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The Importance of Meditation for those into Witchcraft and Magick

If there was just ONE thing that I would suggest someone who wishes to be magickally powerful and spiritually enlightened…it would be meditation.

Its free…you can do it yourself, alone, without any rigorous training.

Its simple…just relax and observe yourself, your breath, your thoughts, the silence in between thoughts, keep it up… and sooner or later…all thoughts will slowly dissapear and you will be in a state of phenomenal peace and bliss. Whether it takes, days, months or years a daily practice goes a long way to find lasting inner silence.

You can meditate anytime…anyplace…wearing whatever is comfortable….there are simply no strict rules. In the beginning you can close your eyes and meditate for a few minutes in a silent place. Increase the duration slowly to at least an hour a day…and you will enjoy it so much that you will try and spend maximum time in this state.

It will be your second nature after a few years of daily practice…so much so that you will be in a meditative state of self-realization and enlightenment permanently. You will be in a state of constant awareness, whether you are doing something or not, whether with others or alone, whether in a quiet place or in a noisy crowd.

Now how is all this linked to magick and witchcraft?

Aren’t magick and witchcraft about wearing fancy robes and headgears and playing with all those crafty tools such as wands and athames …brooms and cauldrons.

Basically isn’t witchcraft a bit more fun?

Well…if I think about it very deeply the answer is no.

Witchcraft and magick are NOT about playing dress up to entertain yourself and others through fantastic ceremonies and rituals. And meditative work is so much fun, you would much rather do it all the time….You can combine meditation with almost all spells and rituals for best results.

Witchcraft has always been since ancient times a healing craft. The purpose is spiritual healing. I know that since the 20th century witchcraft has become much more popular as a kind of ceremonial magic rooted in the west, yet throughtout ancient times, wise men and women across the world who healed and gave guidance to people were always deeply aware of the spirit and highly powerful through their soul. There were ceremonies and rituals, yes, but that was to induce a trance state to make the healing deeper and more sensory, more tangible – for the crowds who required healing and the new initiates who were being trained.

These rituals and ceremonies if done without the presence of an aware and enlightened master are just not as useful. The person conducting the healing has to have a deeply awakened soul. Then only will the right positive energy be transferred from the master to the seekers.

It is only through a crystal clear consciousness that we can be a true channel of divine spirit. That is the only real power. Without this magick would be dark, ignorant, negative or weak in power, with hardly any benefit to anyone. Infact ignorant magical practices such as curses or hate spells could do more harm than good both to the practitioner and the recepient. Powerful magick is rooted in the awareness that ‘As Within So Without’ – that we all are creators of our reality and all our inner energy manifests outside in numerous aspects of our life. The more positive our inner energy the more it is of benefit to ourselves and the world.

Also we have to remember that in the past,  many tribes and native cultures were developing spiritually. Shamans and seers, healers and witches were born with their powers simply because they had done some spiritual work and meditation in their past lives. Still, there was training in meditative trance, dream-working, understanding the symbolisms of the inner mind…past life healing and energy work to some extent. This formed the base of shamanic and native folk magic in many societies. In addition there was a knowledge of local herbs, stones and animal totems which helped the healer give something more tangible to help the receipient accept the healing through a solid object or special rituals.

The world has just reawakened in the later half of the 20th century or so…thanks to a fusion of eastern and western spirituality. People are much more self-realized than before and magick is becoming increasingly simple and unbelievably so.

Today we have meditators who can create magic with simple intentions or affirmations faster than you would take to fetch your wand. Let’s face it, the more spiritually evolved a society becomes, the less occult and less complex its magickal power. Also the more our civilisation evolves, the brighter and more positive its magick becomes. No longer are people interested in cursing and harming each other and not longer are they attached to lowly desires of acquiring a person of their choice. Enlightenment is far too common now as compared to before.

More and more people find peace, happiness, prosperity, inner-joy, love and wellbeing through enlightened magick which is the hallmark of today’s awakened world.

Science and spirit unite today and magick is no longer just ‘occult mumbo-jumbo’. Everyone talks of quantum science and vibrational energy… everyone speaks of mind-matter connection and the matrix theory of simulated universe. It won’t be very long…till we have all the answers.

