The Matrix

I am darkness

I am light

Hidden yet infinite

I am the voice

Without a sound

Unheard yet all around

I am the truth

In every word

Unwritten yet revered

I am the fire

And the rain

The wind and the terrain

I am your birth

I am death

The rising and the set

I am the sun

And the moon

Day, night, and noon

I am summer

Winter too

Dancing, circling you

I am real

I am illusion

Spirit-matter fusion

I am your doubt

Yet I enlighten

To awareness heighten

I am your shadow

Showing your way

To the shining ray

I am your friend

And enemy

Whatever you imagine me

I am formless

Yet I become

With every beat of drum

With every breath of air

With every thought you care

A brand new form I wear

I am the zero

And the one

The code that ever runs

The yin and yang

The left and right

The matrix of dark and light

I am belief

And disbelief

With every lie that you deceive

I am love

I am fear

I appear and disappear


In all possibility

Everything that can ever be

I am the nothing

That exists


The emptiness you missed

I am the beginning

And the end

I am the circle bend

I am someone

In everyone you knew

Everyone including you

I am a mirror

Can you see?

I am you and you are me!


Wish you a Blessed Beltane/ Samhain!

~ Swati Prakash









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