Thank you!

I spent one night in a dark cage, without the sight of sun or spring

I made believe that it was real…the wicked world, the sorry things

I saw the shadows that I feared and they began to fade away

The pain and sorrow brought me tears and washed the night into a day

And in the light I was revealed, I saw myself with open eyes

I broke the cage of sad dismay, prepared my little wings to fly

I knew the dark night wasn’t real, it was a test of memory

So that, this, my forgotten self, is again remembered and revealed

It doesn’t matter what the world and people said or did to me

I will remember all I felt, its all a part of being free

I thank the night that brought me tears and choose to honour all the pain

For because of it I learnt to fly and be all that I was, again

I am the same and always will remain a free and happy soul

In perfect love and perfect trust I cherish myself being whole


A very Fairy thing

Each year I call upon the Fairies at least once but especially in midsummer. This 21st June I had a Fairy festival opening celebration at my Bandra 16th road store called Magick. We gatherred and I invoked the fairies to join us…a small spell was performed and I even kept a festive sale at my store until the full moon on 7th July 09 (still on as I write this). What I did not expect was that the fairies will turn up not only astrally but physically as well.


Meet Sylvanius.. he turned up on Saturday at the store next to mine…Fashion cocktail…And much to the amazement of Peter…the kind man who manages the sales at this pretty outlet…this little creature appeared to have a face like a human…eyes and what seemed like glasses or glares…a moustache and a beard…arms and legs positioned in the pentacle shape – like the Vitruvian man by DaVinci…Brilliant! He had never seen anything like this before…it was by no means an ordinary spider (this one was a specie called Silver Argiope albeit with a more human like face marked on the abdomen)…He waited for me for I was busy taking readings for the clients…and he knew I was the person to help explain this strange phenomenon. As quickly as I could I gathered my fairy oracle cards…the Brian Froud’s oracle said – this is Sylvanius talking to you now.  Sylvanus is a male fairy wearing what the author Jessica Macbeth calls “The Mask of Truth”.

“He presents the mask to us…to look inward…seeing our true selves” reads the text of the book.  “Now is the time for finding out the false and misleading beliefs you have accepted and discovering that you are a better person than you thought”

I shuffle the cards of Doreen Virtue’s Healing with the Fairies oracle and the message is strikingly similar – “Awaken to your true self.” Perfect synchronicity at work.

Peter had made a wish when he saw this dude for the first time. He knew intuitively that it was a special thing. I ask the cards for a message for Peter and they say, “Miracle Healing – You have asked for help and it is already coming”. Peter agrees he had asked for help to resolve something in his life and he couldn’t have asked for a better card from the fairies. This is Magick indeed!

What is Magick?

What is Magick but your life,

its the discovery of your wings, the joy of your being and the lightness of your heart…

Magick is  the person within you who is as pure as a child,

as powerful as a goddess and as natural as nature itself. 

Magick is always within … the Spirit, Love and Light 

You can see it in the dawn of the day and in the moonrays that shine upon you to reveal your truest self

 You are already a magickal powerful person

always conscious, always incharge, always aware,

as wise as a witch and as kind as an angel…

Magick begins when you be yourself,

not what you think you are but who you truly are

Blessed Be