Wish you a Blessed 2016!

We all create our own destiny through our inner spiritual power. Planets are just symbols and guides to help us learn more about our inner psyche. By learning the secret language or symbolisms associated with everything around us, we are able to know ourselves better and this knowledge is power….through this we can change our life for the better using our inner wisdom, meditation and intuition. 

Here is one of the most comprehensive celestial guides of 2016…. Actual astronomical data and Vedic sign calculations for each celestial event has been taken, as Vedic/ sidereal positions of planets in each zodiac are always more in line with actual astronomical data as compared to western tropical zodiac. The spiritual significance for each event and planet is discussed in brief.

In case you wish to have a specific report for yourself, I would not suggest going merely by zodiac sign based predictions for the year. To get a true picture of the year always get your birth chart read with transits for 2016 through a personal Vedic astrological consultation. This is because to interpret each planets effects, each of the houses and zodiacs for your chart, and their interactions with the transiting planets are to be considered and not just your moon-rashi, sun-sign and especially not your western zodiac.

You can order a detailed reading on specially customised for your unique birthchart with your personal remedies, spells, ritual advise, healing messages and intuitive guidance.

Until then the following chart will help you get the broad spiritual messages and overall energy of the year…for the world at large including yourself.

Download the pdf here: 2016 astro guide by swati prakash



    1. This is for the world..the general effects of each transit and celestial event on all of us. For personal readings I would advise ordering one as a true individual reading can only be taken using Vedic Astrology with date, time and place of birth of the person. Although I have posted the numerology report for your date of birth based general reading as place of birth is not required there.


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