Eeeek …Witches! Really?

‘Miss. Miss. Miss…can I tell you something?’ an excited three year old girl at my son’s nursery ran to me and started off. ‘There was a woman. She wanted to eat up all the pet animals. She was so scary. She was a witch. She was so evil….’ she went on breathlessly… and then quickly ran away to play with my son. The kids had just been subject to an hour long pantomine that told the wicked tale of the supposed evil that lurks as witches in the world.

Now what can I say to a small kid of her age? In my book ‘Yes, You Are A Witch!‘ explains in a fun way, to older kids and young adults, how being a Witch is great and positive and how witchcraft is simply wise-craft, a positive application of a spiritual power that all of us are naturally endowed with, to improve our life. Yet instead of books like these, libraries have been stocked with children’s books such as ‘Witches’ by Roald Dahl, that bring forth images of horrible women who turn innocent kids to mice. I am glad that at least JK Rowling and Sir Terry Pratchett brought some kind of balance to this situation by depicting at least a few good witches their legendary fiction books. Yet the amount of misunderstanding that little ones have been subject to, in the name of ‘witchcraft’ and ‘witches’ through fiction and fairytales over the years of growing up right from babyhood is absolutley incredible.

The other day I was reading a book called ‘Meg and Mog’ to my son which is about a witch who lives with her cat Mog. Turns out predictably that she dresses up in black cloak and a tall hat to fly on a broom up the chimney after midnight with her cauldron brewing bats, spiders, worms, beetles and frogs with her witchy friends at her ‘spell party’ gathering on the hill, where her friends get turned into, guess what – mice.

Funny? Enjoyable? Yes for sure! But such stories while fictional also strengthen the mis-perception of witches being crazy weirdos having strange super-powers who are upto no good.

Have you ever heard of any such negative images regarding any other real-life, very much existing, thriving community or sub-culture made of real people being spread amongst kids and adults alike in such a widespread way across centuries? Have you heard of books that have cartooned up any other social, professional, religious, or cultural group in this manner through fiction and non-fiction alike, brainwashing us right from the time we were little? What if we depicted any other professional skill in similar derogatory ways commonly in literature – lets say carpenters as men who sawed kids up, beauticians as ladies who skinned people alive, or religious priests as horrible men who abused little boys? Doesn’t sound fair now, does it?

The last thing I want my son to grow up thinking is that witches are pure evil, kind of weird, whacko loonies or in any way ‘not normal’ people. Not because I am a Witch, but because I believe in sharing only truth.

So when can we have some positive stories written about witches for little kids? Any of you writers listening out there? Coz if you don’t do it I surely will!


Swati Prakash

New Channel – Global Wicca

Dear Friends

The recent interesting discoveries such as the amazing supernatural sightings of real fairies and dragons at Magick, have prompted us to start this youtube channel.

Global Wicca on YouTube

Besides the playlist of the supernatural evidence recorded on CCTV, this channel also features other informative videos about Wicca and Spells such as a documentary on Wicca created by a team of university students.

Do enjoy watching all our videos and new ones will be updated from time to time for your education and awareness of some of those wonderfully magickal subjects that you will grow to love. 

Blessed Be


Swati Prakash

Intuition or Intention

It was the soccer world cup and I happened to see this game on television where a team seemed to be losing badly and I said no, they are going to win just half an hour to go…and with the amazement of friends watching  this game, I turned out to be right.

I saw in my dream clearly in the form of a media news story with stock indices graphs, that a certain bank’s stock would rise within 3 months by 25 percent and told the bank manager…and after three months I was not surprised by the headlines.

I saw in my dream a cyclone coming and in my dream itself I sent it away. After a few days I did not panic when friends messaged me of the warning of a cyclone that was to hit Mumbai. Noone could quite understand where the cyclone went though.

I saw in one dream, a house with two large furry cats in the open space outside just before I was to travel to a new place. The same scene with the same two cats repeated in the new location during house hunting.

Were these all these examples mere cases of intuition or did it have to be my hidden or conscious intention that ensured the above?

