Birthday of a Witch!

We have heard his stories, of all the miracles and wonders that he brought into the world, His healing powers, prophetic abilities and magical skills are well known.

Jesus Christ seems to have been an extremely good witch, a magickal human who had tremendous wisdom and consciousness. If those tales are true it seems that he used his power of consciousness to create a change, to awaken the masses, to see the future,  and to show and lead by example. 

Legend says that he was sacrificed…and it is also known that so many alleged witches have been framed and murdered through time for being courageous, self driven, focused…why… just because they chose their own beliefs and used their own inner spiritual powers instead of going as per the dictates of others?

Following the path of Christ is about following the inner self. Instead of merely worshiping and remembering such great masters we must try to be like them, to learn the ways of the healers, to be enlightened, to work with the angels and unseen beings of nature, to prophecise and see the future, to perform divination and magick, to create a more positive state of being for ourselves, facilitating that for others, creating more beauty, peace and joy in this world, to be in balance, to maintain the balance of nature…Then we will truly be in the energy of God(dess).

We may celebrate his birthday today in many ways but it will be incomplete if we did nothing to invoke our inner light as that is what God(ess) is truly all about. 

Whether we attend a sacred ceremony, meditate, perform a spell, spend time in nature, or simply be in the energy of truth, we must know that the light of the world is being born within us in this very moment… as we spend some time with our-Self discovering the magick within us all.

Blessed Be


Nature = Science = Religion

Humans consider themselves to be more intelligent, more evolved than other creatures of earth. I have come across certain spiritualists who believe that their being human is such a gift because ‘they are so much more spiritually evolved’. Many believers in reincarnation actually state that human life is the highest possible level of reincarnation on earth and it is through this that we attain the so called higher state of ‘liberation’.

It is true that humans are biologically more evolved, being the most dense, physically and mentally more complex species on earth.

Biological evolution and spiritual evolution however are two different things.

Biological evolution can be termed as spiritual ‘involution’. All matter has evolved from its original spirit form. Spirit, energy, chi, prana, shakti is life and it is the essence and original state of everything that exists (both the living and so called ‘non living’). Energy has ‘condensed’ to become what we see as matter. This is a scientific fact and a peek into quantum physics will help us understand this.

Becoming more and more complex from our original, simple, ‘unity’ state of existence – this is the process of involution.

As nature becomes more and more complex, spiritual vibrations become denser and denser, more and more complex forms of life evolve as spirit gets ‘involved’ in the play of existence. We become physically more complicated, mentally more complicated, hence highly ‘intelligent’ humans.

Animals (read other animals as humans are a part of the animal world scientifically speaking), are less biologically evolved and less mentally complicated. They are closer to the spiritual self.

Plants are even closer to the spiritual self. Minerals, crystals, rocks are close too as they have fewer complexities.

Earth (solid matter), Water, Fire, Air, are all closer to Spirit in that order.

Spiritual evolution refers to the process of us (complex human forms) becoming more and more attuned to our original essence of spirit, this means to simplify ourselves, be more natural, more scientifc, which means more spiritual.This is also ‘Shedding our Huge Human Ego’. Humans need to meditate to get rid of mental chatter and to be in touch with their simple self. Other beings of nature need this much lesser than humans do.

In the quest for achieving spiritual liberation humans have created religion. Religion is another name for shared spiritual belief system…. and there are so many variations of these belief systems… each eager to prove its superiority and establish its dominance. All these religions are untimately based on stories, books, myths and mythologies. Science and common sense urge us to understand that these myths, stories, books and mythlogies contain just lessons for us to learn, rather than facts. There is truth within them, even though they may not be exactly factual.

The fact is that all myths, customs, rites have evolved from nature. In the beginning humans observed nature and its phenomena. Sun, moon, tides, storms, lightning, rain and so on. These were all honoured as deities and as they started responding to the wishes and thoughts of humans they began to understand what magick is really all about. Every aspect of nature began to assume a deity form, animals, birds and even human. We prayed to the gods of rains for rainfall, sun for warmth, and so on.

