Rare Planetary Alignment to Manifest Your Intentions

Almost all major astrological planets will be aligning in the sky…visible in one line as seen from earth, from now till Feb 20th. The last time this phenomenon occurred was in 2005. This could be a great time for adding focus to your goals in every area of your life.

planets align


Positions of the aligning planets (sidereal astrology uses more accurate space data):

  • Mercury retro in Sagittarius is turning direct on 25th January symbolizing a clearer picture for travel, finances and communication.
  • Venus transits to Sagittarius today and stays there till 12th February symbolizing creative ventures and initiatives.
  • Saturn is in Scorpio and you can even see the zodiac of Scorpio next to Saturn in the sky, symbolic of self-discipline and banishing of negativity.
  • Mars is in Libra until the 20th Feb denoting peace, justice and healing amidst conflict
  • Jupiter is retrograde in Leo symbolic of a return of ancient wisdom and spiritual leadership.

As we know sun is in the practical sign of Capricorn this month since Makar Sankranti on 14th Jan until 14th Feb, symbolizing business and enterprises. Today there is an exalted waxing moon in Taurus which is symbolic of growth and increase of anything positive. Moon will be full in Cancer on the 25th January to denote intuitive strength and abundance.

SUGGESTION: You can rephrase your wishes in the form of positive affirmations or statements framed in the present tense, or write your goals on paper and energize them by lighting a beautiful candle while you meditate and visualize success in your chosen goals.


Whatever be the way as you focus on your intentions, the planets are now aligning to your intentions and everything seems to be coming together to support your wish. Take a positive step today to get closer to your dreams!


Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and guide. You can know more onwww.swatiprakash.com

Source: Rare Planetary Alignment to Manifest Your Intentions

retro 2016

Going Retro…into 2016

Time, the great illusion is (like everything else) here to teach us many things. The past is not gone until we learn our lessons from it. Problems that repeat again and again in our life are telling us to review our past and grasp the lesson so as to heal that part of us for good.

Once the lessons from the past are learnt the problems stop recurring.

Retrograde planetary period symbolise energy going back into the past in the form of the retrograding planet that appears to move backwards as observed from earth. While Sun and Moon never go retrograde (they represent known and unknown self) Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde (they represent Karmic issues carried from past into the present until liberation). The rest of the planets seem to go retrograde from time to time, with Mercury being the most frequent (mercury represents thoughts of mind, travel and communication). This year 2016, there are significant retrogrades besides Mercury, especially Jupiter (represents spiritual wisdom and luck), Saturn (represents boundaries and rules) and Mars (represents initiatives, agression and actions).


As you can see in the above illustration, the zodiac signs where the planets are situated or transiting through are as per the Vedic astrology. You may find that western zodiac messages are predominant all over the internet even though their calculations are considered inaccurate and outdated. The sidereal or Vedic signs are preferred by those who wish to be more in sync with the actual astronomical placement of planets. So while the western asrologers will say Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius right now, the Vedic astrologer says its in Capricorn. Its suggested you stick to the Vedic placements and transits and do not get confused with all the other conflicting data from all over the world.

What does the retrograde mean specifically to you: You have to see what your vedic astrology birth chart looks like first. See which house the zodiac in question represents and also check the various aspects made by the planet to see which other houses are affected. It is best to order a specific reading consultation for clear and accurate analysis than merely follow whatever you are reading in the media as generic predictions, especially for the western signs.

Retrograde of Mercury usually manifests as delays in travel, redoing of plans, reassessment, communication setbacks, past worries returning to be healed again.

Retrograde of Jupiter could bring in karmic lessons to enhance our wisdom, or perhaps past karma whether negative or postive will return all together as a twist of fate in your life. Past life messages and gurus from the previous births might reappear.

Retrograde of Saturn represents past justice or injustice issues returning in the present and a need to gain inner self-discipline, release from any harmful habits and attachments. Obstacles of the past if still lingering in your subconscious can be no longer ignored as they scream for attention.

Retrograde of Mars can bring back the blast from the past, to help you deal with any anger, aggression or strong passionate energies from the past or from past lives as they re-emerge into consciousness.

