Twelve Positive Symptoms of Spiritual Growth and Ascension


Spirituality is all about discovering our inner self, the part of us which is beyond the physical, mortal or limited existence. While there are many of us who discover our spiritual truth through regular meditation and spiritual training, some of us experience an awakening all of a sudden, whether through dreams or near death experience. With proper practice and wise guidance we can gracefully handle all the new awareness being opened up throughout our journey.

Here are a few pointers to help us understand the inner changes we experience as the real symptoms of spiritual growth. If we are experiencing these changes in our life to some or the other extent, it is a sign that we are following the right spiritual path and practice. If yet to experience them, especially if stuck in negative symptoms or experiences …then it is merely a matter of time we will move on to the next level, provided we keep meditating and learning constantly from the right sources:

  1. From Outer to Inner Awareness: Spiritual growth is accompanied with psychic, emotional, physical and mental changes as our inner senses are opened up. We become more perceptive and sensitive to the hidden nature of reality. Before spiritual awakening people saw the world with only their limited five senses, dismissing any spiritual information given by others as ‘unscientific’. After spiritual awakening we can more easily experience the astral or subtle dimension, see more meaning in dreams and receive messages in meditative state.  The unconscious is made conscious helping us in healing unknown blocks as they are revealed to us.
  2. From Negativity to Positive Transformation: As hidden blockages and negativity are brought up into our conscious awareness it can be uncomfortable to some people at first. Through the right spiritual training and inner work we learn how to release our fears. Slowly psychic disturbances reduce, whether insomnia, nightmares or disturbing visions, physical pain or discomfort as blocks are being healed, or emotional highs or lows as we shift from material to spiritual awareness. We accept new and positive changes in our hobbies, career, relationships, beliefs and attitudes as our inner vibrations transform for the better. We attract more positive people, situations and energies.
  3. From Stress to Peace: Before spiritual awakening people usually saw the world as a fixed reality that they had limited power over. Day to day life was stressful and fearsome for many of us then. Through the right spiritual study and meditation we gain inner stillness and peace of mind. We begin to see how peace is always within us and can be found anywhere and at anytime regardless of situations. Slowly our inner peace starts radiating all around us to create waves of peace everywhere we go. At times people can automatically feel and sense the calm and healing waves of peaceful energy flowing in and around us too.
  4. From Anger to Understanding: Before spiritual awakening we would have felt upset at others, whether family, teachers, colleagues, society, politics, god or deity….blaming them for all problems and difficulties. As our spiritual awareness rises we begin to realize how we create our own life experiences at a deep inner level. We understand that everyone is going through their own cycles of learning just like we are. We can empathize and understand the reasons for their issues, their fears or worries while remaining detached at the same time; allowing them to learn and focusing on what we must learn. We begin to also detach from our own expectations from them thereby putting ourselves in a place of real power.
  5. From Victim to Magickal Being: Spiritual awakening helps us see how we are manifesting our own life experiences from moment to moment. We are no longer victims of fate or destiny, helpless and incapable of influencing our own life situations. Instead of blaming stars and planets for the patterns of our life we begin to realize how celestial bodies and everything in nature merely guides us through intuition and symbolism, toward our own inner psyche. We start applying this wisdom to transform our own inner energy, our beliefs and our vibrations with the result that our own life improves and transforms from inside out.
  6. From Pity to Respect: With enhanced spiritual awareness we are less likely to feel sad or unhappy about the state of the world. Instead, we start feeling more positive about the potential and capacity of the world to change. There is a sense of respect for everyone as a divine being who has their own positive energy or power hidden within them. Instead of seeing people as under-privileged, lesser-fortunate or vulnerable, we recognize their potential for complete and total transformation. We serve them best by helping them realize their own power instead of merely handing them some spare change.
  7. From Guilt to Self-transformation: Being spiritually aware also helps us gain power over our own hidden blockages, addictions or fears. Instead of feeling guilty or regretful about something we did or did not do, we focus on the present moment from where we can create transformation. When we see our problems and mistakes as lessons and learn what we should from them, they stop bothering us repeatedly. Our own inner patterns are reset through this learning. We replace our own self-limiting ways of thinking, feeling or behaving with those that serve our highest good.
  8. From Disease to Wellness: Spiritual work and meditation enhance and improve the energy flowing through us. When we know that it is energy that is manifesting as our physical life, we begin to master our own inner state. This leads to a better well-being and deeper healing that unites our mind, body and spirit as one. Through proper and dedicated practice we learn how to be less affected by the outer world and how to maintain inner balance. Dependence on medication and drugs reduces automatically with the right meditative practice.
  9. From Hunger to Contentment: Those who lived solely in the material dimension and seldom tried meditation were likely to be engrossed in the endless search for pleasure, entertainment, fame, wealth and status, life after life. On the other hand by enhancing our spiritual awareness we discover a deeper part of us which is forever happy, peaceful and content in itself. Instead of seeking constant stimulation through food, sex, internet, socializing or shopping we start feeling more and more satisfied from within. This way we discover the true meaning of abundance consciousness.
  10. From Ego to Humility: Most conflicts, enmities and power struggles were caused due to a feeling of separation between ‘me’ and ‘the rest of the world’. Our ego was hurt easily when we were spiritually unaware of who we are. Spiritual practice helps us learn that the world and our personal self are deeply interwoven; that everyone is somewhere connected to us, and we to them. We see a great divine being in every person and thing uniting us as one greater Self. This way there is no scope for pride, egotism, inferiority or superiority – just a recognition that everything and everyone is simply here to teach us the higher truth.
  11. From Selfishness to Love: Spiritual ignorance has been the root cause of all evil, having manifested as hate, attacks, corruption, lack of ethics or anything that was harmful in nature. Through spiritual awareness we all are now realizing the real meaning of love. We have truly begun to grow as spiritual beings when we discover unconditional love and compassion. Instead of trying to serve our lower, limited, physical selves at the expense of others, we begin to realize the value of being harmless, kind, forgiving and positive towards every being regardless of how they are.
  12. From Illusion to Truth: Spiritual realization and awakening are the real ways to be truly liberated and freed from the illusions of ups and downs, suffering and pleasure, happiness and sorrow. Deep within us is pure peace and bliss. This true happiness does not depend on whether or not we have something or someone in our life. We realize that outer life is merely an illusion manifesting through a play of our desires and wants, fears and hopes, conscious and unconscious thoughts. We discover our innermost truth which is infinitely more satisfying than anything can ever be. This sets us free!