What is intuition after all?
Are we creating our universe at seome level…consciously or unconsciously?
If yes then our intuitions simply point to things we are manifesting unconsciously.
Intention however is to manifest consciously.
Thats the main difference.

So while it may be a very strong intuition that those things were to happen…my intention to prevent misfortune such as the cyclone, manifest stock market success, make the losing team win or simply to have those two furry cats around was adjusting the universal vibrations around me. I must admit I truly wanted the losing team to win at least that game.

So is the the world around us changeable…and if yes to what degree?
The answer lies in the fact that everything is a vibration created by the mind and when you are in the centre of this universe…in the energy of the creator aspect of nature…nothing is quite impossible. If you can see it, feel it, want it, think it, dream it (and you can be awake in your dream)…you can achieve it.

I have seen the maximum power in both my intuitions and intentions when I have been meditating for large amounts of time everyday, spending time at my store Magick, working with crystals and candles, oils and herbs, watching magickal films, reading magickal stories, discussing magickal subjects. Somehow all this expands your energy field and links the mind with the universe so that you are One. That’s when you can read anyone’s mind only too easily or make things happen without any stress.

Yes you can meditate all the time when you are completely in the spirit plane. But if you enjoy pĺaying the game of life you open your eyes and see things changing and shaping, healing and improving everyday…perhaps thats why I am a witch.

You will be a much better witch when you awaken your inner power using the right methods.

Learn all about this. You can download the syllabus and learn at home with email or video chat interactions has the pdf syllabus.

Blessed be
Swati Prakash

A Magick Spell

Your luck is your creation
Right thought and good vibration
As you give so you receive
Life becomes what you believe
Magick happens all the time
All of nature is divine
Wind and water, stone and tree
Everything is energy
Time, space and all dimensions
All adjust to your intention
Everything you see or hear
Is born of either love or fear
So free your mind and open your heart
Take one step, just make a start
Leave the past, don’t fear the future
Right now you are one with nature
You are truly here in this moment
Cast your spell with inner silence
Right now feel your inner power
Realise just who you are
Hear the truth, know this for sure
You are the One, and nothing more
You are the sky, the stars, the earth
You manifest the Youniverse
Heal the world, heal the self
You are here to heal and help
By earth and fire, wind and sea
You are the Goddess, Blessed Be!

Swati Prakash

Magick: From Darkness to Light

Ever since I launched Magick – India’s first Magickal and Wiccan store in the heart of Mumbai (Bandra West), I have seen many reactions from all kinds of people. Followers have lined up for remedies, help and solutions. Students have enrolled for a multitude of courses in spells, healing, divination and tarot. Dedicated disciples have recieved initiation into the Global Wicca Tradition. Skeptics and non-believers have started beleiving. Critics have turned to fans.

There has been an absolute change in the spiritual and metaphysical scenario of the city. More people are rising in consciousness and awakening to their true inner power – the power to heal, help, the power to liberate from suffering, both themselves and others around them.

Several healers are proudly calling themselves ‘witches’ and ‘Wiccans’. Some are even following in my footsteps.

At the same time, we must not forget that the world was so far in darkness of ‘tamas’ (kalayuga) and is waking up like a little baby. A newly awakened being is still confused and dazzled by the  light.  One main feature of kalayuga is the presence of dark and manipulative people who are low in morals and ethics. Even in the world of ‘spiritual healing’ you will see some of those around.

It is necessary to also check the credentials of the healer properly. They should be well acclaimed and knowledgeable. If they claim they are Wiccan, please ask for certifications – check which Tradition they are initiates of, or are they just a follower of a tradition, without having undertaken training…also if they are trained initiates check if their Clergy status is still valid – or were they cast out of the tradition. Remember Wicca is a Tradition based system. Check what sort of a Tradition the person is representing…are they truly doing good work. Just because someone says they are Wiccan – doesn’t mean they really are experts in Wicca. They may have just read a book or a website. They may be still learning. They may have taken initiation from a very vague source. Or they may not even know the true meaning of Wicca. There are ample cases of some teens coming together and practicing some dark arts and going around claiming to be ‘Wiccan’ whereas they do not even follow the Wiccan Rede of Harming None. There is a very well known ‘Wiccan’ author who claims she can bring you any man or woman of your choice – a totally non-Wiccan thing to do as it comes under the category of dark arts (Wiccans never do spells to attract specific person). Media and public were so far ignorant about whom to follow and whom to not.

