The Magick of Twin Souls, Soulmates and soul-groups

Note: I have written this in an interview/ Q and A format for better and more comprehensive understanding of the readers on this highly advance topic on which many masters differ. Please feel free to comment.

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The Magick of Twin-Flame, Soulmates and Soul-Groups

– by Swati Prakash, Tarot, Past Life and Wiccan healer

Ever felt a strong connection with someone you have met for the first time? You could be encountering a soul-mate or a past life relative, friend or lover.

While we all have heard of soulmates, we also must know that we have several soulmates, soul-groups as well as a twin-flame.

What is the meaning of Soul?

In reality everything in the universe is ‘One’. We all come from the same source and carry this awareness deep within our subconscious self to be awakened through spiritual work.

If we are all one then why are we all separate?

Because the one spirit that created the universe wanted to experience the variety and fullness of being through various permutations and combinations of existance and hence divided itself into multiple beings, each having their own ego – or sense of individuality. Our soul is composed of several lifetimes so that we experience various probabilities of being. Our Soul believes itself to be distinct from other souls. A soul has memory (sometimes conscious but mostly subconscious) of past lives that the soul believes to be theirs uniquely. My soul believes my lifetimes to be ‘mine’ and yours as ‘your own’.

Who decides what we will be in any lifetime?

As different people in each of our lives we are in-charge of choosing what we wish to be – (choices ranging from serial killer to saint) in each life, although we may not always be fully conscious while making our choices. Our soul is capable of visiting past lives and probable future lives to discover its various possibilities. We can through past life therapy learn how we made our past choices and how our past experiences may have influenced who we are in the present life. If we have any uncomfortable experiences or situations in the present life, the source of that lies in our past or past-life experiences through which we have subconsciously chosen that situation in our present life. This means we can go back and heal the source too moving on from the problem and creating a better future through more conscious ‘Magickal’ choices.

What are soul-mates?

In our various lifetimes we often come close to certain individuals with whom we feel a strong connection. In the first meeting it is as if we have met them before or as if something is pulling us towards them. These are soul-mates with whom we share a karmic connection and we have come together over lifetimes to learn valuable lessons from one another. We have several soulmates. Our best friends, parents, lovers, teachers, students, there are several kinds of soulmate relationships that are formed across lifetimes. In one life two people may be sisters and in another lifetime become husband and wife because we choose to support each other in learning various kinds of lessons each time.

What are the lessons to be learnt?

We may need to learn about love, unity, our spiritual truth and interconnectedness which is why there is karma – action and reaction. Our past actions (both inner and outer) determine our present and possible futures. If we think and act in loving and kind ways we get rewarded with abundance and joy. The specific lessons we choose to learn for this may vary from lifetime to lifetime, such as learning to value our life, learning magickal skills, learning to respect someone’s freedom, and so on. With some soulmates we seem to have parallel lives and go through similar situations that mirror our experiences so that we understand our life better. With some others we share vastly different experiences to show us alternate possibilities and choices.

Are some soulmates negative for us?

Soul-mate relationships can often be challenging, but we must remember they are always there to help us understand ourselves. No matter how negative people may seem, they are there to help us confront different possibilities and choices within us. They are here to help us heal ourselves of negative patterns that make us unhappy. This cannot happen if we reject people we find negative and hate or block them. It is up-to us to learn how to release unnecessary energy and negative emotions, and how to create more happy vibrations inside us while being at peace with the rest of the world.

What is a twin-flame or twin-soul?

A twin flame or twin soul is a special soul-mate. We may have several soulmates but one twin-flame who is a reflection of our true self. When we have learned our lessons, realized who we are, love ourselves and are at ease with ourselves we may draw a twin flame to work together with and complete our final life-cycle. Until we are not totally at ease with ourselves we may not be able to identify or harmonise with our twin flame even if we meet them.

Is it possible that our twin-flame be other than our spouse or life-partner?

Twin flames need not always be romantic partners and can be best friends or soul-friends. I have observed that some people find that their twin flame seems to be someone they meet after they marry or commit themselves into a relationship and they may sense a romantic connection with them as well. However this does not mean that they must abandon their spouse or partner or be divided between them and their twin-flame (secret flame unknown to your spouse or partner). This is not advisable. It is totally possible to draw the experience of your twin-flame energy through your present life-partner by continuing to work on your relationship. There is no excuse for cheating.

Is it necessary to have a twin-flame?