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2016 New Year card or background with monkey.
Happy New Year. Merry Christmas.
Year of the monkey!

Chinese New Year of the Red Monkey: I-Ching Oracle for each Chinese Zodiac

We all know that the Chinese New Year has just begun. The year of the red fiery monkey is a promising year for fun, adventure and business for most of us.

This year I decided to do something different and take a I-Ching reading for all of you for this year of the red monkey.


The I-Ching (Yi-Jing) is an ancient Chinese oracle based on Yin and Yang lines that combine to make eight trigrams based on nature – namely Earth, Heaven, Mountain, Thunder, Lake, Water, Wind, and Flame.

iching trigrams

These paired in various permutations and combinations make 64 hexagrams to denote various possibilities of life. Here are your I-Ching predictions for the year with a positive advise for each Chinese Zodiac sign on how to handle the energy of the year.

First find your Chinese zodiac sign based on the following wheel, then read your i-Ching oracle below it.

chinese zodiac wheel

The Monkey Year for Monkeys: Hexagram 31 Lake over Mountain31Keyword: Influence

This is your year of course and you are likely to attract people and things similar to yourself this year. The monkey power amplified gives a lot of restless and dynamic energy as well. Your hexagram number 31 is Lake over Mountain representing the power of ‘influence’. You have a lot of power this year and are meant to put it to good use. Your thoughts and emotions will be amplified and returned your way. If you are positive there will be plenty of success this year.

The Monkey Year for Roosters: Hexagram 37 Wind over Flame 37Keyword: Family

Monkey and rooster can be an odd combination but interesting as well. This year your hexagram 37 or Wind over Flame represents ‘family’ and reminds you to stick close to those who care for you. Bask in the support of loved ones and give them your unconditional love too. Despite ups and downs, you will be able to fulfill most of your goals and will do exceedingly well in most areas of your life by learning and staying humble.

The Monkey Year for Dogs: Hexagram 33 Heaven over Mountain33 Keyword: Retreat

The enthusiasm of the monkey year can be far too much to bear for the dog sign and therefore the hexagram 33 of heaven over mountain that stands for ‘retreat’ is perfect for you this year. Take time to slow down every once in a while. Plan a break or a vacation soon. Give yourself time to ruminate over important decisions. Be patient and you will be in balance this year. You will learn how to enjoy your own company and withdraw into the sacred sanctuary of yourself.

