Initation and Guidelines for Initates

What is Initiation?

Initiation is a way of accessing a part of our higher self, which is that part of us which is all powerful and connected to the divinity within us – the source of our magickal – our true spiritual self. Initiation can happen quite naturally to a person, through meditation, in dreams, through a master or guide (astral or physical). There can be several initiations.

In this note I am talking of a Wiccan Initiation specifically pertaining to the Global Wicca Tradition. The way we work here can be quite different from other religious, spiritual groups or traditions and it is advised that you read through the pages of to know more about Wicca, Global Wicca Tradition and then go through this note in detail in order to gain clarity on this important topic. You are most welcome to go through the photos and videos on the Global Wicca network pages to to get a clearer picture of our initiation ceremonies or better still attend an initiation rite as a guest member of the temple.

Call us Tel 022-65250328 or email for more information over and above what is mentioned on our sites and blogs)

If you do not wish to be initatited as a Clergy of the Global Wicca Tradition’s temples you may simply choose to join one of our temples as a member of Global Wicca (presently there is free membership for Online temple and a small fees for the offline temple). More details on

You can also study our courses for the sake of knowledge without choosing to be initiated. Initiation is not mandatory but your choice.

In Global Wicca Tradition, an initiation is an energy transfer that allows a member of a temple access to the inner circle of the Global Wicca Tradition. An initiate gets priviliged membership to the tradition’s Clergy as a recognised priest or priestess authorised to conduct ritual services in the name of / on behalf of the temple (presently Earth Healing Temple or Online Temple of the Global Wicca Traditon). This is an official entry into the priesthood of the tradition as you take up Global Wicca as a serious career for you.

What Can You DO as an Initiate?

The Services page of will tell you what all rituals and services initiates are authorised to perform in the name of the Global Wicca Tradition and under the aegis of the Earth Healing Temple. Clergy may charge a reasonable fees for the ritual services they perform and make a small contribution to the temple fund out of the same. This is applicable to the rituals you conduct for the Earth Healing Temple and not for any other services you perfom. Please make a distinction between your personal services and the services you perform as a Clergy member of Global Wicca and Earth Healing Temple and of course accurately report the same.

We can also offer group ritual service to those members of public who need our help and stronger group energy for healing or any 0ther ritual.

Clergy is respected and rewarded for their energy and services as much as possible. There will always be a reasonable energy exchange that benefits us mutually if you should conduct any kind of service through us so that no clergy member is drained out. You will never be asked to conduct free rituals, mentor our students for free or to donate to us unless it benefits you and the tradition clearly except if it is a one-off promotional or educational work that you and the tradition agree to perform together.

Initiation criteria:

You will need to study directly under the Temple head Rev. Swati Prakash (Lady Astra Wishkap) or another authorised third degree Clergy member / temple head of the tradition and complete the course requirements as mentioned in the site Join Us page.

The first year’s temple joining fees is waived off at present for all initiates who have complete the full course applicable for first degree.

Every tradition has their own way of teaching and first degree of Global Wicca includes a lot of higher level skills of Energy Work (Three degrees of Reiki, Past Life Therapy, Wand work and Thoughtforms being just the first few topics in course one of the first degree). This is why you may need to study our courses thoroughly if you want to be recognised as first degree in our tradition and doing a first degree Wicca course from another source may not be sufficient on its own. You also need to be tuned into the philosophy and spiritual orientation, beliefs and practices of our tradition which is why studying directly under us is highly recommended and will soon be mandatory.

The study for first degree can be completed in a period of one year and one day during which you must attend at least three rituals conducted by the temples of Global Wicca (Online or Earth Healing). After this you can begin with second and consequently third degree studies.

You can also complete any of our courses through online study (notes,chats, online rituals are made available to online students)

For a short duration our temple is at present offering initations to those students of First Degree Wicca who have completed their studies through witchschool or other noteworthy source. You will in this case have to pay the temple joining fees and submit all certificates and documentation as well as a no objection letter or recommendation from your mentor or teacher. You may have to undergo an interview so that we can access your readiness as a professional who can conducts our rituals and services. You may be asked to complete certain topics or courses through us if required.You must for this have attanded and participated in at least three rituals onlne or offline conducted by our temples so that you are well versed with our rituals and are prepared on how to perform the same yourself.

Forms, Certificates, ID cards:

All candidates who wish to be initiated may please submit duly filled and signed forms, two recent passport sized photographs and a valid legally accepted ID card and address proof so that you can be given a certificate and membership card.