The good news is that all this is changing – people are being more careful about what type of spiritual healers they associate with. They no longer follow fake babas or negative black magicians or bad witches.

I have found that people are careful about quality and ‘energy’ these days. They will seek the best and know how to follow their intuition to choose what is right for them.

That  is why there is Magick at 16th road Bandra West, near Mini Punjab restaurant.  Tel 022 65250328 timing 1130am to 830pm. In this little store  you will find all you need to have a better life – in the form of stones and crystals, amulets and candles, spellkits, incenses and herbs. You can even get your cards read by experts who are fully trained and qualified by Tarot India Network, and get a spell cast for you by those who have been properly trained in the Global Wicca Tradition – so you know that you are in safe hands.


Blessed Be

Rev. Swati Prakash

MAGICK, 02265250328

from 1130-830 pm @16th road, Bandra West, Mumbai

Who We Are!

A lot of us go through a lot of things in life…a spectrum of several experiences is a single person. A spectrum of several lifetimes of experiences is a soul. And we have so many forms both human and beyond human that we are taking constantly and experiencing since time immemorial. We are all here to experience each and every possibility of life.

Have you ever noticed how many different people we all are….from serial killer to saint…all kinds of people exist. You alone have been so different when you were born, when you grew up, from yesterday to right now, to how you will be and behave in future, that’s how diverse you alone are. And all the people you know or don’t yet know are different and unique on their own. And this is only the variety we see in the human realm…there are so many creatures, animals, birds, plant life, microbial among the incarnate beings. Beyond the incarnate we are so many spirit beings…various forms of energy…some with form and some without…every person, animal, rock, plant, object, place, every thought, emotion, idea has an existence of its own and is living its own life, not just on our planet but in the infinite number of planets, galaxies in this amazing universe. Can you imagine now…just how infinite our universe is? And have you ever thought of where this universe really is…where did it begin…where will it end if ever…?

The truth is that every person, animal, plant, microbe, spirit…place, thing, emotion, thought, idea, desire…just everything there is in this universe is just this one being, this one energy…taking so many forms, being so many beings…experiencing it-self. And this one being, this Uni-verse is within me…within you and within all that exists. In-fact we are all various aspects of our one-self experiencing itself…each other..each thing through this life and beyond. We are the dreamer who forgets he is dreaming and then one day wakes up in his own dream and realizes s(he) is creating a very interesting dream which is life itself. Your deepest, innermost self knows this already. Your outer mind may or may not be conscious of this always,  but this is the real and most beautiful truth about who we are. We are each other…various aspects of our true self experiencing each other in every possible way.

How does that make you feel about yourself now? How does that make you feel about your partner…your friend…your sibling…your colleague…your ex…your enemy…politics…your religion..your neighbor…your servant…the dog on the street…How do you now feel about the pages of all the books you have not yet read…all the books you have…the music on your ipod. How does it make you feel about the water your drink or the food you are eating. How about the thought you are thinking…How do you feel about your thought now? Envy, hatred, ego, greed, lust, fear, compassion, joy, bliss…what do you feel in this very moment as you read this line?

And do you realize that because of everything that has ever happened (and not in-spite of it)..all the broken hearts and angry words, all the smiles and laughter..all the sorrows and bewilderment…all that I and you have ever, felt, experienced or have not felt or experienced, for each other, everything, everyone, for the known parts of our-self, for the unknown parts of our-self…we are who we are right now. In this very moment we are all perfect, all one, all love!

