Latest at Magick: Spellbooks and Magickal Tools for Creating a Positive Future

Spells are prayers we make to our inner self. Witches and wizards always knew that the higher powers of nature are all within and we can activate them through potent herbs, candles, oils, crystals and magickal tools to increase positive and reduce negativity in our lives. 
Now you have a chance to learn all these ancient secrets!
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2013 Woodland Faeries Wall Calender 
2013 Witches Spell  Day Almanac
2013 Witches Calender
Witch and Wizard Spellbook – Sirona Knight
Your Personal Mega Power Spellbook – Maria D’Andrea
Wicca – A guide for the Solitary Practioner – Scott Cunningham
Living Wicca – a Further Guide for the Solitary Practioner – Scott Cunningham
White Spells for Love and Happiness – Ileana Abrev
Unspell Book – Mya Om
Tea Leaf Reading – Little Giant Encycopedia
Tarot Spreads – Barbara Moore
Tarot Plain and Simple – Robin Wood
Tarot Made Easy – Nancy Garen
Tarot for Beginners – Barbara Moore
Spells for Tough Times – Kerri Connor
Spells for the Solitary Witch – Eileen Holland
Spells and Magic – Little Giant Encyclopedia
Spellcraft Hexcraft and Witchcraft – Anna Riva
Spellcasting for Beginners – Michael Furie
Solitary Witch – Silver Ravenwolf
Simply Runes – Kim Farnell
Secrets of Magical Seals – Anna Riva
Psychic Protection for Beginners – Richard Webster
Psychic Self Defense – Dion Fortune
Practical Protection Magic – Ellen Dugan
Practical Candleburning Rituals – Raymond Buckland
Magical Rituals for Love – Donna Rose
Magical Rituals for Money – Donna Rose
How to Use a Ouija Board – Michael St Christopher
Heaven Sent Money Spells – Maria D’Andrea
Gypsy Witch Spell Book – Charles G Leyland
Grimoire for Apprentice Wizard – Oberon Zell Ravenheart
Godspells Written Spells – William Oribello
Futhark Handbook of Rune Magic – Thorrson
Divine Money Spells – William Oribello
Dowsing for Beginners – Richard Webster
Complete Guide to Faerie Folk – Cassandra Easson
Charms Spells and Formulas – Ray Marlborough
Candle Magic for Beginners – Richard Webster
Book of Shadows – Lady Sheba
Advanced Candle Magic Raymond Buckland
Robin Wood Tarot Cards
Crystal Oracle  Cards
Enchanted Spellboard Oracle 
Gilded Tarot Cards
Gaia Oracle Cards
Legacy of Divine Tarot Cards
Mayan Oracle Cards
Necronomicon Oracle
Faeries Oracle
Thoth Tarot
Witches Tarot Cards – Ellen Dugan
Wizards Tarot Cards
Also bring the magick alive with the help of the following tools and ingredients for all your spells and wishes:
Magickal Tools for Perfect Spellcasting
Pentacles for Altar (symbol of nature’s elements)
Specially Crafted Altar Tables with Intricate Pentacle and Ouija Board Designs for Spellwork and Divination
Beautiful Candle Snuffers for candle magick
All new Candles in several colours and designs
Wooden Wands and metal/ crystal chakra wands crafted for Spells
Altar Bells, Mortar Pestles, Incense Burners, Wooden Stands for Crystals, Chalices and Cauldrons for Spells
Crystal Pendulums for Dowsing/ Divination
Dragons Blood Ink and Parchement with quill set for Spellwriting
Tarot Boxes with Pentacle Inlay Design
Tarot and Altar Cloths with Pentacle and Goddess designs
Special Stones and Crystals:
Healing stone – Rare Desert Rose Selenite
Selenite Hearts – Orange and White
Ammonite Fossil Pair – Soulmate/ Twin flame attraction
Rare Tektites for Telepathy
Special Rare Aqua Aura and Ruby Aura stones
A variety of crystal balls, merkabas and pyramids, cabuchons, ringstones and more
Powerful Charms and Spellkits:
Dreamcatchers – Original Native American – for protection
Sell or Rent your Home Faster – Crystal Set
Protect from computer radiation – Crystal Set
Grow and Boyfriend/ Girlfriend Charm
Guatemalan Worry Releasing Dolls Set
Lucky Hand Root Pair (rare magickal herb for Luck and Attraction)
MAGICKAL OILS including:
Judge Be for Me
Hex Breaking
Cast off Evil
House Blessing
Keep Away Trouble
Peaceful Home
Protection from Harm
Radiant Health
Witch Love
Black magic Destroyer
Road Opener
Easy Life
Stay Away
Reversible Bath Oil to reverse curses
Herbs and Incenses such as:
Smudge Sticks – Sage for Purification
Incense sticks for Banishing, Purification, Healing, Good Luck, Money Drawing, Anti Stress and Protection
Yarrow for Healing
Licorice Root for Love
Beth Root for Protection
Mugwort for Psychic Power
Salt Petre for Fidelity
Talismans and Amulets such as:
Rune of Wealth
Lovers Embrace
Change your Luck
Black Cat protection
Pentagrams and Pentacles for Protection and Power
Mohemmedan Circle of Protection
Star Fairy Celestial Amulet
Fairy Magic Talisman
Destroy All Evil amulet
Glamour Charm
Immortal Love
Dragon’s Claw Orb of Power
Guiding Light Angel
Hamsa Hand of Protection
Protection from Attackers
Protected Life
Praying Angel
Saint Michel Amulet
Secrets of Money Talisman
Seal of Dreams and Business
Scholars Blade
Good Fortune Talisman
Wishing Wizard Talisman
Wicca Magick Amulet
Avert Evil Eye
Roll of Money
Crystal Stone Jewellery such as:
Magnetic Hematite Bracelets for Protection and Healing
Hematite Rings for Psychic Warning
Seven Chakra Pendants
Jaap Malas
Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Jasper, Aventurine Point pendants
Crystal Bracelets
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Blessed Be
Rev. Swati Prakash