Today witches, wizards and magickal folk of the past are reborn as the modern spiritual scientists and healers of contemporary times.

Whether or not we call ourselves witches or magicians, every one of us has an immense magickal power within that can be further awakened through inner work and meditation. If we want to be effective as magickal healers or witches, it will do us well to meditate and sharpen our inner power than to merely tinker around with outer objects in our magickal work.

If this inspires you to learn more about a deeper kind of healing magick, you can find in-depth information, instructions and spiritual exercises in The Global Wicca Revolution available globally through amazon.

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Blessed Be


Swati Prakash

wiccan magick

The Magick of Wicca

Dear friends,

There are many paths in spirituality, paths that go to the spirit from our earthy plane……but magick is the path from spirit to the world. It is the way divinity manifests itself on earth plane…in our day to day lives.

Wiccan magick is powerful because it is based in the power of positivity. Wicca is the embodiment of the Wiccan Rede – ‘An Ye Harm None, Do As You Will’. This automatically brings focus on two things:

a) Trying to be harmless in our thoughts and actions towards ourself and others including nature to the best possible extent

b) Respecting the free will of others and yourself in the recognition that we all create our own reality

There may be people around you who believe that Wicca is something different from the above, that to be Wiccan is to believe in negative as well as positive things, to ‘balance’ good with evil. They are sadly mistaken and will realise one day that it is not evil that keeps the world in balance. Infact evil disrupts and upsets the wonderful balance and peace in our world.

People who think it is possible to be a witch without being wise are mistaken too. There is no such thing as an ‘evil witch’ no matter what fiction tells you and no matter how much some people try to imitate fiction in their real life by pretending to be evil ‘witches’ who can curse or harm. Those would be sorcerors of the ignorant kind, not wise witches.

Yes Wicca and witchcraft are two different things – the difference is not that Wicca is good witchcraft and other witches are not so good..

The difference between Wicca and witchcraft is that Wicca is a belief system while witchcraft is a practice. You can be simply a believer but not a practitioner, in which case you will be Wiccan by belief but not a witch by practice. Or, you could be a witch but not a Wiccan because you may feel more connected with some other belief system, be it Hindu, Celtic, Roman, Greek, even Christian, Muslim or Jew…its possible to be a healer while beloning to any faith of your choice.

In the ancient world of paganism (native faiths) spiritual experts of the pagan community were witches or healers taking a priestly role. Shamans and medicine men or women, who blessed and ‘cured’ people by taking away negative energy and sending positive energy.

Wicca is not paganism but neo-paganism, a modern and new-age spiritual path based on the Wiccan Rede that unites and resurrects various global pagan paths through the similarities between them all, whether it is belief in the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and spirit, or a belief in that divinity can take multiple forms both male, female and otherwise, or be it a belief that divine and nature are one and not separate from each other. There is nothing ‘fluffy’ about positive spirituality. It is the path of higher consciousness and only for those who have gone beyond darkness to find their inner light, awakened masters who are self-realized instead of wandering in negative karmic patterns.

Wicca is not a secret or mystery cult based on taking initiations in any order or lineage, at least not any more. It has evolved and matured into a new spirituality for the new free world made of love and light. Neither is there a strict adherence to any organisation, nor is it only ritualistic and worship based. Today Wiccans are enlightened masters who know that divine is always within and not an external entity to be worshipped from outside using rigid ritual formats. The Wicca of today is revolutionary and touches all of us who have meditated, found inner-peace and higher truth.

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Many Blessings!


Swati Prakash




Your 2016 in Runes

Runes are an ancient alphabet with spiritual symbols, used both in divination and spells. In this reading for the year for you, I have used the popular Futhark runes for a simple message and an easy spell for each one of the zodiac signs.

ariesARIES mannaz Mannaz

The rune Mannaz is a sign representing humanity or mankind. For 2016 its message for Aries is to connect with others, reach out and build relationships. You will find more meaning and purpose in the way you help others. You will be at more and more peace with the universe as the year goes by. New connections will be formed and old will be strengthed. Society, family and community all will be a greater support to you.