Ritual decorum:

All initates are presented embellished stoles with patches and must wear the same to every ritual. It is preferred that you wear a robe to the ceremonies (a simple black robe of a comfortable fabric with or without hood is the norm). You may get these stiched, made to order or purchased readymade (recommendations available).


Please Do:

 – Please do bring your own wands to the rituals, wear your robes and vestments, carry your IDs.

– Please refer to your magickal name given during your initiation in our circle and rituals and address other members of Clergy with their magickal name.

– Please do volunteer often to perform part or whole of the ritual ceremony as temple Clergy for your own practice and for the benefit of other members as well. Please do this under the aegis of our tradition and distinguish it from any other personal ritual or service. 

– Please do volunteer to organise events, venues, causes, drives and take other leading roles in the temple under the temple’s name that you belong to.

– Please do volunteer to raise awareness about our temples (Onlne Temple, Earth Healing Temple) and tradition and to bring more members into our circles.

– Please do promote the tradition and temples actively as we need all your support so as to grow bigger and to be able to offer more services to the public as a recognised coherent group. We also wish to expalnd our physical location and to create a larger Wiccan temple for which we need space and support.

– Please do wait till you go further in your course and gain third degree status so that you can begin and head a new temple and conduct courses, rituals etc in the name of our Tradition in your area or location or online.

– Please do ask for help in your career in the Wiccan path. The Tradition head can guide you on how to set up your professional services and our businesses can agree to offer you bulk discounts on products, wholesale orders and offer you supplier opportunities if you wish to sell your own products or services through our stores. We can also offer you franchise opportunities (through our brand Magick) if you wish to set up store and many other resources to set up your career or business so that we can grow together.

– Please do adhere to the ethics and norms of rituals, services, ceremonies as set by the tradition

Please Do Not:

– Please do not use this tradition, group or events as a platform to further your services, own groups, networks and products or by gaining access to and contact with our members. (If you wish to copromote or advertise here please send an official proposal)

– Pleae do not attempt to use your degree or Clergy status to make false claims or to offer services or rituals that you are not yet competent to offer. (Any member of the public can always come to our website and find out the list of services you are allowed to offer as a first degree and so on.)

– Please do not gossip, spread rumours or negative energy regarding any member, group, temple, person related to the tradition or otherwise. (Keep energy positive). If something needs to be highlighted or reported please do so officially to the authorised leaders so the same can be dealt with in a balanced way.

– Please do not bring your own tools, crytsals, amulets etc. to the ritual to keep on our altar to energise them during our rituals. As a Clergy member you should be able to energise your own products. If you need additional energy for your crystals and tools from the temple head or ritual leader or someone else please perform an energy exchange and request for an energising service or else you will end up draining the ritual’s and circle’s energy which is never good.

– Please do not attempt to copy our original work, notes, ritual patterns, spells, products, store format, phish our members, etc to set up your own network or business ori ndulge in any other unethical or irresponsible behavior. You can always ask for co-promotional, franchise and other opportunities and be a partner if you wish to use our technology. Misusing anyone’s  copyrighted work or systems without permission can be seen as a punishable offence.

Let us spread the Light together as One.

Brightest Blessings


Rev. Swati Prakash (Lady Astra)

Head – Global Wicca Traditon

Ethics in the Magickal World

There is just one law in the uni-verse. We are all one and as we send so we receive. We are all interlinked in the fabric of life. In this matrix we call the world, every thought, emotion, action we project is automatically carried back to us. Sometimes we may feel the effects of our karma in the so-called future – truly the effect is already contained in the cause and is real right NOW…the future just being another illusion in this drama of life.

“Bide within the Law you must, in perfect Love and perfect Trust.”

Who do we think we are helping or harming? The is no-one but our-self. Each one in the world that we perceive to be as an-other is actually another part of our own self – waiting to be identified, loved and accepted as our-self.
“Love is the Law, Love under Will” – said Aliester Crowley

In my journey I have found friends and foes all helping me understand myself and gain clarity of who I am.

There have been people who have tried to utilize my services for free in the guise of friendship – some of them still try to sneak in and take a reading or two when they can. I’ve had enough of these false friends and have chosen to move on. My own company is far more enjoyable to me, thank you!

“With a fool no seasons spend, or be counted as his friend”

At other times there were those who blatantly copied my ideas as their own, copied my event formats and venues, those who have been drawing many of the members of my groups and communities into their own groups, even trying to steal my customers and clients by promoting their own products and services, openly and in shadows, through online networking and in offline events, quite thanklessly. I know I am wiser than before thanks to you all.