Reflect on the meaning of the planet, what it indicates as it transits with respect to YOUR UNIQUE BIRTHCHART AS A WHOLE and not just for your sunsign or rashi. Check how this planet is connected to various aspects and areas of your life through its transits, placements and aspects for each house of your chart.

Remedies focus on letting go, forgiving, releasing the baggage from the past in order to reduce any negativity experienced during retrograde periods. Past life therapy, past life healing rituals and positive affirmations designed to let go and release unwanted energies are best.

Remember through the power of NOW you can heal everything and be successful, healthy and happy in every way regardless of any planetary movements. Be firmly established in your inner truth through meditation.

Blessed Be


To order your detailed astrological analysis and healing suggestions place your order on www.swatiprakash.com



wiccan magick

The Magick of Wicca

Dear friends,

There are many paths in spirituality, paths that go to the spirit from our earthy plane……but magick is the path from spirit to the world. It is the way divinity manifests itself on earth plane…in our day to day lives.

Wiccan magick is powerful because it is based in the power of positivity. Wicca is the embodiment of the Wiccan Rede – ‘An Ye Harm None, Do As You Will’. This automatically brings focus on two things:

a) Trying to be harmless in our thoughts and actions towards ourself and others including nature to the best possible extent

b) Respecting the free will of others and yourself in the recognition that we all create our own reality

There may be people around you who believe that Wicca is something different from the above, that to be Wiccan is to believe in negative as well as positive things, to ‘balance’ good with evil. They are sadly mistaken and will realise one day that it is not evil that keeps the world in balance. Infact evil disrupts and upsets the wonderful balance and peace in our world.

People who think it is possible to be a witch without being wise are mistaken too. There is no such thing as an ‘evil witch’ no matter what fiction tells you and no matter how much some people try to imitate fiction in their real life by pretending to be evil ‘witches’ who can curse or harm. Those would be sorcerors of the ignorant kind, not wise witches.

Yes Wicca and witchcraft are two different things – the difference is not that Wicca is good witchcraft and other witches are not so good..

The difference between Wicca and witchcraft is that Wicca is a belief system while witchcraft is a practice. You can be simply a believer but not a practitioner, in which case you will be Wiccan by belief but not a witch by practice. Or, you could be a witch but not a Wiccan because you may feel more connected with some other belief system, be it Hindu, Celtic, Roman, Greek, even Christian, Muslim or Jew…its possible to be a healer while beloning to any faith of your choice.

In the ancient world of paganism (native faiths) spiritual experts of the pagan community were witches or healers taking a priestly role. Shamans and medicine men or women, who blessed and ‘cured’ people by taking away negative energy and sending positive energy.

Wicca is not paganism but neo-paganism, a modern and new-age spiritual path based on the Wiccan Rede that unites and resurrects various global pagan paths through the similarities between them all, whether it is belief in the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and spirit, or a belief in that divinity can take multiple forms both male, female and otherwise, or be it a belief that divine and nature are one and not separate from each other. There is nothing ‘fluffy’ about positive spirituality. It is the path of higher consciousness and only for those who have gone beyond darkness to find their inner light, awakened masters who are self-realized instead of wandering in negative karmic patterns.

Wicca is not a secret or mystery cult based on taking initiations in any order or lineage, at least not any more. It has evolved and matured into a new spirituality for the new free world made of love and light. Neither is there a strict adherence to any organisation, nor is it only ritualistic and worship based. Today Wiccans are enlightened masters who know that divine is always within and not an external entity to be worshipped from outside using rigid ritual formats. The Wicca of today is revolutionary and touches all of us who have meditated, found inner-peace and higher truth.

If you feel drawn to the above then you can read more in my Books Available on Amazon in paperback and digital format and complete your courses on www.globalwicca.com. Soon all courses are being presented as books for self-study and free testing with certifications.

Many Blessings!


Swati Prakash





Wish you a Blessed 2016!

We all create our own destiny through our inner spiritual power. Planets are just symbols and guides to help us learn more about our inner psyche. By learning the secret language or symbolisms associated with everything around us, we are able to know ourselves better and this knowledge is power….through this we can change our life for the better using our inner wisdom, meditation and intuition. 