Draw the symbol of this rune and keep it upright in a picture album with photos of your family, friends and people you care about to keep the bonds strong.

taurusTAURUSlaguz revLaguz Reversed

The rune laguz is a symbol of depth and hidden powers. When reversed it symbolises a year when you are to emerge into the surface, be out there in the forefront and let the world know you. You will find much more success in conventional and practical work where you directly interact with the outer world, rather than staying in a shell. This is no year to keep your relationship or career moves a secret. Make things official.

To balance the inner and outer world, keep the laguz rune under your pillow to help you deepen your spiritual insights through dreams.

gemGEMINI eiwazEihwaz

Eihwaz is considered the rune of resurrection. This year you are back and making a whole new start. If you had abandoned a dream or stopped yourself from hoping, look up again as you have another chance now. Your hidden and past life talents will be reused again in your life. A dark phase is over and a brighter one might take its place provided you stay optmistic. Rest assured you are going to be more powerful than you thought you were.

Write any unfulfilled wishes or intentions on a piece of paper and draw this rune on it to allow them another chance of manifesting.

cancerCANCER othalo Othala

The Othala rune is a sign of wealth, property or home. You might receive inheritence or a generosity from ancestors. Or perhaps a property investment will lead to more wealth. This rune also shows that 2016 is  good year for your family and for being surrounded by people who love you. You will be firmly established in your roots, grounded and secure. Yet, you will feel safe to grow steadily as per your plans.

Draw this symbol on an image of your dream home to increase your chances of acquiring it.

leoLEO ansuz Ansuz

The rune Ansuz is a symbol of divine intervention. You are receiving a lot of heavenly blessings this year. Most of your problems are being sorted through the higher force. You are also receiving much success and abundance from the universe through your faith in your inner self. Meditation and inner work will go a long way to attune you with the higher powers that be. Be open and receptive as a lot of good is coming your way.

Keep this rune close to you for connecting with the higher guides and masters and allowing their guidance at all times.

virgoVIRGO kenazrev Kenaz reversed

Kenaz is a rune that represents awareness and light. Its reversal indicates that you might feel more solitary this year, withdrawn and self focused. You will be more interested in inner than outer knowledge. You might feel like distancing yourself from things that no longer enrich you, such as negative news or meaningless entertainment. While others might find you secretive you know you have nothing to hide except what you must.

Write your most personal goals and secrets on paper and lock them in a box with the Kenaz reversed on top to prevent the wrong eyes from seeing them.


The rune Thurisaz means thorn which makes it a sign that problems or obstacles will be met with positivity. You shall find that your intuition is guiding you to understand what is in your way, whether outer or inner obstacles are on your path. Also remember that there are inner reasons for all outer issues, and cleanse your chakras and aura more often this year to keep all the good coming into your life.

Draw this rune on a paper on which are written all the challenges you are facing, then burn it in a black candle to visualise that all obstacles have been banished away.

scorpioSCORPIO wyrd Wyrd

The blank rune or Wyrd is a symbol of the unexpected. Its pure magick when anything and everything can happen this year. You have the power and its upto you how to apply it. If you are wise you will use this opportunity to enhance peace and prosperity, love and light. Unwise and you might end up hurting yourself or others. This is the year when you realize its better to be careful what you wish for, for it will come true.

Take a blank paper and meditate, then write a story of this year for you making it as positive as possible, as if all those things have happened already.

saggiSAGITTARIUS berkano Berkano

The rune Berkano is a symbol of nourishment, representing the mother goddess and her love. You will find that this year you develop a better relationship with the feminine side of yourself and with your female relatives, friends and partners. You will be helped and supported by others most of this year. Its time to nourish and care for yourself. Love and kindness will be shared generously, be receptive.

Place this runic symbol on your altar or spiritual area for connecting with the divine feminine this year.

capriCAPRICORN yeraJera

The Jera rune represents the fulfillment of a rewarding year, and promises that you will be receive the result of all you have put in in the previous years. Its a time to be grateful and to be generous with yourself. You might feel lucky and unaware of how you came to deserve all that you receive this year. However karma works in mysterious ways and it is always in balance. The good you did is returning your way so be unafraid to do more good.