As religion evolved into more complex forms in line with the biological and mental evolution of man, we went out of step with spirituality and nature. We forgot that all modern myths and mythologies in all modern religions have originally evolved from nature worship.

For example – what we celebrate as Christmas or birth of Jesus Christ in December was originally celebrated as Winter solistice. Around this time each year we witness the longest night and the shortest day of the year, after which days begin to grow longer and longer. This is the peak of winter and the Sun god is at its weakest dying stage, and soon as the solstice ends, Sun is born again and slowly gains power as the wheel of the year turns. This is also called Yule and originally being a nature festival that symbolised the rebirth of sun was celebrated with evergreen trees, holly and mistletoe being symbols of the cycle of death and rebirth, popcorn garlands and decorations were warpped around trees to keep the ‘tree spirits’ warm. Such a beautiul way to celebrate the magick and mystery of nature – and most of us who celebrate Christmas don’t even know that.

Gods and goddesses that are visualised as having human form are actually all originally just aspects of nature. Thunder and lightning (Zeus, Indra), male god (sun, Lugh, Mithra, Aditya, Vishnu, all versions of male ‘God’ deity in modern religions such as Christianity), female goddess (moon, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Artemis, most female deities that are conspicous by their absence in modern patriarchial religions). The lists of gods and goddesses may be endless but they are all forms of nature and should ideally help us be more and more aligned with our natural self.

Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Plants, Animals and all other beings of nature are more in tune with their essence, their spirituality than humans who falsely believe themselves to be superior. They are all far more at ease with themselves, their intuition, their ablity to ‘be’, their basic needs and desires than most humans who have created way too much stress and complication in their lives and are seeking a way to escape this through one of two extremes:

First extreme – the path of asceticism, meditation to the extent of losing their basic ‘grounding’ or practicality, celibacy, to a less extent vegetarianism, Jainism, veganism and fasting to a greater extent denial of food and water, relenquishing pleasure while being misfits in society and deeply unhappy within.

The second extreme – Overindulgence in the life process, drugs, addictions, poly-amourism (multiple partners – no committment), maximising pleasure, numbing themselves to pain while being deeply unhappy within.

A lot of so called spiritualists I have observed acually fall in one of the above two categories. I have actually found them to be broken, sorry people who are in real need of healing but their spiritual egos keep them far from accepting their natural truth.

Thankfully to help us achieve this we have Science.

As we learn to observe nature (which is the essence of science) we try to discover facts and move away from myths. We learn the language of nature and its laws. We learn how all matter is composed of vibrations that are altered through the power of consciousness. Through scientific experimentation we have discovered that there is ‘Magick’ and what we really focus on condenses from spirit to matter, from imagination to reality, E=mc square etc… – a fact that witches and mystics have known all along and ‘new age’ gurus have finally ‘exposed’ as the Secret.

We finally learn that all we really need to be is our simple, humble, natural self. This means our intuitive, spiritual, scientific, magickal self.

Imagine if we all were in tune with this part of us, with our essence.

Imagine a world where we are in perfect harmony and sync with nature, its bounty, its beauty.

A world in which we use our common sense and scientific understanding of the world to discover its facts and our natural intuition to discover their underlying truth, instead of being brainwashed by modern religious leaders into following what they claim to be the ultimate concept of ‘God’.

A world where we realise that we are biologically well evolved as humans but need to spiritually evolve – which means to go back to our natural simple, intuitive, magickal state of being.

A world in which we are truly happy, abundant, enlightened and peaceful because whatever we want and desire is manifesting each moment by the way of natural Magick and it is scientific – and real – and good. We use it only for good and never to harm, because we know that we do not want to harm anyone if we truly wish to achieve peace, joy and happiness – purity of intent – Satva-yuga!

Welcome to the magickal world of Wicca – a nature oriented spiritual system – a scientific, rational religion – a path of Love and Light!

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Merry Yule, Happy Winter Solstice and Blessed Be

Swati Prakash
Head Priestess – Earth Healing Temple

Founder – Global Wicca Tradition