Meditation – The Rise of Your Witch or Wiz Power

Many people feel the need to learn meditation at some point of time.

For this they go to ‘gurus’ and try to follow various techniques and styles of indian yoga with breathing or kundalini or some asanas …or western guided meditations …or tibetan chanting…or Reiki work… to name a few.

In my opinion most of these people end up practicing various techniques of energy work that are very much on the surface level, but they have no idea what is meditation.

I have seen people who have spent years in certain gurus ashrams but still have NO idea how to meditate.

I have also gained training from several teachers of meditation, most just scratched the surface, some went deeper – NONE were truly magickal…and most of you are left struggling – somewhere out there on the surface – to find your way inside yourself.

If you really want to meditate please do the following:

– Stop thinking first

really that’s difficult for most people but it is possible through training

You need to totally relax your mind and enter a state of thoughtlessness

You need to bring your mind under your control.

Most of us were so far controlled by our minds. We thought all the time and that too without any will power over our thoughts. We were lost in the jungle or matrix of out thoughts, feelings, desires, health problems, emotions… and we got enmeshed and trapped in them. The ‘lower self’ ruled us. This is that part of us which made us feel like a ‘victim’ or our ‘poor self’ who is going through all the troubles of life, without any power, without any magic at all – we believed that to be us. We thought God was some invisible force controlling us from outside. We thought planets may be ‘controlling’ us. We thought our tarot cards were deciding our lives. We thought miracles were created by a force outside our control. We thought intuition is something that comes from outside to some chosen Prophets only. We were unable to access or channel the higher messages of the spirit who is the creator – God/ Goddess inside us. We thought we never can and never will be like Jesus – the son of God, or Krishna, or Rama, or Muhammed, or or whatever we believe to be worthy of following. We thought we need a messiah or savior – someone outside us who will come and make everything alright for us – for the world.

We were wrong!

Really all the above thoughts were put into your head through false and wrong types of religious or spiritual conditioning, from people who were brainwashed themselves through various group hypnosis they received in their institutions.

To make matters worse, these unenlightened people taught you to fear your magickal self. To be afraid of spells, to think witches are horrible and witchraft is a dirty word. They taught you to relinquish your power and to be unwise (unlike a Witch or a Wiz who is wise). How else could they have got you to follow them. You were to be a follower… not your own leader. Because you were taught to mistrust yourself.

If you were unmagickal so far its because no-one so far taught you how to really meditate because they themselves had no idea. You did not have the right guidance at all. You were asked to think, believe and adhere to somethings as a part of your faith or spirituality.

Part of this was a belief that – because its bad to do spells or magick – you have no power over your thoughts, your emotions, your life and your situations.

Now – when you learn to stop your thoughts at will you can then learn how to create the right thoughts as per your will. This will be the beginning of the rise of your Magickal power. You will stop being a hapless victim of circumstances and start being a Wizard or Witch.

Meditation is the way to the Spirit which is the highest self – the inner self or the God/ Goddess or Consciousness. To think about inner self, God, Consciousness or reading about it, or listening to a Guru talking about it such as in a class, lecture or ‘satsang’ is not the same as really meditating on your own.

Meditation is something that can only be done if you are meditating. Someone else can only guide you to the gate and you will have to walk through it and attain freedom from your mind.

You will find that you are not just your thoughts. You are not just your body, breath, identity….You will begin to know who you are – Know Thyself – that is meditation.

You are the creator of your thoughts, the creator of your feelings, the creator of your body, health, personality, character, life…

This can be intellectually understood by you as you read this text but to really feel the power of your inner self – kindly meditate.

Here is a technique that I teach in the Global Wicca Tradition:

1. Close your eyes. If any sounds, thoughts, feelings or sensations are felt, just observe them – watch them come and go. This is called Observation state and also ‘Vipassana’. Do this for a few minutes…Hold on and go further as you are still not meditating….

2. Next, draw your focus slowly to your breath and observe just your breath. This is Breath Observation or Anapanasati. You are getting closer to meditation but not there yet…. You are still focused on the surface or outer level experience of breathing.