Place this runic symbol on your financial documents to reap rich rewards and returns this year.

aquariusAQUARIUS wunjomerk Wunjo merkstave

The rune Wunjo is a sign of joy and happiness, yet its merkstave or dark aspect is a warning not to be too selfish or self-centered. You are surely having a lot of good in your life and the more grateful you are for it the better it is going to be this year. Stay away from excesses of any kind. Overindulgence in anything can be bad. Get rid of any negative habits or addictions and care for yourself and others. This year will surely be a good year for shadow work and self improvement if you focus so.

pisces PISCES nauthizNauthiz reversed

The Nauthiz rune is a symbol of necessity or hardships and when reversed it is a sign that the worst is behind you. You are having this year a chance of letting go of everything that was dysfunctional and getting rid of all fears. You wil start making progress ahead of all hurdles. You can cancel out or negate all negativity this year and be more dynamic and progressive once you are through with reversing the challenges.

Write all the problems or obstacles on a piece of paper with black ink and draw a large nauthiz reversed on it to indicate that you have blocked or cancelled their effect.

Hope you enjoy the magick of your runes this year!

Blessed 2016.


Swati Prakash

2016 tarot

Your 2016 Magickal Tarot Forecast

Tarot is a magickal tool – it tells you not the future which is set in stone, but the future that YOU are creating RIGHT NOW!

Here is your magickal tarot forecast for 2016 using Tarot, drawing a card each at random through intuition for each zodiac sign.

NOTE: Although normally I prefer Vedic astrology, you can this time follow your western zodiac sun-sign, the popular one followed by most people, to read this forecast, as I am keeping it simple for the general public for now. 


ABOUT THE TAROT DECK USED FOR THIS FEATURE: I have used my own Harry Potter Tarot that I have designed based on the movies…its an unofficial non-commercial version of the deck used only by me for personal readings and created for fun – you cannot find this deck anywhere for sale but you can take a little look at these 87 cards (23 major cards and 16×4 suits of minors) if you pay me a visit. Until then enjoy some of it here!

Now, are you ready for your zodiac message for 2016? ….Here we go:



About the card: The mirror of Erised (desire) as the Six of Goblets card reflects to us whatever we want most deep within. As Harry looks into it he sees his late mom and dad.

What it means to you: The 6 of cups is all about nostalgia, memories of the past, wishes you had that remained unfulfilled until now…dreams, hopes and desires…This is the year you revist them all. Its a good year for healing your inner self, particularly through past life regression. Pay attention to your dreams and you might be transported into past memories where deep healing and realizations take place. Its also a good year to patch up, re-connect with and reach out to long lost friends and family members, including deceased ancestors. They may have loving messages for you. Rebuild, revisit and remember..healing is ‘returning to your inner self’! Meditate holding the Rhodonite stone and visualise yourself meeting people and healing memories from your past for peace and healing.




About the card: Dumbledore as the Hierophant is the perfect teacher, guru and mentor figure, providing the structured support and stability needed for magickal development

What it means to you: Feel blessed, this year you are divinely guided in the best possible way. This card will manifest as wonderful teachers, supporters and guides on your path. These could be people as well as beings of nature, whether spirits, faery guides, trees or power animals. Keep your ego aside and try to learn in as humbly as possible from these masters. You might also gain more prominence as a master and guide yourself. This card may also bring more stability and committment in relationships both at work and in personal life, including marriage and committed romance. You are wonderfully and magickally supported! Light purple candles and place a large amethyst on your desk to attract more divine guidance.




About the card: The Patronus spell is a powerful shield composed of positive vibrations. Shining your aura with bright light helps overcome dark forces and enhances your magickal power.

What it means to you: You will be strongly protected against harm and that too from within yourself. Your inner power has increased in amazing ways known or unknown to you. Expand your energy field by visualising a bright light shining from within and spreading all around. If you keep believing in the positive soon all dark forces will be warded off and you will have the space to focus on your most important goals with a mind as free and light as possible. Brighten up your mood and fill your heart and mind with love and light. This card is  sign of wishes fulfilled. Anything is possible! Wear pentacles, especially the magical Solomonic seals for protection to enhance your power.




About this card: Owls bring hundreds of messages to a cheering Harry. Somehow or the other Hogwarts will ensure they get him to know that he is a wizard, no matter how much other’s try to hide it.