For those who choose to stay single it is possible that we choose to complete our final life cycle without any twin flame by uniting with the one-reality within us instead of with another individual through a relationship. It is also possible that a person who has already realised and attained liberation from the karmic cycles of learning, and does not require a twin-flame incarnates again as an infinite soul to guide and help others.

What is a soul-group?

We may find that we are drawn to a certain set of people having common characteristics. Our soul group may be composed of friends, classmates or a social group, community or network. The group may have common lessons to learn together, spiritual or material. By being with our soul-group our learning can accelerate. These soul groups are often led by individuals who have attained that lesson and now bring others together to help them out and show them the way.

Can we choose our soulmates and soulgroups?

Everything in life is a choice we make. We must never forget that in truth we are all interconnected through the network of energy that runs through every fraction of the uni-verse. Sooner or later, we will find that the world around us takes shape and form based on our inner beliefs and intentions. So the soul-mates we attract to ourselves are all a reflection of our inner beliefs, fears, hopes and so on. The more we are at ease with ourselves, the more we draw positive and happy soul-mates and soul-groups towards us.

What is liberation?

Difficult situations are here to help us learn. Some spiritualists mistakenly believe that the world is a miserable place and we must escape the cycles of life and death. We must not try to escape them as this will be counterproductive and increase the difficulty of experience in future lives. Liberation is not about escaping life and death. It is about gaining awareness of the infinite potential within you (enlightenment) and through your inner powers and choices, living every moment of existence as a happy being (magick).

How do we attain liberation?

Step 1: Your intention to be liberated from unhappiness and negative karmic patterns

Step 2: Meditation to attain a thoughtless and clear state of mind

Step 3: Spiritual study, research and practice, possibly initiation into a spiritual soul-group to attain enlightenment and acquire knowledge of magick

Step 4: After attaining enlightenment being aware of how you are creating every moment o your life and working consciously to create a positive future magickally on a continuous basis. This is what true liberation is all about and it is completely within you.

Blessed Be


Rev. Swati Prakash

Head of Global Wicca Tradition


Why be Part of a Wiccan Tradition and Temple

Many of you are already familiar with Wicca: A modern nature based religion of magick.

A Wiccan Tradition is a structure through which more focus is added to your Wiccan practice as a religion/ shared spiritual system.

(Read more on Wicca on and join us now)

A lot of Wiccans especially those who are new into it practice solitary or as loosely gathered groups, often leading to more unfocused energy than an organized tradition or temple can provide. However Wiccan temples and traditions are not always accessible to the public.

Even when these are not everyone prefers to learn in a structured way or to keep the energy chain flowing through an organized tradition. What we need to understand is the difference being a part of a tradition and temple can make to us if we choose to be a part of it. In a tradition there is a specific philosophy, leadership, code of ethics and a shared understanding of what and how we practice as a community of Wiccans.

A tradition can have one or more temple. In a Wiccan temple there are rituals and rites conducted as service often within the initiated priesthood but also sometimes open to public especially on festive occasions such as sabbats and esbats. A temple is a finely run organization with priests and priestesses and headed by a high priest/ess who looks after the functioning of the temple.

As the public is often allowed to be a part of the sacred ceremonies along with initiates a lot of energy is transferred to the member of public who is granted access to the temple. An energy exchange in the form of membership dues or ritual fees is often required to help facilitate the same so that the participant gets maximum benefit of the spiritual service consumed by him or her. Often the fees for such public ritual service is kept to a minimum as compared to a one-to-one and personalized ritual or spell-casting performed by an expert.

If the temple receives adequate donations or has a good source of funding the rituals can be made even more affordable for the masses but as Wicca is a fairly new religion this process may take some time. An energy exchange may be required to keep the temple functioning well, to reward the priesthood who conducts the services and to cover for the ritual supplies as well so that the temple can continue to provide continued service, expand itself and serve the society in a meaningful way.

What is the Earth Healing Temple: A place where magick happens and rituals are held – this place is within our heart as we come together and cast our circle for any temple ritual. This is a Wiccan temple – our prayers are our spells and invocations. We worship the Earth goddess and all facets of divine from all sources across the globe – the Wiccan Way. We call upon the elements of nature and astral entities that are positive in every aspect to help us raise and purify our energies so that we release the negative blocks and bring in more positive situations in our life. We also perform rituals to heal the earth.

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Blessed Be


Rev. Swati Prakash

Head Priestess – Earth Healing Temple

Founder – Global Wicca Tradition