Behind the facade or play of life, our true self is hidden (and sometimes revealed). Our true self is love itself. We are here to love every aspect of our-self. And this love transforms our awareness into our greater consciousness, taking us closer to our infinite nature. Yes we are love and everything is love. All hate is also love. All hurt is also love. All anger, all betrayal, all rights and wrong, all lies and deception, or successes and failures…there is only love behind it all. Our love is our only reality. We are right now together, the uni-verse, one song, one perfect peace and perfect unity, in perfect love and perfect trust, that is who we are and will always be.

Blessed Be
Rev. Swati Prakash

Release your Karmic Burdens to Live Free and Light!

Living Free and Light!

Liberation, lightness of being, a relaxed and easy life… is not just a dream but a reality, if we choose.

Most of us however have some or the other baggage to deal with…even those who believe themselves to be spiritually liberated (experiencing a temporary spiritual high in meditation, even if it lasts all your life does not mean true liberation). True liberation involves healing of all past negative attachments so that even when you are back to the mundane world you are totally free. Liberation does not mean having no will to continue living in positive energy. Those who seek to escape from rebirth  altogether are infact deluding themselves. The very fact that they wish to escape the cycles of life, death and rebirth implies that they have pain and suffering that is unhealed and by avoiding facing these negativity, we are not going to truly be free. To be free we have to first face our inner truth and to heal our reality.

Our physical reality is created by our inner spirit. Thus the spirit has the power to choose where and how to reincarnate, taking a new form of energy. This can be a joyful experience if reincarnation is focused on experiencing a natural, healthy and balanced way of life. However most of the times souls reincarnate with negative energetic or karmic baggage or unfinished business.

Why Do we Reincarnate with Past Karmic Baggage?
When our transactions in life are not sorted out – i.e. either we or another feels unbalanced in our relationships or associations, this leads to negative energy or baggage that accumulates in one or more people involved in the transaction.

If not cleared off in the present life, it will still be recorded in the akasha or spiritual library where all memories and feelings are stored. Our soul is connected to this ethereal ocean of consciousness and chooses our future lives based on the lessons to be learnt from the higher self (ethereal) to lower self (physical). These lessons will then be carried on by the individual soul to the next life and a new drama will play out helping the learning be more intense. Past Life Therapy helps us discover the lessons we need to learn and the patterns we need to heal.

The karmic baggage thus carried within us multiplies with every cycle. So if you owe rs 100 to one person in this life and the person feels betrayed as you could not repay it, this along with a lot of interest you must pay in your next life.

This does not just apply to financial transactions. Emotional associations are equally full of guilt and sorrow if they are hazy, unclear and imbalanced. One or more person may feel drained out, cheated or used in relationships and this automatically means that the person who has caused this emotional drain will carry guilt in their subconscious (even though they may not always be aware of the guilt). Not having a clear cut contract in your romantic life leads to pain and a feeling of betrayal for one or more involved in the relationship. This is because the base of the relationship – the root chakra – which means stability and committment is dysfunctional and there are constant insecurities (conscious or subconscious – known or unknown to the people involved).

I must stress upon this part even though it may fluster some of my friends. Not just laymen but also some people who are followers of new age spirituality are often not properly grounded in this aspect of relationships, and thereby have been observed as being very airy, impractical and unclear in the way they transact with others financially and in romance. For example relationships with multiple partners or even one partner without any proper contract whether marital or otherwise can sound like a fun thing but will sooner or later hurt. A lot of commitment phobic men and women seem to be getting into one or the other brand of spirituality that is based on beliefs that ‘seriousness’ of any kind or any ‘strings attached’ are unnecessary or even deplorable in romantic or sexual encounters. While they may ‘fly’ for a while in their ‘beyond’ state, they forget that even the birds, angels, god and goddess come down to earth in this eternal cycle of manifestation and transformation and have to follow ethics and principles even in their higher realms. Infact you may have heard that many of such spiritual gurus who prescribe ‘unserious’, ‘playful’ attitudes and behaviors in love and sex, at the expense of grounding, foundation and clarity have themselves died of AIDS or in other tragic ways. Their example can tell us a lot about the dangers of ungrounded spirituality and the fact that karma always catches up even if you ignore your karmic responsibilities. Ignorance (including spiritual drunkenness) is not bliss.