What it means to you: You are going to receive an abundance this year – of information, help, kindness…maybe even a windfall. Its your destiny and you cannot help but attract this abundance to you. Just remember abundance takes many forms including, but not limited to money.This year may feel overwhelming, with all these new opportunities falling over you from all around. Try to see them as blessings being showered from the universe, rather than being bogged down with all this action demanded from you. Be alert, keep all our senses including your sixth-sense open and bring it on! Frame a collage of positive images and words on your wall in the East for good news.



About the card: The elegant lifestyle, social status and luxury at the Malfoy manor is enjoyed by Narcissa, yet her heart yearns for the protection and love of her family.

What it means to you: This years brings to you wealth from business and estate. There is growth and prosperity for you to enjoy. There is reason to be satisfied. You will also splurge on yourself and take care of yourself. You might find an increase is your self confidence and self-esteem. Remember that self-love goes beyond personal appearance, retail therapy and spa visits. You truly desire a deeper and more soulful connection with yourself and loved ones, so consider being more generous with your wealth and it will return multiplied in many ways. Place a fengshui charm of 9 coins or wealth vase in the South East.



About the card: Dumbledore sleeps in his tomb with his fabled Elder wand, as its customory to bury the wizards with their wands, but nearby Voldemort looms to steal it for the power even as Dumbledore lays unaware.

What it means to you: This year you might feel like taking a break, slowing down or taking some healing. If the previous year was stressfull, it may be a good idea to allow yourself to recuperate and gather energy instead of spreading yourself too thin. Conserve and consolidate, awaiting for new beginnings when the time is right. Yet stay protected and shielded away from any negativity. You have something with you which is very powerful. Try using dreamcathers as you sleep, or a sword or athame under your matress, to protect from unwanted energies, for instance.



About the card: You may not believe in Trelawney, the in-house psychic and divination teacher at Hogwarts,  but there is seldom a time when she has been wrong, whether Harry’s birth as the Chosen One or the Tower card before Dumbledore’s fall.

What it means to you: Your year will be full of visions and dreams. You will develop a surprising intuition about everything. A creative, right-brained approach is likely to solve most problems and increase your success levels. Write your thoughts, dreams and visions down, for they might just come true. Get in touch with your emotions and follow your hunch. Sometimes its great to be in balance whenever you go overboard in your psychic world. Try to get systematic with learning divination, with runes, crystal balls, I-Ching, Tarot – be creative and yet remember that everything is changeable.



About the card: Salazar Slytherin, the powerful co-founder of Hogwarts who later went his own way over differences concerning the policy of allowing muggle borns entry into Hogwarts is an imposing and feared figure.

What it means to you: You will have amazing focus on your own goals and agendas. Sometimes slightly unapproachable you will be very dedicated to your beliefs and visions. You might feel like you are all-powerful and cannot be wronged or righted by anyone, yet you are called to think not-only for yourself but also of the higher good. Try to be not so attached to your own limited thinking and open your mind to make the best of this year. Something amazing happens when you think outside the box. Place Lapiz Lazuli over your forehead and meditate to open your third eye chakra.



About the card: The wedding of Fleur and Bill is an event celebrated by the wizarding community with great joy, and even though there is a threat of attacks looming around, there are blessings to be shared with friends and family.

What it means to you: This is a good year to celebrate, enjoy and cherish good moments. Be social and invite many loved ones to be a part of your life right now. You are likely to attain success in most of the things you have decided upon, whether you goal be marriage, a new project, or a new property. Its time to let your hair down and indulge a little bit after all that hard work you did last year. Light a special candle for marriage or one for success, depending on your goal and visualise yourself celebrating it already.



About the card: Harry’s loan to the Weasley twins has not been in vain as the twins not only establish a successful shop but also return the favour to Harry in good time.

What it means to you: This is the year to share and collaborate for most of you. You will be fair in your dealings, both in giving and receiving. This is the year when karma is balanced quite well, to your satisfaction. The more you will give the more you will get in return, so be generous. You will be level headed with money and will invest in the right avenues. Your decisions are heartfelt and based on kindness. Donating to charitable causes, both in cash and kind, can be sometimes as rewarding as investing in a business, so pay it forward and the universe will keep the balance going.



About the card: The Dark Mark in the sky is a sign of the Death Eaters, who are the dark army of Voldemort. Professor Quirrel who was to teach defense against the dark arts was mind-controlled by the dark lord from the back of his head.