Here is one of the most comprehensive celestial guides of 2016…. Actual astronomical data and Vedic sign calculations for each celestial event has been taken, as Vedic/ sidereal positions of planets in each zodiac are always more in line with actual astronomical data as compared to western tropical zodiac. The spiritual significance for each event and planet is discussed in brief.

In case you wish to have a specific report for yourself, I would not suggest going merely by zodiac sign based predictions for the year. To get a true picture of the year always get your birth chart read with transits for 2016 through a personal Vedic astrological consultation. This is because to interpret each planets effects, each of the houses and zodiacs for your chart, and their interactions with the transiting planets are to be considered and not just your moon-rashi, sun-sign and especially not your western zodiac.

You can order a detailed reading on www.swatiprakash.com specially customised for your unique birthchart with your personal remedies, spells, ritual advise, healing messages and intuitive guidance.

Until then the following chart will help you get the broad spiritual messages and overall energy of the year…for the world at large including yourself.

Download the pdf here: 2016 astro guide by swati prakash


Dealing With Negativity

Source: Dealing With Negativity THE POSITIVE MEDIA www.thepositivemedia.com

Think Positive, Read Positive, Share Positive, Create Positive, Manifest Positive….

But what about all that negative stuff…you know the things we all kept hearing, in the papers, on TV, on facebook, twitter and you know…well…everywhere! Is that not the truth? Should the negative be ignored, brushed under the carpet, kept under wraps…denial!! Is that the way to handle negativity?

NO. Of course not!

Then what is it that we must do with all the negative things we encounter?

You tell me! Will sharing it help in reducing it….or will it increase the negative?

Whatever we share gets more focus, more attention, and therefore more energy…and energy creates more of whatever it goes to….it expands what absorbs it, it multiplies wherever it reaches…infinitely.

So one thing is clear – negativity is NOT to be shared, used for gossip, sensationalism, meaningless talks, mind-chatter, entertainment…to fill up our time and timelines with…

Then what is the right way of dealing with it?

Heal it….transform it…change it.

Visualize it changing beautifully into something that is actually good for all of us. Just don’t go looking for it. For that will make more of it come your way. That’s the way the universe works. 

Your mind is your tool, a magickal one. Whatever you do ‘in there’ starts making its way ‘out here’ too.. You see the universe is this ONE big illusion…everywhere we manifest more of whatever goes on in our heads…Together we can manifest either good or bad…the choice lies in us. Fair and Square! The universe does not care what you are focusing on, its job is to create whatever is there in your head..both the Conscious and the UNCONSCIOUS.

So do not forget the hidden stuff…the things you forgot to heal, the things that made you afraid…things that repulsed you and you closed your eyes to them…but in your mind they made an imprint in your PAST. Are they still hanging around inside you?

Healing is a deep and inner work. Not superficial, not shallow….not one off. Reflect and introspect…go to the darkest corners and shine some light on them…shadow work is all about transforming our inner mind. Its not about ‘feel good’. It is to be good, become it…BE THE CHANGE

Believe it or NOT! Inside you is the ocean of existence and within you each wave of creation can be touched and transformed with your inner self. 

Simply put …if you see, hear, observe anything that feels negative…just us your IMAGINATION to change it into something phenomenally POSITIVE. Say positive affirmations and with all your heart and soul, feel great that its changing to something better…

DON’T JUST BELIEVE IT …TRY IT FOR YOURSELF! And witness the Magick yourself as everything transforms for the better.

Share your experience as you work with this technique – experiment with it and let us know what worked for you at thepositivemedia@gmail.com


Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and founder of Global Wicca

goddess god

Christ-na is Born

The moon is full, the night is deep

God is born as Goddess sleeps

In her dream awakens He

Her own creation that is We

The Goddess is eternal soul

The energy that makes us all

God is her awareness

Our inner Christ-na consciousness

Reawakening  inside

In this silent, holy night

The world is just a lucid dream

As the Goddess sleeps unseen

While celebrating God, our life

A dream awakens deep inside

While the dreamer sleeps eternally

By the Goddess Blessed Be!


Swati Prakash