The Monkey Year for Pigs: Hexagram 27 Mountain over Thunder27 Keyword: Providing

Self indulgence can be the buzzword for most pigs this year and the hexagram 27 of mountain over thunder rightly guides you to nourish,protect and provide not only for yourself but also for others. You will find that when your capacity to give increases then the amount of blessings that come your way increases too. Take the time out for some kindness, charity and hospitality whether for someone known or unknown to you. Of course this begins at home…but don’t let it end there.

The Monkey Year for Rats: Hexagram 10 Heaven over Lake 10 Keyword: Treading

The clever rats usually love the crazy energy of the monkey year and this year the hexagram 10 for heaven over lake stands for ‘treading’ asks you to take good care and leaping only after you look. You will reach for the stars this year and you should, yet it will be better to look through the telescope and aim for the right one first. Good planning and strategy will be useful in ensuring great success in all endeavors in what could be a fabulous year.

The Monkey Year for the Ox: Hexagram 30 Flame over Flame 30Keyword: Control

The sturdy ox can be sometimes find the energy of the monkey year to be quite unexpected and the hexagram 30 of flame over flame advises ‘clinging’ or holding on. You will do well to remain in control of your own life instead of getting unsettled in all the commotion. Stay grounded and stick to whatever your intuition feels comfortable with. Be open to change but let it be guided by the kind of wisdom you can trust.

The Monkey Year for Tigers: Hexagram 12 Heaven over Earth 12 Keyword: Stillness

As expected tigers would never cease to grab the opportunity any new year brings, yet when it comes to a monkey year even they can be outwitted at times. The hexagram 12 of heaven over earth advises ‘stillness’. If something is not coming your way too soon its best to be patient and hold on. Meditation will make the blocks disappear sooner or later, and bring you success in the long run. Remember that all you seek is ultimately within you.

The Monkey Year for Rabbits: Hexagram 45 Lake over Earth45 Keyword: Deliverance

Playful rabbits will seek new opportunities this monkey year but at the same time be more sensitive to this years fiery energies. The hexagram 45 of lake over earth promises ‘deliverance’ or a removal of obstacles making life smoother as the year goes by. This year cultivate calmness to bring in balance and be kind to yourself. Stay close to positive people and be in a positive inner state yourself to ensure you will not attract negativity.

The Monkey Year for Dragons: Hexagram 22 Mountain over Flame22 Keyword: Grace

The fiery dragons are expected to be up for the fiesta that the red monkey brings this year. The hexagram 22 of mountain over flame wisely advises ‘grace’ or the art of balance. Your inner light is strong yet you are better off being subtle than overt. This oracle says that power is greater than force. You can have much more success through your subtle inner flame that with the raging anger of outer fire.

The Monkey Year for Snakes: Hexagram 55 Thunder over Flame 55Keyword: Abundance

Sly and alert snakes will be able to navigate the strong forces of the year with their keen mental agility. The hexagram 55 or Thunder over Flame suggests that this year has a lot of potential and high energy for you translating into ‘abundance’. This could be an intense year and you can transform it to a windfall by your intellect and careful thinking. Focus on what truly matters to you and it will amplify in wonderful ways.

The Monkey Year for Horse: Hexagram 20 Wind over Earth 20Keyword: Contemplation

Sturdy and strong horses will meet the challenges the monkey year brings now with sensibility as suggested by the hexagram 20 of wind over earth. The message of ‘contemplation’ suggests that you think about your next move well in advance and take the right steps this year to handle every twist and turn gracefully. Things can be unpredictable and you can do well with being level headed and mindful to make the most of this amazing year.

The Monkey Year for Sheep: Hexagram 59 Wind over Water 59Keyword: Dispersion

Sheep love being close to earth yet this year can bring just the right burst of energy to stir you and move you in a new direction. The hexagram 59 of wind over water indicates ‘dispersion’ which means that its time for the ships to sail if they have been standing anchored for too long. Yet it is good for you to not be overwhelmed and to prioritize your time instead of going in each and every direction looking for what you seek.

Wish you a lucky and successful year ahead!


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Season’s Greetings!

imbolc lammas.jpg

Here’s wishing everyone all a blessed Imbolc in the northern hemisphere and Happy Lammas in the southern hemisphere.

Imbolc or Candlemas represents the quickening of earth and the early sowing of seeds in preparation for spring ahead, while Lammas or Lughnasad celebrates the harvest of the first grains.

May the seeds sown by our deeds grow to fruition and may we harvest our rewards joyfully when the time is ripe… Season’s Greetings!


