain over flame wisely advises ‘grace’ or the art of balance. Your inner light is strong yet you are better off being subtle than overt. This oracle says that power is greater than force. You can have much more success through your subtle inner flame that with the raging anger of outer fire.

The Monkey Year for Snakes: Hexagram 55 Thunder over Flame 55Keyword: Abundance

Sly and alert snakes will be able to navigate the strong forces of the year with their keen mental agility. The hexagram 55 or Thunder over Flame suggests that this year has a lot of potential and high energy for you translating into ‘abundance’. This could be an intense year and you can transform it to a windfall by your intellect and careful thinking. Focus on what truly matters to you and it will amplify in wonderful ways.

The Monkey Year for Horse: Hexagram 20 Wind over Earth 20Keyword: Contemplation

Sturdy and strong horses will meet the challenges the monkey year brings now with sensibility as suggested by the hexagram 20 of wind over earth. The message of ‘contemplation’ suggests that you think about your next move well in advance and take the right steps this year to handle every twist and turn gracefully. Things can be unpredictable and you can do well with being level headed and mindful to make the most of this amazing year.

The Monkey Year for Sheep: Hexagram 59 Wind over Water 59Keyword: Dispersion

Sheep love being close to earth yet this year can bring just the right burst of energy to stir you and move you in a new direction. The hexagram 59 of wind over water indicates ‘dispersion’ which means that its time for the ships to sail if they have been standing anchored for too long. Yet it is good for you to not be overwhelmed and to prioritize your time instead of going in each and every direction looking for what you seek.

Wish you a lucky and successful year ahead!


swatiprakash small (1)

Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and guide. You can read more on http://www.swatiprakash.com