3. Slowly draw your attention INWARD across various levels. This way you are realizing that you not bound to the outer world. You are the observer so you are beyond it. You then observe the observer. This is called Witnessing. This happens across the following levels:-

a) Firstly this means going through and beyond Earth level of self or your physical universe. Your surroundings, your body, breath, sensations are physical in nature. You get detached these – you just observe it ….and then you Witness it by observing the observer or yourself. You begin to know who you are. You are turning from a particle to a wave form now. Your world is less and less fixed and solid and more and more mutable or changeable.

b) Then go into and beyond Water – or your emotional universe including your feelings which sometimes we wrongly believe to be helpless about. We can observe our feelings, know that we are beyond them and we can create or balance them. You no longer are a victim of your depressions or negative feelings. Now if you see yourself – you will find that you are an energy wave and this energy wave is getting to look more and more subtle and ethereal.

c) Then go into your Fire or desires – are you just a victim of desire – or are you creator of desire. You can choose what is right. You can desire the good and un-desire what is un-useful. You are no longer a victim of habit, wants, egos or needs. Your energy wave becomes finer and more controlled.

d) Then go into your Air or thoughts – you create your thoughts – they don’t just come to you. Your mind and your state of mind is in your control. You are no longer a victim of anxiety, panic, worry, stress or restlessness. You are in-charge of your thoughts. You as an energy wave are now more and more clear and pure and subtler.

e) Finally you go into your Spirit self. You find that you are no longer an energy wave. You are the source – the creator of your own energy wave. You find your inner self – the creator. You create yourself – your entire self. This way you can   influence your entire body, mind, feelings and desires to be what you want. This means you create your Astral, Karmic or Causal nature at one level. And at another level you realize how what is Inside is creating and constantly the world outside. You are your Miraculous, Magickal self – with every single possibility in this entire universe being carried within you RIGHT NOW – like a seed which is empty but has everything stored invisibly inside. You can choose the possibility or the energy wave you wish to create right now and it will happen. This is the beginning of Magick.

To learn more and practice – do join the course called Energy Healing Spells where we go very much in depth of the above and begin your magickal training.

No matter which teacher or guru you have learnt meditation, Reiki or Pranic Healing or any other technique from – we prefer you learn this full course from us (from myself or teachers who are trained in my lineage at Magick) so that you are attuned properly and oriented properly into the Global Wicca Traition’s system. Just reading the notes borrowed from someone will not help. Only proper guidance and practice qualifies you to further educate or if you wish initiate yourself into our Tradition’s system. Because its good to start at the very beginning.

More details on Energy Healing Spells on:

Blessed Be

Rev. Swati Prakash

Head of Global Wicca Traition

Celebrate Nature and Heal Earth All Year, Every Year with Magick

We all have the power to create positive energy vibrations and heal self and others through our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and intentions (and not just through outer actions). This is the basic essence of Magick or spirituality.

Wicca is a modern religion that celebrates nature and propagates only positive spiritual/ magickal work that Harms None. It is the most positive and magickal spiritual system spreading over earth today.

An Earth Healing Ritual is a magickal or sacred ceremony conducted by Earth Healing Temple to give healing to earth and all its creatures – conducted each year several times by the Earth Healing Tempe of Global Wicca (headquartered currently at Magick store, 16th road Mumbai 2265250328 fm 1130am-830pm).

The rituals are conducted especially during the following Wiccan festivals or Faerie festivals of nature. In-fact you may be wonderfully surprised at how every mythical festival in various popular religions is based on the following basic logic of nature because it is the very base of every religion:

Earth Healing Ritual Dates and Nature/ Faerie Festivals in Brief:

21 June – Midsummer or Litha – Summer Solstice (Peak of summer and longest day- outer work such as tree or herb plantations)

1 Aug – Lugnasadh or Lammas (First Harvest – time for blessing of first fruits and reaping what was sown)

21 Sep – Mabon – Autumn equinox (Second Harvest – when night equals day, time for thanksgiving and blessing of grains)

31 Oct – Samhain (Final Harvest – end of summer and preparation of inner spirit work on Hallows eve)

21 Dec – Yule – Winter Solstice (Peak of winter – dressing of trees to keep their spirits warm, celebrating death of old winter god and birth of young summer god)

1 Feb – Imbolc or Candlemas (Recession of winter – lighting of candles for healing and blessing of earth)

21 Mar – Ostara – Spring Equinox (When night equals day, Celebrate fertility returning to earth with colors, rabbits and eggs as symbol of fertility)

1 May – Beltane – Summers Start (Lighting of sacred fires to celebrate light and joy by dancing around maypole or trees)

As per the above dates and festival descriptions, you can by yourself or in a team, outdoors in summers and indoors in winters, join the Earth Healing Temple ‘astrally’ (through the power of your inner focus) and be a part of the ritual by following the steps below.

