Who We Are!

A lot of us go through a lot of things in life...a spectrum of several experiences is a single person. A spectrum of several lifetimes of experiences is a soul. And we have so many forms both human and beyond human that we are taking constantly and experiencing since time immemorial. We are all here … Continue reading Who We Are!


Release your Karmic Burdens to Live Free and Light!

Do not ignore your Karmic baggage - deep seated guilt, pain, suffering regarding financial, emotional, physical wounds, debts and sorrows. Heal them and learn to live in awareness and balance from NOW on!

Nature = Science = Religion

Humans consider themselves to be more intelligent, more evolved than other creatures of earth. I have come across certain spiritualists who believe that their being human is such a gift because 'they are so much more spiritually evolved'. Many believers in reincarnation actually state that human life is the highest possible level of reincarnation on … Continue reading Nature = Science = Religion

Freedom…a Wiccan’s point of view

I have been hearing so much about freedom lately (Independence day discussions on 15th August) that I decided last night to ask the universe to expand my awareness of what this word could really mean. I asked myself.... if you were to be totally on your own, away from the responsibilities of the world would … Continue reading Freedom…a Wiccan’s point of view