Meditation: The Most Important Thing For Us All

What is meditation?

Meditation means going within (from the latin word medi that means middle or center). We all are something beyond our physical bodies, beyond our feelings, our desires, our thoughts…there is something deeper within us. Meditation is about being with this deeper part of us.

Why should we meditate?

In our day to day life we go through many ups and downs, seeing and experiencing both negative and positive things in the world, in our lives…and getting affected by them all. This is a state of duality or illusion…where we fall out of balance, fearful and unaware of who we are. Negative energy, fears or blockages are a result of this imbalance or ignorance…manifesting as diseases, problems, harmful thoughts, negative attachments, destructive beliefs, disturbed behavior or unhappiness of various kinds. Through meditation we awaken to our inner truth and discover inner happiness. We know that there is nothing to fear at all. This brings peace and joy to all of us and puts us all back in a balanced and wholesome state making everything better.

Who can meditate?

Anyone can, there are no restrictions of gender and even children can meditate whenever they are ready for it.


When should we meditate?

Meditation is an inner state and not restricted by time. Whether it is morning or night, before food or after, is not so important, although keeping a light stomach helps some people in focusing better, and it helps to be not too sleepy when you are trying to meditate. Women in their periods, or people who are not feeling well can meditate as well. In-fact meditation could help in healing you during uncomfortable times. With practice meditation will become easier and effortlessly possible at any time.

What should be worn?

There is no need to wear any special type of outfit. As long as you are comfortable you can meditate whether at work or home in your day to day clothes.

Are there any specific methods of meditation?

It does not matter what technique you use to draw focus from outer world to the inner self….some people begin by closing their eyes and sitting still, some prefer listening to soothing music to relax their mind, some focus on chanting or mantras, some focus on their breath, all these are just aids or induction techniques to gradually achieve stillness. Yet these are not meditation itself. Meditation is when we go beyond all this and be without any thoughts to discover the innermost self.

What are the steps to follow?

Step 1. Relaxed awareness: In day to day life sometimes we get absorbed in the experiences without remembering our innermost self. The first step in meditation is to draw our senses inwards. You can try this by closing your eyes gently and sitting in a comfortable posture, neither slouching not stiff.

Step 2: Observation: Instead of getting attached to any feelings, thoughts or mind-chatter, just observe them and watch them quieten. Observing something gives you power over it. Observe your breath and your mind… and watch the space between your thoughts.

Step 3: Witnessing: When you find the space between your thoughts …when there is inner silence, then you can observe your true self. This is who you really are. Be with yourself as a witness to the self. This takes you beyond the illusion of the world process and in alignment with your inner truth which is pure peace and bliss.


For how long should we meditate?

You can meditate for as long as you want. You might take some time in the beginning to even reach a meditative state and the idea is that once you get there you must stay in it for as long as possible. You can begin with practicing for 30 minutes a day and slowly increase it to one hour a day. As you practice each day after a period of dedicated practice, you will find that the meditative state will come naturally to you and in every part of the day and even at night while sleeping you will be in a deep inner state. Still it will be good to dedicate at least one hour a day for specially being just with yourself and meditating.

What will happen once you reach a meditative state?

For each person their own individual and unique experiences are important. You can note and observe our own experiences. For example: Being one with nature, Being one with the universe, Feeling light, Just being, Pure peace and bliss…these are some of the common experiences of people who meditate. After you achieve this ‘enlightened’ state you will not feel superior in any way but will be more compassionate and humble, recognizing that all is one.


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Rare Planetary Alignment to Manifest Your Intentions

Almost all major astrological planets will be aligning in the sky…visible in one line as seen from earth, from now till Feb 20th. The last time this phenomenon occurred was in 2005. This could be a great time for adding focus to your goals in every area of your life.

planets align


Positions of the aligning planets (sidereal astrology uses more accurate space data):

  • Mercury retro in Sagittarius is turning direct on 25th January symbolizing a clearer picture for travel, finances and communication.
  • Venus transits to Sagittarius today and stays there till 12th February symbolizing creative ventures and initiatives.
  • Saturn is in Scorpio and you can even see the zodiac of Scorpio next to Saturn in the sky, symbolic of self-discipline and banishing of negativity.
  • Mars is in Libra until the 20th Feb denoting peace, justice and healing amidst conflict
  • Jupiter is retrograde in Leo symbolic of a return of ancient wisdom and spiritual leadership.