Female Equality in Totality – Spiritual gurus and the God(ess)

I have grown up in a country called India where multiple religions thrive together and have observed each of them through the years. I have also observed the way women have been treated by society in general. 

Everything that is material or physical flows from the spiritual source. Our deep rooted beliefs, especially those propagated through religious conditioning are ultimately responsible for the way females are treated in society. No amount of legal stringency can help women unless our inner belief systems are examined and changed. Religion has the maximum impact on our inner belief system as for those who believe, the word of ‘God’ or their spiritual guru is of more importance than anything else.

In every religion that has been so far majorly popular on earth, females have had a much more understated role than male. The leaders of leading world religions are predominantly men. The chief religious books always describe God as He and Father. In India babas and swamis who fashion themselves to be spiritual leaders are mostly men. Even if a female is a hindu spiritual leader she is respected as Ma or mother, but the word God has still referred to the ‘father’ or He in principle for most people. It is the man who occupies prominent positions in Churches or Mosques or Gurdwaras or Temples. The female form if worshiped in temples has mostly been confined to goddess worship with the ultimate or superior One God or ‘God of all things’ being referred to in common language as male, He, Father and centuries of social conditioning has strengthened this inequality. We rarely recognize how deep rooted this social conditioning is and how it really affects the way females are treated all over the world but it is indeed a time to examine our basic and fundamental belief systems.

It has always baffled me why women are still followers of religious faiths that reduce their prominence and treat females as mere reproductive mothers and lower in rank to the male. From ‘burquas’ to ‘ghoonghat’ women have been conditioned to believe that their femininity is somehow embarrassing and that they need to hide their beautiful bodies if they want any respect in society. Bare chested men roam around fearlessly whereas women in certain sections of society are afraid to show even their face, leave alone legs, arms or cleavage.

Are most of our religions not responsible for this absolute inequality? Yet when a woman is brutally gangraped there are spiritual babas in India who comment that it must be the female’s fault and she should have pleaded to the rapists. This is one example of how limited our religions and spiritual traditions can be and how much transformation is needed right from the top.

What is rape after-all – but a physical assault intended to degrade or humiliate a female. As long as sex will be taboo and female will be regarded as ‘disrespectful’ if raped, men will dominate over women and crimes against women including rape will continue year after year in-spite of laws and modernization in the outer world. Female sexuality has to come our the the confines of male dominance. A woman’s sexuality is not unholy or un-sacred. It is absolutely normal. Her body is as normal as a male body and revealing her body can never be a sin as long as men can do so without any shame. Raping a female can never actually take away her dignity as it is the criminals who committed such acts who should be ashamed as they overpowered someone with their physical might and inflicted physical injury on the victim against her will. Why are females made to feel ashamed or petrified of ‘losing their respect’ in the form of rape, molestation, eve teasing, sexual abuse…A man who abuses a woman should be afraid of losing respect. Why the social stigma about female sexuality?

Why cannot we accept a goddess as a bold beautiful woman who is sexually attractive – such as Aphrodite who was worshiped in the past – once again? Why has the female divinity been reduced to just the mother form of female. Is a woman respectable only as a mother and never as a ‘woman’.

Why not accept women as spiritual leaders again – I am talking about witches – who once were held in high esteem – as high priestesses who lead others, heal others, teach others.

Why not refer to the ultimate God as Goddess and She and Maiden, Mother, Crone as Female?

Why not choose Wicca as your faith and be free of medieval mindsets? We all always have a choice.

Our society will have truly transformed when not just our outer but our inner world will change for the better.

Blessed Be!

Rev Swati Prakash (Head Priestess – Earth Healing Temple)

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But this of course, is the urban Indian witch. The plight of witches in rural India is very sad. Every year, hundreds of…

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