“Mind the Three-fold Laws you should, three times bad and three times good.”
I have received a lot of good from the goddess and know that nothing of what I gave was ever lost and will only return my way multiple times. Those who did me wrong will automatically learn their lessons too for the harm they did will also return their way.  I am living in perfect Love and perfect Trust!

“Live you must and let to live, fairly take and fairly give.”

When we try to extract something from someone without a fair exchange we are being an Energy Vampire – sucking out the goodness from others, making them feel depleted, pretty much like a ‘dementor’ in Harry Potter would make someone feel. Being a vampire is nothing to be proud of – no matter what the Twilight series makes you believe.

When you have and hold a need, hearken not to others greed.”
I have learned how to protect myself from greedy vampires and hope you do too.

Why have so many people believed that magick is wrong, negative, a dark art, witches are bad, and so on?

Because of the way witches have been hiding from the world – as if guilty – as if unsure of being revealed – ashamed of being called a witch. The world surely treats us the way we expect to be treated.

Why have so many people who render spiritual service been offering it for free or at very low price?

Perhaps their fear of not being truly effective or ready yet to be professionally competent. They may be still learning and an inner knowing that they are not that worthy is leading them to give free advice, readings, rituals, spells, healing, etc to others. Or perhaps they are not properly organized, don’t have a great set up, sell smuggled goods, don’t pay taxes…and so on…there are many reasons why you will obtain free and lowly priced goods and services. Their energy will be equally low however.

It is necessary to know that unless there is a fair exchange no energy gets transferred at all and no help is ever given unless the giver receives something of equal worth in return.

If you feel you don’t have enough, you are poor, you need charity – you are right – you have created this future for yourself through this very belief. If you feel rich and abundant right now you will create that reality, and then you will not feel stingy, pinch a penny and refuse to give a fair price for what you take.

Why have so many people been resentful, envious, jealous and scornful of those in the spiritual field who are making money?

Because they were so far not living in abundance. Each time someone gets mentioned in the media, starts a new enterprise, does something new and amazing, he or she also runs the risk of jealousies and the ‘evil-eye’ of those who are not as successful, those who are frustrated and insecure and are unable to see the success of another. If we seek abundance why do we forget that there is always enough for all and we do not have to be unhappy of the success and prosperity of another person. In-fact to rejoice in the success of others draws more success to us.

“Merry Meet and Merry Part bright the cheeks and warm the heart.”

Why have members of the Wiccan religion been a misunderstood minority so far?

Perhaps due to the absolute lack of unity among those who are Wiccans as there are too many who just want to treat Wiccan rituals like a little party instead of with a seriousness that a religious ceremony carries. As soon as a person learns a bit of Wicca and ritual he or she starts drawing (or stealing) members of other Wiccan groups into their own circle and thereby not letting even one community totally integrate and flourish. The communities get scattered and so does the energy scatter too. If only we could have more focus and dedication towards our traditions and give love and support to our leaders, we could probably achieve much more as a united coherent community.

Why do so many tarot readers, healers, witches, spiritual experts still have unhappy, unsuccessful lives, financial blocks, unhappy relationships, ill health…?

We need to look within ourselves and heal ourselves first. Only by being ethical and truthful people an we ever draw goodness into our life. As long as a part of us feels, guilty, undeserving of good, unworthy, we will not be really successful folks, and there is always a part of us that knows our truth.

“When misfortune is enow wear the star upon your brow.”

Wisdom and learning, love and ethics are the only way to progress and the only way to banish bad luck and misfortune.

How can we love another unless we love our-self? How can we receive love unless we give it truly and unconditionally? Without loyalty and faithfulness can there be any love at all?

Loyalty and faithfulness are the base of any relationship – it is the root chakra – our ground that we stand on – the stability and security that all is well. If this is missing there can be nothing up in the air that will ever do.

It is time to be loyal to our-self and everyone, to love ourselves and everyone.

“True in love, this you must be, lest thy love be false to thee.”
I know when I look into the mirror right now, I see a person who is true and loving to herself and others. And that is all that matters.

When you stop hurting yourself you stop hurting others. When you stop hurting others you stop hurting yourself.
When you start loving yourself you start loving others. When you start loving others you start loving yourself.
This is a circle of infinite love and joy, beauty and peace.

We only need to learn one lesson to be free of our burdens of guilt and shame and to live a wonderful life.
Its a familiar statement to many of us:
Eight word the Wiccan Rede fulfill:
“An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will.”

Blessed Be
Lady Astra Wishkap aka Rev. Swati Prakash
Global Wicca Tradition