Step 1: Ground yourself – let all unwanted or excess energies go to earth for recycling by feeling them leave your body through your feet

Step 2: Shield yourself – Visualise a protective circle of white-blue light all around you and other participants if any to cover the ritual area.

Step 3: Ask the Good Faeries (nature’s spirits who help heal the earth) to join you and state your intention for earth healing and say a positive affirmation for blessing of earth as follows-
“With the power of the Good Faeries and all the people connected with the Earth Healing Temple, Earth is now blessed with positive energy. People are all working together for earth’s betterment. All of nature is blessed. All creatures of nature are happy and protected. Earth is green, beautiful and healthy. We are infinitely in a state of divine and perfect balance with nature. So Be It!”

Step 4: Visualize a radiant green light filling earth, being absorbed in every particle of every creature or thing. At this point of time the energy created by the Earth Healing Temple’s ritual will be channeled into your sacred space for healing and blessing your personal ritual as well as all your trees (in case of plantation in midsummer month) or all your crystals, candles and herbs in case of other months such as Candlemas or Samhain . Feel the green light and its soothing effects for 5 to 10 minutes or more as required.

Step 5: Thank the earth for everything earth has provided you always and state your intention to keep working towards earth healing. If any guidance comes from earth to you – such as a message from the universe on how you can help further, please make a note of it.

Step 6: Perform the work suitable for the season around the appropriate days, even if the days are not exact:

21 June – Plant blessed saplings. Just take some saplings and after they are energized with the above ritual, plant them in the right place where they can thrive and water them, ensuring they are guarded and maintained in future.

1 Aug – Bless fruits of your choice with the above ritual, and offer some of them to trees in your area as a symbol of thanks and energy exchange in return of what the trees give us

21 Sep – Bless food grains, corn or loaf of bread with the above ritual and offer some of them to trees in your area as a symbol of thanks and energy exchange in return of what the trees give you

31 Oct – Bless some natural crystals of earth and sow the blessed crystals into earth or immersing them in the waterbeds or oceans to heal earth

21 Dec – Decorate trees in your area, celebrate around the tree and hug trees to exchange warm loving energy between yourself and the chosen trees

1 Feb – Light sacred candles to heal and bless earth and to exchange positive energy with earth

21 Mar – Paint eggs and sow into earth with symbols and designs to convey your love to earth as a symbol of earth’s fertility returning. Also sprinkle flower petals or natural powders on trees and people (ask first) as a symbol of blessing of earth

1 May – Light a small sacred fire and dance around a tree in your area or offer your own prayer of choice to the tree leaving red and white ribbons tied on the tree trunk for earth healing

Step 7: Ground again and once again shield yourself before leaving the ritual space. If you are doing the above work in multiple areas and at multiple times, ground and shield before each ritual’s start and after each ritual’s end.

If you like our cause, and if you haven’t joined us already, please visit and join us. You can also take the Wiccan Oath and be part of the Global Wicca Tradition.

Blessed Be and Thank You for Joining the Earth Healing Temple of Global Wicca Tradition!

Rev. Swati Prakash
Tradition Head and High Priestess

Magick: From Darkness to Light

Ever since I launched Magick – India’s first Magickal and Wiccan store in the heart of Mumbai (Bandra West), I have seen many reactions from all kinds of people. Followers have lined up for remedies, help and solutions. Students have enrolled for a multitude of courses in spells, healing, divination and tarot. Dedicated disciples have recieved initiation into the Global Wicca Tradition. Skeptics and non-believers have started beleiving. Critics have turned to fans.

There has been an absolute change in the spiritual and metaphysical scenario of the city. More people are rising in consciousness and awakening to their true inner power – the power to heal, help, the power to liberate from suffering, both themselves and others around them.

Several healers are proudly calling themselves ‘witches’ and ‘Wiccans’. Some are even following in my footsteps.

At the same time, we must not forget that the world was so far in darkness of ‘tamas’ (kalayuga) and is waking up like a little baby. A newly awakened being is still confused and dazzled by the  light.  One main feature of kalayuga is the presence of dark and manipulative people who are low in morals and ethics. Even in the world of ‘spiritual healing’ you will see some of those around.