Another thing we take for granted is our family life. In your family not having proper legal will for inheritance, unequal behavior towards one or the other child, abuse of any kind of spouse, parent, child, taking any person for granted, misunderstandings, all can create negative baggage that gets passed from generation to generation, requiring Trans-generational Healing as well.

And of course financial debts that are not cleared in time and with proper interest can lead to a lot of trauma in one or more person’s aura and this energy gets imprinted onto ether which is akasha or the storehouse of all information in the universe.

Money, emotions, feelings, work… all is energy and is none of this is to be taken lightly or irreverently. Mutual respect and balance in any transaction we make on earth or any other planet is totally necessary. We must feel deserving of this respect and balance and ask and give it fully.

Karmic debts unless and until balanced with interest will accumulate on and on giving the persons who caused the negativity more and more suffering until he or she settles everything back to balance. To do this the person who suffers often takes on the spiritual path at one point of time, with the help of a spiritual master or with his or her own enlightenment to
gain clarity on the negative pattern, its cause and its right solution and thereby heals the situation and energies so as to bring things back to balance through the process of Karmic Disentanglement.

The Price to Pay:
There is always a price to pay if you wish to clear off your negative baggage. This can be expensive but is totally liberating. Sometimes people think they can just burn a little candle, perform a small yagna, wear a tiny ring, say a prayer and liberate themselves of all possible karmic debts. This is often illusory. The amount of energy (money, effort, etc) that you may have to spend will be directly proportional to the amount of negative baggage that you have to clear off. If one ritual does not give practical results be assured that it has to some extent cleared off your etheric negativity or karma and perhaps you need several more to get a full relief. Always know that the spiritual work of healing that you perform will always work at some level and if at first you don’t succeed it just means you need to put in more energy and try again as you may have multiple blocks. Do not give up or stop the work. Even if a person is dying and
accepting spiritual healing, even when he dies as the body did not get the time to show the effect of this healing, his spirit carries the effect of healing and the effect of this positive energy reflects in his otherworld and future lives. If you do not give any spiritual healing to the ailing person and treat him only cosmetically on the physical level, the ethereal imprint or soul of the person will still carry the negativity to deal with in future lives. A wise person will always go for maximum spiritual healing.

Freedom from Negative Karmic Cycles:
This can be attained by first clearing off all our past burdens, by healing ourselves at every level holistically and simultaneously from now on, through spiritual, psychological, emotional and financial releasing. Simultaneously from NOW on we should try keeping all our transactions, financial and emotional, absolutely clear, practically sound and with least potential to hurt any of the parties involved.

One way to do this is through following those legal and practical rules that make for a sound understanding between all our partners, romantic financial or otherwise and thus totally free all concerned of duality or subconscious fears. Another things is to remember that laws in the physical world are framed by humans but have been biased in the past (eg. laws that ignore rights of homosexuals or transsexuals are still existent in many countries). Thus more important than blindly following laws and rules of your state is to seek the answer to this question

– Is what I am doing good for myself and all others?
– Does it harm none?
Often legal rules need to be changed if they are not good for all concerned and this change takes place as a result of public awareness that helps the states to revise their books of law.

Living in Freedom:
Always live each moment as if it may be the last. In every moment we must have absolute bliss and freedom (free will) and least amount of karmic negativity to be carried forward. Clear off all your debts. Forgive and ask for forgiveness. Heal yourself and send loving energy to others. This means the next life or next form we take will be entirely our choice and not a repetition of past mistakes and burdens. Even when alive the next moment will be free of karmic blockages or negativity so that our power to manifest our desires or work our Magick becomes and remains strong and infinite.

Get more information on Past Life Therapy, Energy Healing, workshops and Wiccan Ritual Service to help you clear off negative karmic blocks and restore a balanced and healthy way of living.

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