The Key

Somewhere not too far away

Is everything for which you pray

Someday you will realize

All the dreams that filled your eyes

Someone whom you love and need

Will be with you at Godspeed

Somewhere is HERE

Someday is NOW

Someone is YOU

Accept, Allow

Within you is the world contained

Forever it has so remained

An endless fountain made of joy

Why cannot everyone enjoy?

What is the possibility?

Can’t everyone this treasure see?

Why does it hide there deep inside?

If there’s a lock, where is the key?

You look within your heart and mind

Yet you seek, but do not find

Look within!

Not your body, not your brain

Deeper still,

Let no thoughts your vastness fill

Be the light

Let no darkness hide from sight

To find the key

Lose that little thing called ‘me’

Look beyond that little you

To get the real self in view

All the stories that you told

Was not who you were at all

You are not your past,

That was the moment you saw last

You were not born on a date of birth

That is not when you came to earth

Know your inner truth sublime

You have been here since the dawn of time

You are the One

You are All

You are who this world is for

You are the soul of the universe

You are key, the note, the verse

You are the music, the dance, the life

You give, create and energize

Because of you is everything

You are the song creation sings

You are the love that planets turn

See yourself as everyone

Seek no more and nothing need,

You are truth, Be… Just Be!




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