The Alchemy of ‘Black’ Magic and the ‘Left Hand’ Path

For ages people have wrongly associated the color ‘black’ with evil and the ‘left hand’ with negative or harmful paths. But is ‘black’ necessarily bad and is left necessarily ‘not right’?

The energy of nature has several colors or frequencies and not all of these are visible to the human eye. In-fact our eyes can see a very tiny fraction of the universe. Most of our world is hidden from our awareness. This mystery world appears black to us but hides much light within. Alchemy is a process through which we meditate and develop our inner awareness to the extent that we can see much more than our limited physical perceptions. If we merely observe the visible world through our limited senses in the guise of rationalism and disbelief in anything beyond our perceptible reality, we will continue to be almost blind. Our intuition and inner-light can help us expand our consciousness and take us into several dimensions of hidden realities as well as the truth which is beyond the mind.


Black is the color through which we explore our invisible and hidden reality through our third-eye or higher psychic awareness. Black magic therefore is just a word the interpretation of which is entirely dependent our awareness level. The word Alchemy denotes a philosophy of inner transformation, where we attempt to turn our ignorance or ‘lead’ into the ‘gold’ of enlightenment. Al Kemi in the past referred to the Black land or Egypt where the ancient spiritual energy can still be felt. Black or colored skin connects with the entire African region from the heart of which all civilization developed and spread across the world. Seen from a higher perspective, Black magic can mean many things, including the magic of black people or ancient civilizations of Africa and Egypt, as well as magic of the unknown mystery world connected to our dreams, our intuition, our psychic perceptions and third-eye awareness. It need not and should not connote any curses or harmful use of magic on ourselves or others.

Perception of black or dark energy is the first stage of spiritual initiation when we are facing our inner fears and learning about the hidden side of our nature to be able to see the light of truth within. The idea is to release our fears and transform our negativity into something positive. Alchemy is a meditative science of transforming our Nigredo (ignorant/ dark state when we are unaware of the mystery of life) into Albedo (light of awareness and inner truth) and finally Rubedo (gold of constant enlightenment). By reaching the final degree of Alchemy one becomes immune to negativity just like gold that can not longer be corrupted. One is firmly established in the ‘samadhi’ state of inner awareness seeing only light everywhere.


The Left Hand path is also a much misunderstood term. Some evil practitioners of magic have tainted the entire world of witchcraft, tantra and aghora with negative perceptions. In truth the left hand refers to our feminine (receptive) or intuitive self or the lunar meridian (Ida naadi) while the right hand focuses on the masculine (projective) or logical self or the solar meridian (Pingala naadi). As such the left hand paths can be seen as paths of divine feminine, or inner-work, spiritual mystery and intuitive arts, unlike right-hand paths that focus on the outer world and its improvement through conscious mental effort such as positive thinking. Both our left and right meridians are to be used jointly for magical success.

Witchcraft or the craft of the wise is a path of inner wisdom and activation of our latent feminine powers of intuition and magic. There is no ‘white witchcraft’ which is ‘good’ or ‘black magic’ which is ‘bad’. Whether your magic or witchcraft is good or bad depends on how good you are in your craft. It is simply a path of wisdom and intuitive awareness applied for improving our outer life, thereby uniting our sacred feminine and masculine self present in all of us, men and women alike.


Tantra is all about connecting our sensory body (tan) with the help of our three naadis, Ida, Pingala and Sushumna which just like the three pillars of the Tree of Life in Kabbalah are related to the lunar, solar and stellar channels of energy flow.  Aghora tantra is the left-hand path of tantra and the word ‘A-ghora’ simply means ‘without fear’. It can be interpreted as a path where no matter how negative the outer situation be, you can still be at peace from within and be unaffected. When a true Aghori meditates in a graveyard or Smashan amidst skulls, death and desolation, she is recognizing the inner divinity and being fearless in the face of any unknown force that may present itself. This way, just like the gold of Alchemy, Aghora can be seen as a path of inner-light which can illuminate all darkness and dispel all fear.


Those practitioners who have misguided people for ages, presenting themselves and Aghoris, Tantrics and Witches who can ‘curse’ and harm others without any consequence were never true Aghoris, Tantrics or Witches. Alchemists who try and fool themselves and others claiming to turn any metal into gold or glass to diamonds are also totally unaware of the real meaning of Alchemy. It is indeed unfortunate if society will start believing in wrong ideas of any spiritual path based on misguided practitioners who have distorted everything to suit their selfish and short-sighted and material goals. Onus also lies in the hands of those people who patronized such fraudulent practitioners in the hope of wreaking hate and revenge on enemies or manipulate a man or woman of their choice into a relationship. It is in places where there is lack of abundance, poverty consciousness, fear and hate, where you will find negative magic thriving the most, and unless there is a deeper spiritual transformation within the public these places will remain undeveloped and corrupt. Launching a witch-hunt against evil practitioners is hardly the cure. The quality of magical practitioners anyone attracts clearly depends on their inner state and the more positive people become, the more positive magic will become too. The need is to spread the right awareness and educate people in deeper spiritual science.

Whether Tantra, Aghora, Witchcraft or Alchemy, the law of Karma applies at all times and any action brings magnified consequences upon the doer. Not even gods and goddesses have been immune to Karma. In whichever path you take, right or left, masculine or feminine, bright or dark, each person has to learn how to be pure, kind and loving at all times until all darkness turns to light through our inner awareness. Being evil and harming others or self is never a part of any spiritual path. One who does so has departed from the spiritual and fallen prey to ignorance and self-destruction, only to be a victim of their own evil karma. They too will transform and be reborn again in the light. At any time, no matter what a person’s path has been so far, there is a chance of awakening and rebirth into spiritual awareness and endless light which is hidden within all that seems dark.

Both left and right hand paths finally culminate in Oneness of the inner self from which everything emerges and which all return. Just like the skeleton is a symbol of inner physical truth, Love is our inner spiritual truth and there is no escaping it.

Blessed Be





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