It is necessary to also check the credentials of the healer properly. They should be well acclaimed and knowledgeable. If they claim they are Wiccan, please ask for certifications – check which Tradition they are initiates of, or are they just a follower of a tradition, without having undertaken training…also if they are trained initiates check if their Clergy status is still valid – or were they cast out of the tradition. Remember Wicca is a Tradition based system. Check what sort of a Tradition the person is representing…are they truly doing good work. Just because someone says they are Wiccan – doesn’t mean they really are experts in Wicca. They may have just read a book or a website. They may be still learning. They may have taken initiation from a very vague source. Or they may not even know the true meaning of Wicca. There are ample cases of some teens coming together and practicing some dark arts and going around claiming to be ‘Wiccan’ whereas they do not even follow the Wiccan Rede of Harming None. There is a very well known ‘Wiccan’ author who claims she can bring you any man or woman of your choice – a totally non-Wiccan thing to do as it comes under the category of dark arts (Wiccans never do spells to attract specific person). Media and public were so far ignorant about whom to follow and whom to not.

The good news is that all this is changing – people are being more careful about what type of spiritual healers they associate with. They no longer follow fake babas or negative black magicians or bad witches.

I have found that people are careful about quality and ‘energy’ these days. They will seek the best and know how to follow their intuition to choose what is right for them.

That  is why there is Magick at 16th road Bandra West, near Mini Punjab restaurant.  Tel 022 65250328 timing 1130am to 830pm. In this little store  you will find all you need to have a better life – in the form of stones and crystals, amulets and candles, spellkits, incenses and herbs. You can even get your cards read by experts who are fully trained and qualified by Tarot India Network, and get a spell cast for you by those who have been properly trained in the Global Wicca Tradition – so you know that you are in safe hands.


Blessed Be

Rev. Swati Prakash

MAGICK, 02265250328

from 1130-830 pm @16th road, Bandra West, Mumbai

From Prayer to Spells: Witchcraft is for the Enlightened

At Global Wicca we are always trying to find ways in which we can integrate the philosophies of various religions into one single Enlightened perspective.

All over the world people repeat the following Christian prayer to God – addressed as our Father:

Our Father who Art in Heaven, Hallowed Be Thy Name
Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, On Earth as is in Heaven
Give us this Day our Daily Bread,
And Forgive us our Trespasses, As we forgive those who Trespass against us
And Lead us not into Temptation, but Deliver us from Evil
For Thine is the Kingdom and The Power and The Glory
For Ever and Ever, Amen!

The above is a prayer directed to what ordinarily will be assumed as an outside force – a higher force that rules the world address as a ‘father’ God who has created all of us and earth.

However the period of ignorance and rote repetition of prayers is now over. Today people are awakening to see their inner God or Goddess. Many of us today understand that the ‘Father God’ we are referring to is no outer force. There is no ‘man in the sky controlling everything”.

God is nothing but the inner self also called the Highest Self or Nature. It is the inner self therefore that we are always praying to and not some external entity. I prefer to call this our Divine Self. Our Divine Self manifests all over the universe, as Nature or the Goddess. This Divine Self manifests to perfection when invoked – eg. whenever we ‘pray’ or rather cast spells for the benefit of nature and self, thereby making the world a more beautiful place. After all a spell is nothing but a prayer – except it is enlightened – made in the knowledge and awareness that we are manifesting our life.

So here is a version of the above Prayer – which is more of a Spell or Affirmation that will appeal to all of us who are enlightened and self-aware:

I hereby Invoke my Divine Self.
I Align myself with the Will of my Inner Divine to Manifest Divinity on Earth.
I Right Now Channel the Abundance of my Inner Divine.
I Forgive Myself and All Others Now through the Power of my Inner Divine Self.
My Divine Self only Manifests the Good of All and Harms None.
My Divine Self Manifests in All of Nature Now.
My Divine Self is Infinitely Powerful and Glorious.
So Be It!

So, remember – every time you pray to any God or Goddess or higher force, you are actually invoking the inner power within you.

Meditate and raise your inner consciousness. Be aware of the power you have inside. Be aware of your inner Divinity and beauty. Start performing spells now – and remember they are only to be used for the good of all concerned and to harm none – else you are not being your Divine self. Spells made without Divine and positive intent are worthless and un-magical. After all the word God or Goddess stands for Good.

Blessed Be
Rev. Swati Prakash