What it means to you: This may be the year for materialism for many of you and this is fine only as long as you do not let it control your mind. Bewarefor instance of advertising that creates false demands for things unnecessary and unuseful. Stay away from negative information and things, no matter how tempting it is to click or pick. Be fearless and destroy any negativity that might be in your life through banishing spells. Light black candles and send all that negativity into the black hole of transformation.



About the card: The figure of death is here and so are the three deathly hallows, the symbols of immortality being the circle for the resurrection stone, the line for the elder wand and the triangle for the invisibility cloak.

What it means to you: Death is a card of change and transition. It is a passage from one phase to another, when lessons are learnt, you say goodbye to what has passed and prepare yourself for new beginnings. This year will be a major year for detaching from anything that was not working well in your life, whether an obsolete project or a restrictive partnership. Remember that you have an immortal and limitless soul that is not bound by any attachments, and be true to your inner self. Meditate and visualise that you are cutting the cords connecting to you from any unwanted sources and set yourself free.

In short, there is always something positive in every card that life deals out to you. Try to see it that way, and that is what you will manifest.

I hope you enjoyed the messages from this rare Harry Potter tarot!

As usual if you require a specific personal astro+tarot reading over email you can ORDER A PERSONAL CONSULTATION


Blessed Be

Swati Prakash

Unleash the Power of Your Personal 2016 Year Number

Your year number is one fabulous way to check the overall frequency of the year for you based on your date and month of birth. This is calculated by adding your birthdate and birth month numbers together with the number of the current year.

Add all digits till there is a singular digit.
For example if you were born on 12 May, your year number is (1+2+0+5) + (2+0+1+6) = 8. But if you were born 30 Aug, your current year number would be (3+0+0+8) + (2+0+1+6) = 11 the digits of which would further add up to 2.

Tip: The number of 2016 is 2+0+1+6 = 9, which when added to any other number does not change it. So your year number this year will be the same as the sum of your date and month of birth.

So take a moment to calculate your personal year number for 2016…

Ready?….Here are your messages based on the year number for 2016. Take them as an overall guidance based on your karmic pattern carried in you at the time of your birth.

1Number One represents new beginnings and initiatives. You are called to take charge of your life now. This year will be steered by you in more ways than you can imagine. Whether at work or home, you will be centerstage and in the lead for most of your projects. Be aware of the fallacy of ego and try harder to allow others to shine whenever you seem to be going overboard in your personal march of fame.

2Number Two is a sign of partnerships. You are urged to listen and understand others, especially the words they do not say. Intuition will be key to decipher those hidden messages of the inner psyche, so use your intuition. You will be able to work things out with most people you care about. Whether its business or love, this is the year for partnership and marriage for many of you.

3 (1)The number Three is a number of expansion. This is the year to grow the saplings you planted in the past. Create more of whatever you love. Whether it is luck or prosperity, family or team, you will see growth this year in some way or the other. Share the joy with the lesser fortunate and you will find your good karma returning your way three-fold.

4Number Four is a symbol of grounding and setting up the framework of your life. If you are pleased with something it may be a good idea to let this energy settle in for a while and enjoy the stability it brings in. Things that have worked for you so far may be likely to continue working this year too. Let the program run itself.

5Number Five has the energy of movement and change. If you fancy moving house, jobs, travelling more and being more out and about, then this is the year you get your wishes. If the energy of the year becomes too restless and unsettled try using it to get things done faster using the power of your mind. You will find that you have a lot of it.

6The number Six is a harmonious one, bringing love, compassion, healing and unity in your life. Its also a sensual number to bring you in touch with your romantic and creative self. You might indulge in beauty, body-care, artistic pursuits, luxury, shopping and socialising very often this year. Enjoy it while it lasts.

7The mystical number Seven brings you in touch with the mystery of the universe and a new search for the secrets of life. You will be stimulated with intellectual ideas and discussions. You might even find your true lucky charms and formulas down the path as the year progresses. Keep going on the quest and it will be for your best.

8The mighty Eight is a number of strength and power. Its infinite potential is overpowering and a bit hard to manage for some. This year might seem like a lofty one but if you were to meditate and find your inner power, the year will be magnificient. Don’t get stressed and open your mind to make the best of this year.