As we know sun is in the practical sign of Capricorn this month since Makar Sankranti on 14th Jan until 14th Feb, symbolizing business and enterprises. Today there is an exalted waxing moon in Taurus which is symbolic of growth and increase of anything positive. Moon will be full in Cancer on the 25th January to denote intuitive strength and abundance.

SUGGESTION: You can rephrase your wishes in the form of positive affirmations or statements framed in the present tense, or write your goals on paper and energize them by lighting a beautiful candle while you meditate and visualize success in your chosen goals.


Whatever be the way as you focus on your intentions, the planets are now aligning to your intentions and everything seems to be coming together to support your wish. Take a positive step today to get closer to your dreams!


Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and guide. You can know more

Source: Rare Planetary Alignment to Manifest Your Intentions


God, Goddess and We

Who is God…

Who is Goddess…

Who am I …

Who are We…

In this world full of religions we need to respect all beliefs, whether monotheistic or polytheistic, atheistic or any other.

In monotheism we find one supreme God who claims that we should not worship anyone else but ‘HIM’ who is perfect in every self-declared way. In polytheism we find all kinds of gods and goddesses…Gods who fall in love ….gods who are sacrificed and die…gods who are reborn…goddesses who are vain…gods who hunt…gods who suffer in pain….goddesses who learn lessons…gods who are exiled…goddesses who burn….goddesses who to earth return. Gods and goddesses going through life, death and rebirths… just like us.

To me monotheism and polytheism are both valid. To me there is one God or Goddess, whatever you call the highest power, and it has several forms too at the same time, all different and similar too in many ways across time and space.

We are all realizing that true unity is possible only with diversity, when no longer does one culture dominate or oppress others. That is why it is so important to see God or Goddess, our own higher self in its many infinite forms and not just as one rigid personality.

When we speak of a God or Goddess who is supreme we no longer refer to one of the limited forms of god as supreme such as some religions had asserted. Instead…what we refer to is the Universe, ever expanding, diverse, set of our experiences of life that are essentially self-created and not at all separate from us.


‘Aham Brahmasmi… Tat Tvam Asi’

So basically, I am the Universe …(and by the way) are too…


Yes, the gods and goddesses are we all…. living, learning, suffering and liberating themselves in cycles of being and transforming, changing and growing eternally to every higher states of becoming. Each person, animal, plant, thing, particle or wave…anything that has ever been, anything that is and will ever be…is totally and perfectly divine. We are all several gods and goddesses and One at the same time, all at various stages of self-awareness and self-acceptance.  We are the God, the Goddess and we are gods and goddesses…whatever you want to call  this energy or this supreme being in its many multiple avatars and forms…collectively as well as individually.

When we are unaware of this truth we carry within us we behave less than perfect, yet the inner part of us..our essence is divine always. In every being…no matter how big or small, how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or even ‘evil’. And the mystery within all of us is so amazingly, and beautifully divine, its a shame that all of us could not recognize it yet.

Imagine a world where every person recognized his or her own inherent divinity.

Just imagine! (and it will be so)

This would be a world free of all evil. A world with so much light, love and happiness…that it will be impossible to even think or imagine anything negative.

Does this sound scary to some of us?

If yes, then it is only our own real Self that we fear.

‘Let go of the fear…. Embrace our inner truth.’ says the voice within. (Can you hear it now?)

So imagine (this time without fear) …a world where we are now at peace…where forgiving each other is absolutely effortless in the realization that we all are just our own projections. When there is supreme bliss in knowing that all that happens in life is just our own subconscious projecting itself.

Peace. Real peace.

Yet we forgot who we are. We imagined our souls to be limited…as ego…as our physical form, or as a string of lifetimes that began ‘somewhere’ tracing our past lives as those few memories from here or there which we picked up again during our past life regression sessions. We thought I was ‘me’ and you were ‘you’ separate, distinct, different people…

Oh come on and remember yourself…all the way…through and through. …not just as a soul with a few past life memories, but as the infinite soul…the soul which is all there is.

So, now…who are you?

When and how did you start, if ever …and when and how will you end? 

Someone had once asked…’What is the difference between a dream and reality?…isn’t it just that in a dream you cannot remember how you got there.’

Is our existence any different than a dream if we cannot remember how we got here in the universe in the first place…how the universe (we) got here in the first place…and which ‘here’???…exactly where is this universe? Will science have the answers (ever!) …maybe, maybe not, maybe spirituality does…but where is the proof?

For everything that has a beginning has an end. And you (I) have neither.

