Swati Prakash Renowned Spiritual Healer
Wiccan Healing Rituals and Spells:-
Wicca is a nature based spirituality that utilizes the powers of the five sacred elements and gods, goddesses and Faeries to help you create transformations and attain positive goals in life. With these powers you can release negativity, free yourself from blocks and attain abundance of love, health, wealth and peace. Please get your energy read first through the initial consultation (link) and then send your specific healing request or requirement for one to one healing along with photograph to swati@swatiprakash.com and complete the payment
Wiccan Healing Rituals and Spells
Rs. 5000 or USD 120 for email/ telephone or in person session for 60 mins (appointment fixed/ reply emailed within 7 days of receipt)
NOTE: Spells and rituals may require ingredients that will be decided on a case to case basis after initial consultation and charged extra after approval. (we will send you a separate paymemnt link for the same after receiving your request)
Fee is payable in advance by cheque (subject to realization)/ cash/ DD/paypal/ credit card in favor of Tarot India Network, Postal Address: Magick, Shop2, Sai Pooja, 16th Road, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050 at the time of booking. You can also deposit the cash or transfer funds in our bank account. Call us or sms your request on +919867859058, so that we can sms you with our account details.

Reply including solutions will be emailed within seven working days or alternatively a personal or telephonic appointment set up over the telephone 022-65250328 or via Magick