9Nine is the inherent vibration of 2016 and especially for you as it is your personal year number as well. You will find that many things are now coming together and the world is finally making sense. You will see how you can indeed change the world in your own way through your presence, your thoughts and actions, and doing this is a reward in itself.

Have a spectacular New Year 2016!

Swati Prakash is a spiritual author. You can read more on

Source: Unleash the Power of Your Personal 2016 Year Number



Wish you a Blessed 2016!

We all create our own destiny through our inner spiritual power. Planets are just symbols and guides to help us learn more about our inner psyche. By learning the secret language or symbolisms associated with everything around us, we are able to know ourselves better and this knowledge is power….through this we can change our life for the better using our inner wisdom, meditation and intuition. 

Here is one of the most comprehensive celestial guides of 2016…. Actual astronomical data and Vedic sign calculations for each celestial event has been taken, as Vedic/ sidereal positions of planets in each zodiac are always more in line with actual astronomical data as compared to western tropical zodiac. The spiritual significance for each event and planet is discussed in brief.

In case you wish to have a specific report for yourself, I would not suggest going merely by zodiac sign based predictions for the year. To get a true picture of the year always get your birth chart read with transits for 2016 through a personal Vedic astrological consultation. This is because to interpret each planets effects, each of the houses and zodiacs for your chart, and their interactions with the transiting planets are to be considered and not just your moon-rashi, sun-sign and especially not your western zodiac.

You can order a detailed reading on specially customised for your unique birthchart with your personal remedies, spells, ritual advise, healing messages and intuitive guidance.

Until then the following chart will help you get the broad spiritual messages and overall energy of the year…for the world at large including yourself.

Download the pdf here: 2016 astro guide by swati prakash


Dealing With Negativity

Source: Dealing With Negativity THE POSITIVE MEDIA

Think Positive, Read Positive, Share Positive, Create Positive, Manifest Positive….

But what about all that negative stuff…you know the things we all kept hearing, in the papers, on TV, on facebook, twitter and you know…well…everywhere! Is that not the truth? Should the negative be ignored, brushed under the carpet, kept under wraps…denial!! Is that the way to handle negativity?

NO. Of course not!

Then what is it that we must do with all the negative things we encounter?

You tell me! Will sharing it help in reducing it….or will it increase the negative?

Whatever we share gets more focus, more attention, and therefore more energy…and energy creates more of whatever it goes to….it expands what absorbs it, it multiplies wherever it reaches…infinitely.

So one thing is clear – negativity is NOT to be shared, used for gossip, sensationalism, meaningless talks, mind-chatter, entertainment…to fill up our time and timelines with…

Then what is the right way of dealing with it?

Heal it….transform it…change it.

Visualize it changing beautifully into something that is actually good for all of us. Just don’t go looking for it. For that will make more of it come your way. That’s the way the universe works. 

Your mind is your tool, a magickal one. Whatever you do ‘in there’ starts making its way ‘out here’ too.. You see the universe is this ONE big illusion…everywhere we manifest more of whatever goes on in our heads…Together we can manifest either good or bad…the choice lies in us. Fair and Square! The universe does not care what you are focusing on, its job is to create whatever is there in your head..both the Conscious and the UNCONSCIOUS.

So do not forget the hidden stuff…the things you forgot to heal, the things that made you afraid…things that repulsed you and you closed your eyes to them…but in your mind they made an imprint in your PAST. Are they still hanging around inside you?

Healing is a deep and inner work. Not superficial, not shallow….not one off. Reflect and introspect…go to the darkest corners and shine some light on them…shadow work is all about transforming our inner mind. Its not about ‘feel good’. It is to be good, become it…BE THE CHANGE

Believe it or NOT! Inside you is the ocean of existence and within you each wave of creation can be touched and transformed with your inner self. 

Simply put …if you see, hear, observe anything that feels negative…just us your IMAGINATION to change it into something phenomenally POSITIVE. Say positive affirmations and with all your heart and soul, feel great that its changing to something better…

DON’T JUST BELIEVE IT …TRY IT FOR YOURSELF! And witness the Magick yourself as everything transforms for the better.

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Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and founder of Global Wicca