Spiritually speaking…it is said that we are all the creation of Brahma who happens to be just a character in a recurring dream emerging from the navel of the consciousness called God who is an aspect of the energy called Goddess that is very simply all there is.

So then Aham Brahmasmi means… I am merely a dream of the divine…and so are you (by the way).

What about the divine me, you, everything…??

Yet the dream is no separate from the dreamer, than your thoughts are from you. Just because the world, you and I are a dream…still… Aham Brahmasmi, Tat Tvam Asi – I am divine and you are too…

Hope we remember it from now onward in each moment of this lucid dream of our life that we call the universe.

Blessed Be!


Swati Chandra Prakash

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Seven Super Strategies for Success

Source: Seven Super Strategies for Success



Success is a subjective concept. It is not necessarily about imitating someone else, or about being as rich or famous as a celebrity or a tycoon. Success depends upon how well you achieve your own goals and your own purpose of life. You have a unique purpose that your soul would know better than anyone else. Success is about achieving it in your own way.

Here are some ideas to magnify your own success in amazing ways starting right now:

  1. Know what you want – Yes, the universe does conspire with us to attain our will. Yet there are some people who had never till now thought of writing down their life purpose, and some have not even embarked on a soul-searching journey to find it. Meditate. Find your own purpose and let it come to you from a deep place within yourself in order to be truly authentic.
  2. Focus on your purpose in everything you do, as much as possible – the more you keep in mind your goals in life the better are the chances you will indulge only in those actions that will bring you closer to your goals, without too many distracting forces. Consciously look for opportunities to further your goals everyday, and give it your all without postponing, without excuses and without laziness and say no to wasteful or unnecessary activities. Be dedicated to yourself.
  3. Share your dreams with the right people only. If you talk about your goals or share your dreams with others be sure it is directly helpful to them in some way so that they align to the goal. Also choose only those people who are vibrationally matching with your goals and will not cancel the energy out. You can annouce those accomplishments that have been attained and those projects that have been launched, but there is no need to share your personal unfulfilled wishes with everyone. While your dreams hold a special meaning to you others may be busy in their own goals. Believe in your own power to create your own success as elegantly as possible and nurture your own seeds till they grow. The tree will be fruitful soon.
  4. Be positive in your expression. Speak rarely about your personal problems, grudges or issues with the world, except for those who can directly help you in resolving the issues. Try to go within and achieve your inner healing. Take expert opinion and advise if needed. By criticising, complaining or venting out in public you only bring your energy as well as reputation down. Those people who use social media and blogs to spew negativity and share their frustrations or anger are not the ideal candidates for attracting success. Why not resonate frequencies of love, joy, self-confidence and transformation. Successful people have no time to gossip or cry the world out. They are busy in attaining new positive milestones everyday. They also compliment, encourage and help others out, a lot!
  5. Let your confidence come from a deep self-realization. Feel sure that you can achieve absolutely anything that your soul desires. This is the truth. There is no single thing in this world that any individual cannot achieve if he or she truly believes in it very deeply. If it is indeed meaningful to your soul there will be success some day or the other. Self doubt is something you will need to transform through self-awareness. The more self-realized you are the easier it is for you to believe in your capacity to create.
  6. Stay on the path. Do not abandon your dream just because its not acheived very quickly. You will achieve whatever you dream of as and when you align your frequencies with whatever it is you plan to achieve. This is a process that can take any amount of time depending on your frequency levels and the efforts you take to retune yourself. Almost every person who is successful has worked on self-programming in some or the other way. Work on what is within you and it will surely be true in your outer life. Your dream will come alive in amazing ways.
  7. Focus on the good. Be loving and generous with others as well as yourself, and let not anything make you feel negative. If there is one top quality that high achievers have, it is to be supremely positive at all times in their thoughts, their words, their actions and also in their inner feelings. The ability to choose your vibrational state is always there within you. Learn how to modulate your vibrations to an extent that not only do you prevent anything negative from affecting your energy levels, you also stay brimming with high energy to spread all around. Even when there is criticism, rejection or any negative feedback those who are highly successful have reached there by taking all these as opportunities to improve, learn and do even better, instead of reacting and feeling perturbed. Keep reminding yourself that you are fantastic and will keep doing better and better day after day regardless of what others say.

All this may sound like a tall order for some of us, while for others it is just a matter of saying – ‘Yes, I can do it!’ Hope it is the latter in your case.

Success is a choice you are now ready to make right now!

All the best and feel free to share your story on


Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and magickal guide